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In The Mailbox: 12.29.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Mount Butler, on the southwest side of Tonopah. Bit foggy tonight.

357 Magnum: What’s The Interest Rate On Borrowed Trouble?
EBL: Putincide, also, Pele, RIP
Twitchy: Catturd Says If They Can’t Explain Ray Epps “They Were In On It”, also, Fascism-Fighting Journo Says “Hateful Homophobic Hillbilly” DeSantis Is Investigating Venue Over Drag Show
Louder With Crowder: Meet ‘Screwdolph,’ the family-friendly drag queen who guides Santa’s slay with his nipples in front of kids, Elon Musk roasts Anthony ‘the Science’ Fauci while hinting corporate media might be next target of ‘Twitter Files’, and ‘Jared, you’re a pervert’
Vox Popoli: The Soft Will Die, The Losers Lauding the Lame, Predictions From the Tree of Woe, and The Greatest is Gone

Adam Piggott: The Greasy Pole #24 – The Killer Koala episode
American Conservative: Economics for the Nation, also, BlackRock Plots to Buy Ukraine
American Greatness: AZ Republican Abe Hamadeh Files Motion for Stay to Delay Inauguration For Office of Attorney General Until All Issues Are Resolved, also, CDC Pressures Teachers to Increase ‘LGBTQ Inclusivity’ in Classroom Instruction
American Power: In Memphis Public Schools, Literacy Taught in Every Class
American Thinker: The Big Question about Ukraine, Black Lives Matter Lauded Fidel Castro, Domestic Terrorists, and The Real Story of the Brooklyn Dodgers
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Labor Force Participation News
Babalu Blog: NBC News outraged immigrants fleeing socialist dictatorships are getting asylum preference, Castro dictatorship’s false narrative fails to explain the mass exodus of Cubans, and Shocking! ‘Dream holiday’ in totalitarian poverty-ridden hellhole of Cuba is ruined for some Canadians
BattleSwarm: Can You Run .223 And 5.56 NATO Interchangeably?
Behind The Black: Red China’s Long March 3B rocket launches “experimental satellite”, Royal Astronomical Society ends blacklisting of James Webb, A hint at Mars’ past climate cycles, and Pushback: Catholics sue Michigan for imposing queers and the queer agenda in religious schools
Cafe Hayek: Ronald Coase (1910-2013), also, Innovism’s Packaging
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: House
Da Tech Guy: Under the Fedora, Don’t be a weak follower like John Blumenthal, and The latest Twitter Files contains evidence of High Crimes and Misdemeanors
Don Surber: FBI investigates George Santos — but not Hunter Bribened, also, No, judge, the First Amendment protects hate speech
Gates Of Vienna: The ECHR Rules Against Eric Zemmour, How Deadly is the Vax?, and It Would Have Been So Much Worse If I Hadn’t Been Vaxed
The Geller Report: DEFEATED: January 6 Panel WITHDRAWS Trump Subpoena, also, In 2019, 40 Democrats Called Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Battalion a Terrorist Org. Now They Send It Billions
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Don’t Know Much Biology, Supernova Remnant LMC N49, and The Saga Continues
Hollywood In Toto: The Whale Punishes Us from Start to Finish, also, Why Did You Stop Going to the Movies?
The Lid: Will China Reinfect The World? Will Biden React Correctly This Time?
Legal Insurrection:  U. New Hampshire’s Student Bar Association Won’t Recognize ‘Religious Freedom Club’, Iran Court Sentences Woman to 10 Years For Removing Hijab in Protest, Declares it “Prostitution”, Time Interviews Author Who Explores the ‘White Supremacist Origins of Exercise’, Netanyahu Returns as Prime Minister While Media Throws Hissy Fit Over Israel’s “Most Right-Wing” Government, and End of Year Thanks
Nebraska Energy Observer: Reflections
Outkick: Georgia OC Shares Blunt Comments On How Football Isn’t Family, LeBron James Appears To Hint The End Might Be Near, Kliff Kingsbury Says Cardinals Had ‘No Idea’ JJ Watt Was Retiring, Josh Dobbs Gets The Nod For Titans In Completely Meaningless NFL Game, and Hooters Girl Sloan Miavitz: Trust Me, Millennials Are ‘Still Into Boobs’
Power Line: Thought for the Day: Churchill on “Expert” Rule, Why No One Trusts the CDC, and A Twitter Files footnote (4)
Shark Tank: Findings Imminent In Drag Queen Show Investigation, Possible Criminal Recommendations On Table
Shot In The Dark: Root Causes, The Minnesota Way, and They Fought The Law & The Law Won
STUMP: Cold Kills: Some Comparisons of Heat and Cold Deaths 1999-2020
This Ain’t Hell: Manipulated, part II, Congressman-elect lies about..well everything, and Retired veteran shot at Shaw Air Force Base
Transterrestrial Musings: Light Posting, Frank Tipler, The New Normaling Of Blackouts, and Going To The Movies
Victory Girls: Antiquated IT System Is Key Reason For Southwest Airlines Implosion
Volokh Conspiracy: New York’s Ultra-Broad Definition of “Blight” Continues to Enable Eminent Domain Abuse
Watts Up With That: UK weather extremes to become new normal, says National Trust, also, BBC’s Fake Worst Drought in China Claim
Weasel Zippers: DHS Comedy Hour: “The Border Is Not Open, We Will Continue To Fully Enforce Our Immigration Laws”, also, Liberal NYC Mayor Defends Carribean Vacation During Severe Winter Storm
The Federalist: Courts Won’t Stop The Feds From Deputizing Big Tech—The People Must, Only Spiritual Brotherhood Can Save Men In The Job Crisis, and The Federalist Staff’s 2022 Winners And Losers Of The Year
Mark Steyn: New Year and a New Normal, also, Don’t Let Them Eat Cake

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