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Well, This Is Scary: Idaho Killer’s Motive May Be Unanswered Instagram DMs

Posted on | January 21, 2023 | Comments Off on Well, This Is Scary: Idaho Killer’s Motive May Be Unanswered Instagram DMs

Why would Bryan Kohberger kill four college students whom he’d never met? Nancy Grace may have put her finger on the motive:

Was there a possible link between the Idaho student murders suspect Bryan Kohberger and one of his victims? Fox Nation’s “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” tackles this very question with the former prosecutor’s team of experts.
While forensic evidence seems to be pointing towards Kohberger — the criminology Ph.D. student accused of ambushing a group of University of Idaho undergrads in November and who’s since been charged with quadruple homicide — the case could hit a snag without a connection that indicates motive.
“Finally, have we found the link between Bryan Kohberger and his four murder victims, according to police? Of course the state never has to prove motive, but any jury would wonder why would he target people he had never met — or had he?” crime expert Nancy Grace posited.
“There’s a lot of forensic evidence, but… if you don’t give them a motive or a nexus, you’re going to have a problem come verdict time,” the former prosecutor and Fox Nation host explained.
The ‘Crime Stories’ episode explores how a source who spoke to People Magazine shared that Kohberger sent multiple direct messages (DM’s) to one of the victims through the social media app Instagram, but never received a reply.
Grace shared how DMs are sent and viewed, indicating to Fox Senior Correspondent Laura Ingle that the victim may have not even read or known about the messages from the suspect.
“It has been revealed now that it looks like there was a message coming from somebody that appeared to be Bryan Kohberger,” Ingle noted.
“And if somebody messages me from a post that I make or great report last night or something, I will see it. But if I’m not following that person, it’ll go to this kind of envelope that I forget about,” Ingle went on to explain.
“So sometimes I’ll go, ‘Oh yeah, I need to look at that. You need to accept the messages.’ And they’ll be a long string of random strangers saying things. And sometimes I don’t see it. And then you can either accept that message, you can delete that message. Sometimes they’re creepy messages, as we all know, being on Instagram. So there is a very big chance that she or he, whatever victim was didn’t see those messages because there wasn’t a reply according to the source.”
Grace posed the question about the importance of the phones involved, and how the interactions on social media between the victims and Kohberger could be the missing link for a motive.

Think about this for a minute. If you’re on Instagram, how often do you check your DMs? And if the DM is from someone you don’t follow, you may not even know they’ve DM’ed you. So here is the cute, popular college girl who probably had hundreds of followers, and here is this creepy loner type who has become obsessed with her, sending her DMs that she never answers because she never even sees the messages. In the creepazoid’s mind, he is being cruelly rejected by this girl, but she doesn’t even know he exists! Which is pretty damned scary to me, considering my daughter is a cute, popular college girl who uses Instagram. Like, there could be some creepy stalker loner out there at this very minute, boiling with rage because my daughter hasn’t answered his DMs.

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