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In The Mailbox: 01.30.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: They Couldn’t Be Bothered To Stop A School Shooting
EBL: Narvik, Gerard Van der Leun, RIP, and Bobby Hull, RIP
Twitchy: Liberal Hoopster Stephen Curry Takes NIMBY To A Whole New Level, also, Vegan Activists Try To Stop 18-Wheeler – Hilarity Ensues
Louder With Crowder: Finland debuts world’s first beautiful and brave trans figure skater – except they can’t skate, Drag queen toasts ‘those who lick us where we pee’ as little kids pick money up off the floor, and Bill Gates Defends Ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Claims He Just ‘Had Dinner’ With Him
Vox Popoli: Mailvox: Read Your Own Book, Pfizer’s Non-Denial, NATO Calls the Shots, and When the Plan Fails
Stoic Observations: Rethinking Race
Gab News: The Conservative Case For The Great Replacement?

Adam Piggott: Gary Voris wants you to know that his is the only trustworthy Catholic news outlet
American Conservative: Against Cricket Cakes, also, The Dangers of Ukrainian Revanchism
American Greatness: MIT Professor Calls For an Immediate Halt to ‘Failing’ mRNA Vaccination Programs, Pennsylvania Jury Finds Pro-Life Activist NOT GUILTY on Biden Regime’s FACE Act Charges, The West Is Prosecuting Its Crusade Against Russia with Stunning Naïveté, and Anarchy, American-Style
American Power: Christopher Rufo at New College, Sarasota, Florida
American Thinker: Tracking a Fraudulent Ballot in Real Time, also, Straight Talk on the Latest Riots
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuban-American entrepreneur who profited from cooperating with dictatorship found dead in Cuban lagoon, Cuba sets its sights on Peru, Shocking! Cuban billboard tries very hard to justify apartheid tourism, and Cuban State Security prevents mothers of political prisoners from attending church services
BattleSwarm: The Latest, Greatest Russian Vaporware Coming To Ukraine, also, California Hates Your Freedom So Much They Want To Tax You For Leaving
Behind The Black: Curiosity looking back, A cloud on Mars, and Today’s blacklisted American: Professor quits because of the leftist takeover of his college
Cafe Hayek: Trust the ‘Experts’?, Broken Compass, and Choosing to Be Part of the Global Market Economy
CDR Salamander: The People’s Liberation Army Navy in 2023, with Toshi Yoshihara – on Midrats, also, Denial May Bring War – Punishment May Keep it at Bay
Chicago Boyz: A Serious Temptation, also, Two Views on Red China
Da Tech Guy: Under the Fedora, If you’re rusting at the pier when nobody is shooting at you, and More Thoughts Under the Fedora
Dana Loesch: Trump Attacks DeSantis For Following His Advice
Don Surber: Enough With Black History Month, With All Due Respect, I Am Against Dumb, Highlights of the News January 28, and Highlights of the News Ends
First Street Journal: Philly’s Mother of the Year, Did treating Edwin Vargas leniently do him any favors?, and Layoffs at the Inky
Gates Of Vienna: Machete Jihad in Algeciras (Update), Viktor Orbán on the Escalation of War, Lock the Barn Door!, and Marcel de Graaff: “The EU is Becoming a Dwarf in a Multi-Polar World”
The Geller Report: Meta-Facebook Welcomes Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Regiment Back on Platform, ‘Young, Healthy’: Famed Olympic Bobsledder and Rugby Player Suddenly Dies at 35, and MASSIVE CORRUPTION SCANDAL: Top Ukrainian Officials Resign After Blowing Billions of US Dollars on Cars, Mansions, and Vacations
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Mimas Plays Peekaboo, Happy 90th Birthday, John Reid!, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: You People Traffics In Progressive Guilt, Lack of Laughter, The Masculinity Crisis and the Death of the Hollywood Hero, and Why Horror Movies Are Having a Moment
The Lid: Hanoi Jane Fonda Blames Climate Change on ‘Racism’, also, Schiff Still Lying About Russia Hoax–CNN Calls Out His Lie
Legal Insurrection: Prostitution and Human Trafficking Are Exploding in Los Angeles, Judge Temporarily Blocks California’s Covid ‘Misinformation’ Law That Punishes Physicians For ‘Wrongthink’, #TwitterFiles – Twitter Execs Knew The Russian Misinformation Hysteria Was Based On A Dubious Source, Left-wing Activists Pressure American Bar Association Not To Adopt Widely-Accepted IHRA Definition of Antisemitism, and Jury Acquits Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck of Federal Assault Charges at Abortion Clinic
Nebraska Energy Observer: Change is…, The Transfiguration of Our Lord, and Churchill’s Wisdom
Outkick: Media Reminds Everyone Of Bobby Hull’s Troubled Past The Day He Dies, But No One Dared Do That To Kobe Bryant, The NFL Has A Referee Problem And It Reared Its Ugly Head During Both Games On Championship Sunday, Greg Olsen’s Detailed Breakdown Of Eagles RPOs Leaves Viewers Wanting More Of Fox’s Top Color Commentator, Bengals Youth And Confidence Backfired When ‘Burrowhead’ Jabs Reached Chiefs, and NBA Refs Call LeBron James’ Non-Foul A ‘Gut-Wrenching’ Moment After Full Day of Whining From Lakers Fans
Power Line: The Pelosi attack tapes, Loose Ends (204), and Mathematx
Shark Tank: Buchanan, Wassermann-Schultz Introduce Bipartisan Human Trafficking Bill
Shot In The Dark: Urban Progressive Privilege – “The Word Means What I Say It Means, Also, It Doesn’t Exist”, also,  Evidence
The Political Hat: Pesky Real Life and the Dearth of Recent Posts, also, Communist Chinese Co-Parent or Mao’s Children
This Ain’t Hell: USAF 4-star predicts war with Red China in 2025, Drone strike inside Iran, Short take Monday – Mikey, Lindh, NIH, Americans helping Ukrainians in the combat theater via the Internet, and No Spares for Ukraine
Transterrestrial Musings: The Anniversary, Starship Performance Update, The Coming “Symbolic Analyst” Meltdown, Russian Oligarchs In Ukraine, and Mark Steyn
Victory Girls: Hunter Biden E-mail Raises More Suspicion, Teacher Solicits Donations To Pay ‘Coyote’ For Human Trafficking, and Woke Salon at Stage II over “Grooming”
Volokh Conspiracy: Suddenly, everyone is gunning for Google
Watts Up With That: Intersectional Climate Scientist Goes on Rant Against ‘White Men’, The Climate Alarmist’s Greatest Fear, and Green Energy – Don’t Stick Granny with the Bill
Weasel Zippers: WH Brags “We’re Seeing Almost 11 Jobs Created Under This President”, Law Enforcement Official Blasts Race Claims Over Tyre Nichols’ Arrest In Memphis, Antisemite Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Claims “I Wasn’t Aware ‘There Are Tropes About Jews And Money’ ”, and After Mass Shooting, Israel Moves To EXPAND Civilian Access To Guns
The Federalist: You People Is So Aggressively Stupid It’s Difficult To Be Offended, New Emails Suggest Twitter Misled Public On ‘Hamilton 68’ Data Pushing Russia Hoax, Without Black Lives Matter, Tyre Nichols Might Not Have Died In Memphis Last Week, Supreme Court’s Cowardice Allows Colorado To Keep Persecuting Christians, and The Left Wants To Take Your Truck Because It’s Big And Scary
Mark Steyn: Love in a Time of Plenty: Judy Holliday and The Solid Gold Cadillac, The Lady Is a Tramp, and Back from the Dead

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