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In The Mailbox: 02.13.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Operator-chan saves the day.

357 Magnum: The Cancel Mob Came For Larry Correia – And Failed
EBL: “Controlled” release of toxic chemicals in Ohio seems pretty scary to me, Dresden Bombed To Atoms, and  What are all these objects flying into the USA and Canada?
Twitchy: Laura Loomer’s Lame Attack On Casey DeSantis Fact-Checked Into Oblivion, also, How Bad Is The “Hogwarts Legacy” Backlash?
Louder With Crowder: Chris Stapleton crushes the National Anthem at the Super Bowl so hard, it drove grown men to tears, Rihanna grabs crotch, butt and sniffs hand before revealing she’s pregnant in bizarre halftime show, and  Tranny Influencer claims they’re now hot enough to, ahem, “steal a husband” after facial feminization surgery
Vox Popoli: The Popes of Sodom, More Sanctions on Red China, The Media Loses Narrative Control, Silver Lining, and Mailvox: The Thumb on the Scale
Stoic Observations: On Elon, also, Sorted
Glenn Reynolds: The Power Of Old Men

Adam Piggott: The FBI know that TLM Catholics are the Real Deal, also,The Regime does indeed Fear the TLM
American Conservative: Among The ‘White Slags’, Sanctioning Syrians Under the Rubble, and Samantha Power & Color Revolution In Hungary
American Greatness: Bombshells, Landmines, and Nemesis, also, Buttigieg Bemoans Lack of Racial Diversity in Construction, Fails to Mention Ohio Train Disaster
American Thinker: So many people recently ‘died suddenly’ – What’s going on?, Let’s Pay Attention To The Experts Who Challenged The COVID Narrative, How the Administrative State Subverts the Constitution, and ‘Shaddup,’ the Government Said
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictator’s daughter Mariela Castro on lecture tour in Italy, Gas explosion rocks another Havana hotel, ceiling collapses at hotel in Holguin, Cuba expects Biden to look the other way as it draws closer to Iran, Cuba’s state-run airline forced to cancel flights over ‘technical issues,’ has no cash for refunds, and Foreign Ministry vetoes presence of several priests at event with Cardinal
BattleSwarm: Cronk Conked, Haley? No. Pence? No. Pompeo? No. Sununu? No, and Peter Zeihan Thinks We Won The Great Balloon War
Behind The Black: Shortly after new Progress freighter docks with ISS, older Progress loses internal pressure, SpaceX launches 55 more Starlink satellites, Trio of colliding galaxies, Cracked ash-filled Martian terrain, and A real blacklist designed to choke ad profits from conservative and legitimate news organizations
Cafe Hayek: Hipopolorum and Lopopohirum, also, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “The sharing economy”
CDR Salamander: Sticks, Lasers, and Balloons
Chicago Boyz: Drucker’s Prescience
Da Tech Guy: Traditional Catholics and traditional terrorists, A Reminder About Those Who Call Conservatives “Nazis”, and The Bright Side of Europe, and Other Thoughts Under the Fedora
Don Surber: Lincoln Freed The Slaves, also, Latest Lies From Lefties
First Street Journal: To the left, liberal politics are far more important than Freedom of Religion, also, The utter bovine feces of ‘restorative justice’
Gates Of Vienna: The Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden, Part 14, Re-examining the Term “White Supremacy”, And Now… UFOs!, and Get Your Kid Vaxed, or Lose Your Welfare
The Geller Report: In 78 Years, Funeral Directors Who Never Had a 15 Year Old Who Died From a Heart Attack Now Have ONE A WEEK, ‘Obsessed’ Biden Quietly Waives Sanctions, Enables Iran, Russia to Resume Nuclear Work, Make BILLIONS in Profit, and ‘WE NUKED A TOWN”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Spiral Among Thousands, The Oldest Known Supernova, and A Note on the DoT’s Portfolio
Hollywood In Toto: Your Place or Mine – RomCom Via ChatGPT, Roseanne Barr – ‘I Cannot Let ***holes Win’, and Survey: Biden Economy Crushing Movie-Going Habits
The Lid: Biden And Israel, So Far No Good
Legal Insurrection: LGBTQ+ Student Org Hosts Transgender ‘Name Change Clinic’ at U. Toledo College of Law, Clemson University Holds Town Hall Meeting to Address ‘Controversial’ Affirmative Action Bake Sale, Prof. Jonathan Turley Hits Back At Debbie Wasserman Schultz Attempt To Discredit Him at House Hearing,23 Baltimore Schools Have Zero Students Who Can Do Math at Grade Level, and Striking Temple U. Grad Students Can’t Believe School Revoked Their Free Tuition
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you!, Sexagesima, and Thinking vs Doing
Outkick: MLB Permanently Installs Extra Innings Automatic Baserunner On Second, Adrian Peterson Calls Out Damar Hamlin For His Super Bowl Outfit, Eagles Wife Calls Out Chiefs Fans For ‘Embarrassing’ Super Bowl Celebration, Why Was Roger Goodell Hugging Chris Jones Like They’re Dating, ESPN’s Chris Berman Tries To Relate Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday To Two Black Quarterbacks Starting In The Super Bowl, and Jalen Hurts And Patrick Mahomes Put God First On Super Bowl Sunday
Power Line: A genius for friendship, Harvard Law Student Attacks Gay Person With Baseball Bat, and The deep meaning of “no comment”
Shark Tank: DeSantis Proposes Legislation To Fight ESG
Shot In The Dark: Say No To Extremism!, also, Nothing To See Here
STUMP: Videos – Ranking Tables for 2021 Causes of Death
The Political Hat: White People Need Not Apply
This Ain’t Hell: SOTU irks Chinese, lies about vet deaths, Car sized object shot down from Alaskan airspace, Death, PTSD, and family separation, vice ‘wokeness,’ working against recruiting, French-built Flattops in the News, and Gigage Wahya aka Joel Cameron. A banner of lies.. – Stolen Valour Canada
Transterrestrial Musings: Mask Mandates, The Russian Space Program, The Retreat From Globalism, and Lunar ISRU
Victory Girls: Chest Binders – Every School Counselor Has One, Super Bowl LVII – There Is No Black National Anthem, and CDC Warns Of Teen Girls Experiencing Violence And Hopelessness
Volokh Conspiracy: In 2023, Pierson v. Post Meets Keeble v. Hickeringill, also, White Employee Suing Seattle for DEI-Based Racial Harassment, Retaliation, and Discrimination
Watts Up With That: Censoring Inconvenient Truths, The Mass Extinction Fraud, and Climate Activists Celebrate Your Utility Bill Pain
Weasel Zippers: 162 Democrats Voted To Allow Illegal Immigrants To Vote In Elections, Obama’s Ambassador To Red China Says CCP Wanted Biden To Win In 2020, and Chuck Schumer Says Red Chinese Spy Balloon Was Acceptable Because They Would’ve Gotten Intel Anyway
The Federalist: In Super Bowl Halftime Performance, Pregnant Rihanna Proved Pro-Lifers Right, Craigslist Craig Is Dumping His Billions Into Fake News To Help Democrats Win Elections, John Fetterman Is A Danger To Himself, 3 Warning Signs The FBI Might Label You A ‘Radical Traditionalist’ Christian, Democrats’ Unconstitutional Crusade To Disbar Texas AG Ken Paxton Shows How Far They’ll Go To Win Elections, and Smeared By MSNBC For Refusing To Teach Kids To Hate Each Other, Colorado School District Hits Back
Mark Steyn: Fight Another Day: Paddy Chayefsky and The Americanization of Emily, Tal Bachman – The Appliance Rebellion Starts Here, and Magic Moments with Burt and Elvis

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