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Aspiring Rapper Update: 27 Years in Federal Prison for Sex Trafficking

Posted on | February 22, 2023 | Comments Off on Aspiring Rapper Update: 27 Years in Federal Prison for Sex Trafficking

Aryion Jackson, a/k/a “Yung Corleon”

You can’t spell Houston without “ho,” and Ariyon Jackson specialized in providing the supply to meet the demand:

The judge responsible for sentencing a man who pled guilty to child sex trafficking called his crimes “horrific” but she also said she was “struggling over what the right sentence should be.”
She ultimately sentenced Aryion Jackson, who was an aspiring rapper, to 27 years in prison.
Jackson, according to court testimony, kept 12 girls and women in a house in Houston and trafficked them for sex, forcing them to earn $1,000 a day using drugs, threats, and beatings to get them to comply.

The victims of this “aspiring rapper” were as young as 14, and how many clients did Jackson’s victims have to service in order to yield the required $1,000 daily revenue? “According to court documents, they would work on Bissonnet in Houston, and they would perform sex acts for $100 to $300 each.” So if they got $100 per trick, they had to turn 10 tricks a day to make the minimum, which might mean having sex with more than 200 men per month, and Jackson was forcing girls as young as 14 to do this. “Horrific,” indeed. It is suspected that one of his victims was Kristen Galvan, who was only 15 when she was first arrested turning tricks on Bissonett Street in Houston. She was returned home to her family, but disappeared a few weeks later in January 2020.

Her mother, Robyn Cory, says there have been no new leads on Kristen’s whereabouts and, even as he was being sentenced to 27 years in federal prison, Jackson claimed he didn’t know where she was.

More details from the federal prosecutor’s office:

Jackson is a documented gang member [whose] image appeared on a wanted billboard for aggravated sexual assault. He also had numerous Instagram accounts. In one, he discussed being a pimp and posted images of himself with money and guns.
While in custody, Jackson continued to control several victims through phone calls. He was also caught with cell phones and drugs.

Yeah, while in jail awaiting trial, he was still pimping. But now that he’s going to federal prison, he thinks he’s the victim:

In court [Feb. 14], Jackson cried as he apologized to his victims, and their families, he told the judge he “never had a fair chance in life” and asked the judge for mercy. . . .
Aryion Jackson asked the judge for leniency because of his childhood. [His father Steven] Jackson admits his son’s upbringing was troubling with parents often in prison and according to the judge, Jackson’s mom was a prostitute who was addicted to drugs.
“Yes, I did three terms in and out of prison,” [Steven Jackson] said. “I myself was a product of the crack era. I got influenced early and had him young,” . . .
Aryion Jackson’s mother is also charged with sex trafficking. Her trial begins Wednesday.

So, a drug addict and a prostitute have a child who grows up to become a vicious pimp, but when this leads him to prison — where vicious pimps belong — he cries to the judge that he “never had a fair chance in life.” However, “Yung Corleon” wasn’t crying when he was flashing guns and cash on Instagram, forcing teenage girls to walk the streets turning tricks to supply him with $1,000 a day. And we still don’t know what happened to Kristen Galvan, so spare us the crybaby act, Mr. Aspiring Rapper.

UPDATE: On Instagram, Jackson’s handle was @AryDaMFCrip — which is to say “Ary the [Obscenity] Crip,” and he boasted of association with the “Gas Gang” of East Houston. In 2021, three members of the “Gas Gang,” Morgan Kanu-Bradley, Avery James, and DeAnthony Doucet, were sentenced to federal prison for an attack on undercover drug agents:

On Feb. 17, 2019, undercover federal agents had arranged to purchase narcotics from Doucet at a hotel in Houston. There, Kanu-Bradley, James and Doucet held the agents at gunpoint and stole the money they had for the transaction as well as one of their firearms and phone. The men also beat and stomped on one of agents while he was held at gunpoint.
Afterwards, Kanu-Bradley, James and Doucet all fled the scene. Other authorities on the scene pursued and arrested them.

“AryDaMFCrip” was proud to be part of this crew, and of course, he filled his Instagram profile with pictures like this:

Think about how he got that money.

Now think about him crying in the courtroom.




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