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The Answer Is ‘Yes’

Posted on | March 21, 2023 | 2 Comments

Chris Rock’s question was rhetorical:

In light of the recent news that Donald Trump might face indictment for an alleged campaign finance violation, several experts have come forward to criticize the case against him. Some have argued that the charges are weak, while others have pointed out the hypocrisy of Trump’s potential arrest, given that Hillary Clinton faced a similar accusation but only paid a fine. . . .
Chris Rock made his statement at the Mark Twain Prize ceremony at the Kennedy Center, which was honoring Adam Sandler. In an apparent dig at the politicians in attendance at the ceremony, he asked the crowd if they were “stupid” for contemplating such a move.
He exclaimed, “Are you guys really going to arrest Trump? Do you know this is only going to make him more popular? It’s like arresting Tupac. He’s just gonna sell more records. Are you stupid?” The comedian’s remarks were met with roaring laughter from the crowd that included the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Biden administration officials.

Here’s the thing: If Democrats could “elect” Joe Biden as president — because 81 million votes, am I right? — and install the brain-damaged John Fetterman in the Senate, they don’t fear any political consequences, no matter how extreme their behavior. Success in rigging elections, combined with the news media’s willingness to act as Democratic operatives as bylines, means that Democrats never expect to face consequences, for anything, ever. We shall see if trying to prosecute Trump on the basis of a case that helped send Michael Avenatti to prison will prove to be an exception to this rule. Stay tuned . . .




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