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#WaxMyBalls Update

Posted on | April 3, 2023 | Comments Off on #WaxMyBalls Update

Has it really been more than three years since I last updated readers on the bizarre career of Canadian pervert Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv?

When last we checked in on “Jessica,” he/“she” had been arrested in January 2020 on charges of assaulting a Canadian journalist outside a courthouse. In case you’d forgotten — who could ever forget? — Yaniv became notorious for going to salons and seeking genital waxing (depilation) on his/“her” genitalia, then filing complaints of discrimination when the requested treatment was denied, hence giving rise to the #waxmyballs hashtag in reference to the case.

The good news is, there will be no further such cases filed by Yaniv because he/“she” finally underwent “gender confirmation” surgery in January 2021. The bad news is, there were post-operative complications that led Yaniv to file a lawsuit against a Vancouver clinic, and also, whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK if you don’t want to know what botched sex-change surgery looks like. The folks at KiwiFarms employ the phrase “gaping axe wound” to describe the result of Yaniv’s surgery, and anyone willing to risk irreversible mental trauma can click the link to discover how accurate that phrase is. DON’T DO IT!

The website has become a clearinghouse for all things Yaniv-related, and among other things, they have posted court documents related to Yaniv’s tragic “gaping ax wound,” which you can read if you have a morbid curiosity to know what happens when Murphy’s Law is applied to transgender surgery. But the good news, as I say, is that Yaniv no longer has any balls in need of waxing.

However, as I’ve pointed out on previous occasions, having your genitals removed is not a cure for mental illness, and Yaniv continues to be a dangerous lunatic. He/“she” has faced numerous criminal charges, including a charge of assaulting an elderly resident of the apartment building where his/“her” mother lives (Yaniv is now reportedly banned from that property). Speaking of places Yaniv is reportedly banned from, this would include the campus of Simon Frazier University, where Yaniv is enrolled as a student, but can only attend via online classes because of some kind of drama involving fellow students. This has not, however, prevented Jonathan/“Jessica” from declaring himself/“herself” a candidate for the university’s Student Senate.

By the way, I should point out that Jonathan/“Jessica” no longer goes by his/“her” surname, Yaniv. Instead, he/“she” now refers to himself/“herself” as . . . Can you guess? Wanna guess? C’mon, guess!

JESSICA SIMPSON — Yaniv is basically stealing the identity of a 1990s teenage pop singer, because why not? Being transgender means you’re a Victim of Oppression, which means that no matter how crazy and/or criminal your behavior may be, there are never any negative consequences — except, of course, that “gaping ax wound” where your testicles used to be. [Insert “social justice” sarcasm here.]

Can’t believe I let three whole years lapse without an update on Jonathan/“Jessica,” but what with the COVID pandemic, war in Ukraine, etc., there seemed to be more important news worth commenting about. Next time there’s a slow day in the news cycle, somebody remind me to do another update, because Crazy People Are Dangerous.




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