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The Rontavious Factor

Posted on | April 23, 2023 | 2 Comments

Earlier this week, we shared the story of a burglary at a gun store in Macon, Georgia, in which two suspects stole more than 60 firearms. Police arrested 32-year-old Rontavious Jackson who, because he was charged with 31 counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon — each of which counts could be punished by up to 10 years in prison — might be sentenced to more than 300 years behind bars. Because there were two suspects in this crime, and Jackson had been caught with only about half of the stolen firearms, I was interested to know whether police had caught the second burglar. Because the name Rontavious seemed rather unique, I Googled “Rontavious + arrest” and oh, my goodness!

Rontavious Shawn Clark


A string of four armed robberies in Charlotte, North Carolina, came to a sudden end when the robbers, driving a stolen Lexus SUV, collided with a tractor-trailer truck in Lancaster County. The driver of the stolen Lexus, 26-year-old Rontavious Shawn Clark, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said Clark had just gotten out of jail two days ago. The passenger, 23-year-old Danneil Elijah Hughes, was taken to a hospital before being booked on charges of armed robbery.

Rontavious Darnell Gaston


Rontavious Darnell Gaston, 25, was arrested after police in Montgomery, Alabama, said he robbed three businesses in less than 72 hours.

Rontavious Managan

APRIL 2020:

Rontavious Managan, 18, was arrested and charged with murder in the drive-by shooting of Jamarcus Jordan in Montgomery, Alabama.

Rontavius Deon Holt

MARCH 2023:

Rontavius Deon Holt, 25, was arrested and charged with murder after a drug deal gone bad led to a gunfight inside a barbershop in Clayton County, Georgia, that ended with a 17-year-old getting shot in the face.

Keep in mind, I Googled “Rontavious + arrest” on the theory that Rontavious must be such a rare name that the search would automatically lead to stories about the Macon gun-store burglary, but apparently it’s far more common than I suspected and, considering the pattern here, I wonder if everybody named “Rontavious” is a criminal.

I’ve only shown you the tip of the iceberg here. There’s also:

Although I could keep searching and turn up even more examples, why belabor the obvious? If you’re thinking of naming your baby boy “Rontavious,” you should probably reconsider your choices.




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