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Another Soros-Funded Disaster

Posted on | May 1, 2023 | 1 Comment

When we talk about crime-riddled cities, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia get a lot more attention than St. Louis, but on a per-capita basis, crime is much worse in St. Louis, which regularly leads New Orleans and Baltimore as the most violent major city in America. Alas, so many people have fled St. Louis in recent decades that it almost doesn’t qualify as a “major” city now, with fewer than 300,000 residents. (Henderson, Nevada, Greensboro, North Carolina, and Irvine, California, are all bigger than St. Louis now.) Things have been going downhill in St. Louis for a long time, so it would be wrong to say that the 2016 election of Kim Gardner as Circuit Attorney for the city has caused the decline; rather, the scandal-ridden tenure of Gardner is symptomatic of the social decay in a city that has long since passed the point of no return. Only in a desolate urban nightmare could someone with such little aptitude for office have gotten elected, and it is impossible to pity the residents of St. Louis, as they have gotten exactly what they deserve for electing a prosecutor who ran on an anti-law-enforcement platform.

Kim Gardner has never bothered to hide her hatred of police. In many cases, she has refused to prosecute criminals, and she has driven out nearly all the experienced prosecutors in her office:

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s Office has dismissed more than 9,000 cases, frequently as they were about to go to trial according to Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey’s latest filing.
Judges have been “forced” to dismiss more than 2,700 cases because of the prosecution’s failure to provide defendants with discovery and speedy trials, according to the filing.
The few assistant attorneys who remain must endure a “toxic environment” that has driven dedicated attorneys — burdened with unbearable caseloads — to exhaustion and medical emergencies, Bailey said in the filing.
All are among new allegations Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed [March 21] against Gardner in a 121-page amended petition as part of a rare legal maneuver to remove her from office.
Bailey began the quo warranto process as it’s known in February, and has since reviewed more than 30,000 documents and data from the St. Louis City Circuit Court and St. Louis Comptroller’s Office, according to a press release from the Attorney General’s Office.

What prompted the state Attorney General to take action against Gardner was a horrific incident in February involving 21-year-old Daniel Riley.

Riley had been charged in an August 2020 armed robbery but was released on bond and then, despite repeatedly violating the terms of his release, was still on the streets in February 2023 when he was speeding in an Audi SUV, failed to yield at an intersection and caused a crash that led to a teenage volleyball player from Tennessee — who was in St. Louis for a tournament, and just happened to be on the sidewalk at the time of the crash — having both of her legs amputated.

While it is perhaps predictable that Missouri’s Republican attorney general would be trying to force Gardner out of office, even Democrats in St. Louis have now started turning against her. A local defense attorney, David Mueller, has announced himself as a Democratic primary challenger to Gardner, and other local Democrats are also expected to toss their hats into the ring. And last week, St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Michael Noble denounced Gardner’s office as a “rudderless ship of chaos” in a hearing on whether she should be held in contempt of court. “It appears that Ms. Gardner has complete indifference and a conscious disregard for the judicial process,” he said.

Gardner’s campaign received about $116,000 from political action committees backed by billionaire George Soros. We are told that identifying Soros as a funder of liberal DAs is promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, but the question is, do Jews actually support this dangerous “progressive” lunacy? If not, then it is incumbent on Jews to denounce Soros — and indeed, many have done so loudly — and to stop this baseless smear of Soros’ critics. How is it a “conspiracy theory” to point out how Soros is spending his money to affect elections? And if the Anti-Defamation League really wants to discourage anti-Semitism, why aren’t they criticizing Soros, rather than defending him? Because I think every decent citizen — Jew or Gentile, black or white, Republican or Democrats — should consider Soros indefensible, given the results he has obtained in St. Louis and other cities where his money has helped elect “progressive” prosecutors like Kim Gardner, who remains unapologetic:

Gardner shrugged off the ongoing court battle to remove her from office as “a witch hunt” designed to discourage young reformers from going to law school or pursuing a career in the criminal justice arena.
“I’m not leaving. I’m not resigning. I’m not doing nothing,” she said to rousing cheers. “You gonna have to remove me.” . . .
Gardner walked out of the Central Baptist Church Saturday morning after delivering a defiant 13-minute speech to about 60 loyal supporters who awarded her with a t-shirt and heralded her as “the Mother of Justice.” . . .
“I’ve been criminalized every day because of my black skin, because I’m Black,” she said. “I’ve never had a fair shake.”

Playing the race card? Really? Despicable to the end . . .




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