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In The Mailbox: 05.02.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: The Disney/LucasFilm Trial For The Murder Of Star Wars
EBL: Gordon Lightfoot, RIP, also, Blackpink Jennie Kim
Twitchy: A Video Tour Of Minneapolis Before & After The 2020 Riots, Insurrectionists Occupy Texas State Capitol To Disrupt Vote On Child Castration & Mutilation Ban, and Ted Cruz Blisters Dems & Media For New “High-Tech Lynching” Of Clarence Thomas
Louder With Crowder: Ron DeSantis: We’re executing convicted pedos in Florida now, also, Bud Light effect? Coca-Cola gets the message, votes AGAINST woke proposal to target pro-life states
Vox Popoli: Peak America, Not Alarmist, Avant Garde, The Economy of Evil, and The Cult of Free is Over

Adam Piggott: Covid – State Sanctioned Mass Murder
American Conservative: End American Military Aid to Azerbaijan, also, An Age of Repoliticization
American Greatness: Biden Admin Still Has Not Properly Vetted 88,000 Afghan Refugees, Two Years After Withdrawal, also, During Fiery Hearing, GOP Senators Blast Democrats’ ‘Unseemly Efforts’ to Delegitimize Supreme Court
American Thinker: A Woman is not a Cat, It Takes a Village?, Who Will be the next Chief of Naval Operations?, and The New Robber Barons
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Senile Dementia News
Babalu Blog: Cuban woman left homeless after her building in Havana collapses, Pro-Castro Cuban radio host in Miami threatens Castro regime with exposing his ’20 years of collaboration, How communism destroyed and outlawed Cuba’s independent labor movement, and The natives are restless: 370 public protests recorded in Cuba during April
BattleSwarm: Observing 2023 Victims of Communism Day, also, Score One For Gary Gates
Behind The Black: Suborbital rocket explodes four seconds after launch in New Mexico, A nearby aging galaxy with an active supermassive black hole at its center, Irish startup lobbies for Irish spaceport, The cliff wall of ancient Martian lava channel, and Private college allows its students to blacklist refugee from Communist China
Cafe Hayek: A New Study of Industrial Policy
CDR Salamander: The Philippines…Again
Chicago Boyz: Folkways
Da Tech Guy: Do journalists have ethical standards anymore? Overlooked story about a Chicago Tribune gives me doubts, May Indulgence Calendar, And that’s the way it was, and Covid Shot Committed: An Army of Ernst Jannings
Dana Loesch: Don’t Become The Rage Mob
Don Surber: Gun Control? We Need Border Control
First Street Journal: Is The Philadelphia Inquirer shading stories to fit Teh Narrative?, also, World War III Watch: Warmongers gotta warmonger!
Gates Of Vienna: Life in Prison for the Botkyrka Murderers, also, Road Trip
The Geller Report: 1 in 4 High School Students Identifies as LGBTQ, Biden Energy Secretary Doubles Down on Electrifying US Military’s Vehicle Fleet by 2030, ALL Nine SCOTUS Justices Issue Rare Statement Rejecting Senate Democrats’ New “Ethics Oversight” Measures, and Democrats Frequently Met With Alleged Red Chinese Police Station Director Arrested By The FBI, Photos Show
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, What’s Up for May, 2023, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, and Parking Lot Geography
Hollywood In Toto: FORBES Thinks Writers’ Strike Might Be Late-Night TV’s Death Blow, Rockers Dee Snider, KISS’s Paul Stanley Oppose ‘Gender Affirming’ Surgery, and His Only Son Turns Profit for Crowdfunding Investors
The Lid: Biden’s SPOX Karine Jean-Pierre: Liar Or Mentally Handicapped?
Legal Insurrection: Gordon Lightfoot, R.I.P., Senate Hearing On Supreme Court Was “Bad Faith” By “Angry, Bitter Democrat Senators Who Are Furious” There’s A Conservative Majority, UVA Student Claims BLM Activist Ruined Her Life Over a Misheard Remark, North Dakota Bill: Students Cannot Use Bathroom of Their Choice, Teachers Can Ignore ‘Preferred Pronouns’, and Elite Border Patrol BORTAC Agents Capture Mexican National Accused of Murdering 5 in Texas
Nebraska Energy Observer: This man
Outkick: Serena Williams Pregnant With Second Child After Complaining That ‘Unfair’ Biology Forced Her To Retire, Anti-Turf Will Levis Is Not A Fan Of His New NFL Field After Being Drafted By Titans, AAU Basketball Coach Trades Punches With Referee In A Solid Travel Ball Fracas, LeBron James’ Former Teammate Alex Caruso Appears To Confirm His Reading Shtick Is Fake, and Shannon Sharpe Sets Deion Sanders Straight After Complaining Only One HBCU Player Was Drafted
Power Line: Gordon Lightfoot dies at 84, It ain’t me, babe, Blinken edition, and Hunter Biden pleads poverty
Protein Wisdom Reborn: Mehdi I’m Amazed
Shark Tank: Florida, Where ESG Goes To Die, also, Mills Introduces Bill To Prevent Important Drug Shortages
Shot In The Dark: Sign O’ The Times, Part MMMCCLXV, What A Difference a Few Column-Feet Make, and Communicating With The MN DFL, Part VII
STUMP: Is Joe Biden Likely to Die Within 5-6 Years?
The Political Hat: The Environmental Movement Is A Cult
This Ain’t Hell: Big Army tells aviators that they have to serve another three years, Veterans filing claims in increasing numbers, VA staff may burn out, Wisconsin man pretends to be deployed, is in jail, Bill proposed to ban AI from running nuclear missile systems without human leadership, and Pentagon- Personal Bio Monitoring Next
Transterrestrial Musings: Gordon Lightfoot, On Friendship With Self-Righteous Cowards, Tucker Carlson, The Left’s War On SCOTUS, and Antony Blinken
Victory Girls: UNC Professors: Teaching The Constitution Violates Our “Academic Freedom”, also, Troops Heading to the Southern Border. For What?
Volokh Conspiracy: Another Judicial Ethics Story About Justice Thomas Falls Apart
Watts Up With That: Feds admit offshore wind can kill whales!, 99.2% of Swiss National Bank Shareholders Just Rejected a Green Investment Push, and Wind-financed Exposé against Kevon Martis Backfires
Weasel Zippers: WH Absurdly Claims “Illegal Migration” Has “Come Down By More Than 90%”, Palestinians: It’s “Racist” To Say That Israel Made The “Desert Bloom”, and Oklahoma Becomes 16th State To Ban Trans Procedures On Kids
The Federalist: White Man Calling Himself A ‘Lesbian Indian’ Forces Alphabet Activists To Turn On Their Own Talking Points, Why I’m More Scared Of American Social Media Companies Than TikTok, California’s Rainbow Color Revolution Just Felled Tennessee, And It’s Not Stopping There, Report: Unable To Meet Recruiting Targets, The U.S. Navy Is Turning To Drag Queens For Help, and Stephen King’s Fiction Is Just Clumsy Left-Wing Moralism Now
Mark Steyn: The Mark Steyn Show Down Under!

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