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In Terms of ‘Owning the Libs,’ Nobody Else Even Compares to Donald Trump

Posted on | May 12, 2023 | Comments Off on In Terms of ‘Owning the Libs,’ Nobody Else Even Compares to Donald Trump

Forgive me for not watching Wednesday night’s CNN town hall with Donald Trump, but he’s a known quantity — what could be learned from such an exercise? Exactly why CNN decided to give Trump this fat slice of prime-time programming, I can’t say. Even with Fox News melting down in the ratings after Tucker Carlson’s exit, CNN remains mired in the ratings basement, so anything that could make them seem relevant and newsworthy is an improvement, I suppose. At any rate, we’re now reaping the benefits of CNN’s decision, as all the Trump-haters in the media are completely losing their minds:

CNN leadership under fire
after ‘disastrous’ Trump town hall

Washington Post

CNN’s Trump town hall was a fascist ritual
Noah Berlatsky

Trump’s team revels in town hall victory
as CNN staff rages at ‘spectacle of lies’

The Guardian

CNN Went Full Jerry Springer
Tom Nichols

CNN ripped for leaving Kaitlan Collins
helpless against Trump’s lies

New York Post

CNN Employees Are Not Happy
With The Network’s Trump Town Hall


This is excellent, in terms of “owning the libs,” and I’m perfectly willing to take pleasure in their misery, without worrying about what it may portend for 2024. In this weird era, the key to happiness is finding your zen space by enjoying such moments without any thought for the future.

Learn to be a groovy hippy: Live in the now, man.

Anything that makes Tom Nichols and Noah Berlatsky angry is, objectively, a good thing. When CNN is accused of staging a “fascist ritual”? Life doesn’t get any better than that. And why ruin such a peak experience by fretting over the contingencies of the next presidential election? Whatever happens in the future, it’s unlikely to be affected by your getting wrapped up in a ball of anxiety about it, so don’t sweat it.

Make America Hakuna Matata Again.




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