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In The Mailbox: 06.08.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Astrud Gilberto, RIP, also, Chris Licht Fired At CNN
Twitchy: Jonathan Turley Reminds Gov. Hairgel He Sent Invitations To Migrate To California, also, Randi Weingarten Claims Climate Change Is Real But Her Photo Is Fake
Louder With Crowder: It’s done: Bud Light has been dethroned, no longer the #1 beer in America, Christian man arrested for not letting LGBTQ “have their day” and reading a Bible quote, and Kansas City Chiefs player trolls Joe Biden with pro-life message during White House ceremony
Vox Popoli: Nothing Works Anymore: German Edition, The PGA Surrenders, It’s Not the Taxes, and Ghost Town San Francisco
Gab News: Become A Gab Shareholder

American Conservative: ‘The Clash of Civilizations?’ at Thirty, also, Tools for Enslavement
American Greatness: Comer: FBI has Harbored Biden Bribery Allegations Since 2017, SPLC Labels Parental Rights Advocates as ‘Hate and Anti-Government Groups’, House Oversight Committee Releases Resolution to Hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in Contempt of Congress, and Matt Gaetz Introduces Resolution to Censure January 6th Committee Chair Bennie Thompson Over Mishandled Files
American Thinker: Baby Muhammads Overrun the West
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: A look at elections in Mexico and Spain with Allan Wall, When the State steals baseball, and Reports from Cuba: Thefts of meat, rice, and other foods multiplying in Cuba
BattleSwarm: Ukraine To Get F/A-18s?
Behind The Black: NASA names winners in annual student rocket competition, OneWeb offers its satellite constellation broadband service to the maritime industry, Firefly delays NASA launch to August, Astronomers downsize their proposal for rebuilding Arecibo, and Who blew up the dam in the Ukraine?
Cafe Hayek: Socialism Is Bad For the Environment
CDR Salamander: 21st Century Jeep Carrier – But Faster And For UAS
Da Tech Guy: Don Surber Makes the Case for Christ Without Realizing it
Dana Loesch: Minecraft Apparently Banning Guns In Custom Servers
Don Surber: Springtime For Hitler & Ukraine-ee
First Street Journal: As cities lose control of crime, how can anyone view public transportation as a solution to anything?
Gates Of Vienna: Migrants in Lyon Are a Moveable Feast, Joran van der Sloot is Coming to the USA, Greater Idaho Picks Up Steam, BR-R-R-R-R-R! (Again), and My Big Fat Syrian Wedding
The Geller Report: Owner of Two of San Francisco’s Largest Hotels Halts Mortgage Payments, Abandons City Due to Crime
Glenn Reynolds: Aliens!
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Deep Dive, and Rebekah Jones Pleads No Contest
Hollywood In Toto: Will More Classic Films Get the French Connection Treatment?, When Film Critics Actually Defended Free Speech, Air Shows Sneaker that Brought Racial Harmony to America, and Human Centipede Director Slams French Connection Censorship
The Lid: Could An Arab Oil Sheik Peddling UN Green Schemes Be Less Credible Than John Durham?
Legal Insurrection: Former U. Penn Swimmer Claims School Gave Girls No Choice About Competing With Trans Student Lia Thomas, New Salary Rules Jeopardize California’s Wildfire-Preventing Goat Herding Industry, Southern Poverty Law Center Designates Parental Rights Groups as Extremists, 1619 Project Education Network Releases ‘Reparations Math’ Curriculum for High Schools, and Leftist Agitators Attack Armenian Parents Protesting “LGBTQ+” Activities in Glendale, CA Schools
Nebraska Energy Observer: From the Comments: Reparations
Outkick: No, Dan Le Batard, NBA Media Rejects Nikola Jokic More For His Whiteness Than Nationality: Bobby Burack, Nick Chubb Says He’s Playing For Jim Brown This Season, Iron Sheik Dead At 81, And Tributes Pour In On Twitter Where Wrestler Was Also A Legend, Could Phantom Saints WR Michael Thomas Really Be Back, Finally? Or Was He Invaded By The Body Snatchers?, and LSU’s Paul Skenes Is One Of Best MLB Pitching Prospects In Decades, But He Wanted To Fly F-16s And Still May
Power Line: Let’s Not Go All X-Files Just Yet, Here’s Why the Candidacy of Far Left Cornel West Matters, and Thought for the Day: Foucault (!!) on the Left’s Racism
Shark Tank: Freedom Caucus Blocks Bills From House Floor
Shot In The Dark: With A Whimper, also, Better Late Than Never
STUMP: Sunday Sumo: Congrats to New Ozeki Kirishima!
The Political Hat: The Inevitable Overreach Of Social Conservatives
This Ain’t Hell: Rainbow LGBTQ flag flown over veteran facilities, also, Serbia: The New Face of Gun Control
Transterrestrial Musings: Above The Law
Victory Girls: SPLC: Parents Rights Groups Are Worse Than The KKK
Volokh Conspiracy: Women-Only Naked Spa Lacks Constitutional Right to Exclude Transgender Patrons with Pensises, also, Court Preliminarily Enjoins Minority Business Development Agency Race- and Ethnicity-Based Funding
Watts Up With That: ‘Only one sausage per month for everyone!’ , also, Media Wrong Again about Quebec wildfires
Weasel Zippers: Man To Compete In Miss California Pageant, Schumer Blames Canadian Wildfires On Climate Change, and Dem Rep. Cori Bush: GOP Election Integrity Proposals “Carrying On The Legacy Of Slavery And Jim Crow”
The Federalist: House Republicans Shine A Light On Foreign Interference In D.C. Elections, Don’t Kill Your Child’s Love Of The Rainbow Just Because ‘Pride’ Perveyors Co-Opted It, Chris Licht’s Biggest Mistake At CNN Was Being Hopelessly Naive About CNN, EXCLUSIVE: Bill Barr Confirms Rep. Jamie Raskin Lied About Biden Family Corruption Investigation, and House Republicans Probe Interior Secretary Deb Haaland For Conflicts Of Interest

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