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Five — Count ’Em, FIVE — Flaming Skulls for FBI Whistleblower Report on Biden

Posted on | June 10, 2023 | Comments Off on Five — Count ’Em, FIVE — Flaming Skulls for FBI Whistleblower Report on Biden

Ace of Spades believes this is a report of extreme urgency, and therefore awarded the story one flaming skull alert for each of the five million dollars allegedly paid to then-Vice President Joe Biden by a member of the Burisma board. And by “member of the Burisma board,” of course I mean, corrupt Ukrainian oligarch. As I reported last week, this involved the congressional subpoena of an FD-1023 form recounting the FBI’s interview with a “confidential human source.” FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to comply with the subpoena by claiming that information in the form would compromise the source. Given the events of Thursday, however, we may conclude that Wray was stalling for time so that Special Counsel Jack Smith could indict Trump, thereby “burying” news of the revelations about Biden’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

Am I a conspiracy theorist for suggesting this? It doesn’t matter. The loss of credibility of the Deep State regime — which is their fault, not mine — predictably gives rise to paranoia, as the citizens witness the blatant double standards: Antifa rioters walk free without prosecution, while hundreds of pro-Trump protesters are sentenced to federal prison. Similarly, the Biden family’s corruption is covered up by the FBI and the DOJ, while a Special Counsel is appointed to prosecute Trump for a case which basically originated with some minor bureaucrat at the National Archives complaining about White House documents and thus triggering a massive FBI raid on Mar a Lago. Just like the election results in 2020 (which you’re a TRAITOR for doubting), all of this reeks to high heaven, yet we are powerless to do anything about it. If people don’t trust their government, don’t blame the people, blame the government.



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