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In The Mailbox: 06.14.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: San Francisco Has Morphed Into East Germany
EBL: Anime Girl, also, Indictment Day in Florida
Twitchy: Lefty Loser Threatens Conservatives That Come To His Tattoo Shop – It Doesn’t Go Well, also, Biden’s Preferred Parish Celebrating An LGBTWTFBBQ Pride Mass
Louder With Crowder: TikToker celebrates trans joy, takes “her” t*ts out after meeting Joe Biden as LGBTQ conquers the White House, also, Garth Brooks doubles down on his (kinda) Bud Light support
Vox Popoli: The Evacuation of Taiwan, Why Clown World Fears Russia, Waving the White Flag, Urban Death Spiral, and Africa in the UK

Adam Piggott: Nefarious
American Conservative: A Forgotten History
American Greatness: Veterans Rip Into Biden Administration for Pride Flag Display, Multiple Target Stores Nationwide Receive Bomb Threats From Left-Wing Terrorists Over ‘Betrayal of LGBTQ+ Community’, and GOP Senators Blast FBI Deputy Director During Senate Hearing on FISA Reauthorization: ‘You’re Stonewalling and Covering Up Evidence!’
American Thinker: Four More Startling and Uncomfortable Ways Today’s Leftists Emulate the Nazis, Foretelling America’s Descent into Totalitarianism, and The Nuclear Theory You Never Knew Was Nonsense
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Technology News
Babalu Blog: Cuban Peso-U.S. Dollar exchange rate sinks to record levels, China to sink its claws more deeply into Honduras after state visit from President Xiomara Castro, and Cuban nun dares to criticize abysmal failure and ‘evil’ of so-called Revolution, sale of country to Russia
BattleSwarm: Why Disney Fails: Their Blindness To Real Geek Culture
Behind The Black: Japanese government adopts revised space policy emphasizing defense, Arianespace signs deal to study the possibility of using Orbex’s commercial rocket for launches, Boeing gets NASA contract to develop new airplane wing design, New House bill proposes giving FAA responsibility for monitoring space junk, and Today’s blacklisted American was arrested for quoting the Bible
Cafe Hayek: Social Security and Medicare Are Going Broke, also, On the Relevance of Economics
CDR Salamander: “Optimal Manning’s” International Disgrace – Norwegian Edition
Da Tech Guy: Tom Hagan Math in Canada, …And Faith in Louisiana, and The forest vs. the trees
Dana Loesch: The White House Only Condemned Trans Activist’s Topless Pride Stunt Because It Made Them Look Bad
Don Surber: What Is DeSantis Thinking?
First Street Journal: The #ClimateChange activists want more people to move to large cities
Gates Of Vienna: We Are the Carbon They Want to Remove, Burned Alive by a Culture-Enricher, The EU Welcomes the Youth of the Muslim Brotherhood, Must be Something in the Water, and Was the Knifeman of Annecy in Reality a Muslim?
The Geller Report: Biological Man Wins Female Cycling Race by FIVE MINUTES
Glenn Reynolds: Making The Problem Bigger
Hogewash: That Didn’t Age Well, Eta Carinae, I’ll Bet This Won’t Age Well, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and Moons Across Jupiter
Hollywood In Toto: Rob Schneider Tackles Woke, Womanhood (and Trump) in FOX Nation Special, More Artists Self-Censor to Avoid Woke Mob, and Unwelcome Rolls Out Blood-Red Carpet for Genre Fans
The Lid: Grassley Exposes Christopher Wray’s Cover Up
Legal Insurrection: Lawsuit Claims Dartmouth College is Misusing Millions Left by Donor in His Will, California Assembly Bill 957’s Co-Author May Be Aiming to Replace Nancy Pelosi, ‘Schizophrenic’ Trans Student Admitted to Northwestern Law Published Bizarre Rants in Law Journal, Trump Pleads Not Guilty in Classified Documents Case, and Statue of Revolutionary War Hero Philip Schuyler Removed From City Hall in Albany, NY
Nebraska Energy Observer: Explain this
Outkick: Shannon Sharpe Says Goodbye To Undisputed After 7 Years, Paige Spiranac Hops Into A USA Bikini For The U.S. Open, Nikola Joki? Completely Uninterested In NBA Championship Parade, NASCAR Star Bubba Wallace Suggests Double Standard In Reaction To His Antics After Middle-Finger Drama, The Empire Is Back! LSU Baseball Dynasty Returns To Omaha, and Omaha Bound: Texas Loses To Stanford In The Most Brutal Way Possible, Following Crazy Non-HR Celebration
Power Line: Corruption case against the Bidens is on the verge of exploding, The Democratic Party Is Run by Graduate Students, Why Aren’t Red States Red?, and The Age of Proprietary Truth
Shark Tank: Salazar Introduces Venezuelan Adjustment Act With Bipartisan Support
Shot In The Dark: You’re Being Gaslit, Heads You’re Racist/Tails You’re Destroying The Climate,
STUMP: Suicide: Trends 1999-2022 (provisional) by Sex and Race/Ethnicity
The Political Hat: The Irrelevance Of Innocence
This Ain’t Hell: Article suggests lessons to be learned from Ukraine conflict
Transterrestrial Musings: The Allure Of Ruins, Law-School Lunacy, Engineered White Blood Cells, and Woodrow The Terrible
Victory Girls: DA George Gascon Uses Star Chamber Against Critics
Volokh Conspiracy: Why Legal Immigration is Almost Impossible for the Vast Majority of those Who Want it, also, How America’s Growing Diversity Weakens the Case for Racial Preferences in Education
Watts Up With That: CO2 Pipelines in the Midwest: The Brewing Conflict Between Energy, Environment, and Property Rights, also, Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Mark Christie: Power Grid is Facing ‘Dire Consequences’ Due to Coal & Gas Retirements
Weasel Zippers: Report: Multiple Target Stores Across U.S. Hit With Bomb Threats For “Betraying The LGBTQ+ Community”, House Dem Chair Says He’s “Not Concerned” About Biden Corruption Allegations, Biden State Dept DEI Officer Wants $76 Million, and Senator: Secret Recordings Allegedly Exist As “Blackmail” On Joe, Hunter Biden
The Federalist: This Is Your Sign To Peel Your Kids Away From Their Screens And Send Them Outdoors, Support For Transgenderism Is Cratering, Grassley’s ‘17 Recordings’ Bombshell Brings Bidens And Burisma Back Into The Spotlight, R.I. Dad Files Complaint Against Pediatrician For Using ‘Thuggish Force’ To Give His Daughters Covid Jab, McCarthy Torches CNN For Hiring McCabe, Clapper To Weigh In On The Ongoing ‘Get Trump’ Op They Helped Run, and A Pregnancy Care Center Helped Me Become A Mom And Follower Of Jesus
Mark Steyn: The Ministry of Counter-Disinformation

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