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In The Mailbox: 06.26.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Marvel & The No Accountability Superhero Movie, also, “Trust The Science” They Say
EBL: Asteroid City, The Gallant Hours, and Whose Side is Belarus’ President Lukashenko on?
Twitchy: London Breed Has Dumb Response To DeSantis’ Criticism Of San Fran, Publisher Says ALA Is Offering Guidance On Disrupting Conservative Events, and Kinzinger Enters Desperation Mode After Tweeting About Neo-Nazis At Proud Boys Event Being Feds
Louder With Crowder: Here’s some of what you missed from Pride parades happening in your city this weekend, Topless activists chant “we’re coming for your children” at a drag march because it’s not obvious enough, and Bud Light’s a glutton for punishment, sponsors parade that exposes kids to naked adults, puppy fetishists
Vox Popoli: The Wagner “Coup”, Debacle in Rostov, Mandatory Pride, Of Course They Knew, and Further Evidence
Stoic Observations: Robert Baer & Geopolitical Agency
Gab News: Forget Politics – Focus On This Instead

Adam Piggott: Greasy Pole #29 – The First Black Woman on the Moon episode
American Conservative: Arms Must Cede
American Greatness: Speaker Kevin McCarthy Hints at Impeaching AG Merrick Garland, What the Left Has Left for America, and Kamala Harris Has the Worst Net Negative Rating of Any Vice President in NBC Poll’s History
American Thinker: Transgender Lawsuits Reveal Horrors of Procedures, also, Chattanooga Goes Brave New World
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Pope Francis once again displays his true colors at audience with artists, Cuban YouTuber who just arrived in America makes his first visit to Walmart, and Reports from Cuba: ‘Soon, polyclinics in Cuba will have to be closed due to lack of personnel’
BattleSwarm: Russian Coup Update for June 24, 2023 UPDATE: Coup Already Over?, also, Spam Denial of Service Attack Against James O’Keefe?
Behind The Black: Webb makes first detection of one particular carbon molecule, Japan’s military tests using Starlink for communications, A northern lowland ice sheet on Mars?, and The insidious presence of porn in K-12 public schools
Cafe Hayek: On Evidence of the Economic Consequences of a Policy of Unilateral Free Trade, Worrying About the ‘Balance of Trade’ Is Like Worrying About Witches, Economic Reasoning Shifts the Burden of Persuasion Onto Opponents of a Policy of Unilateral Free Trade, Let’s Dethrone the “Balance of Payments”, and Is This a Spoof?
CDR Salamander: Keeping The US Undersea Advantage, also, War Over Taiwan? Let’s Discuss This First
Da Tech Guy: Three Worst Case Russia Scenarios, Is the post office suffering from high crime?, and Under the Fedora
Don Surber: Another Reason To Vote Trump
First Street Journal: Killadelphia: 12-year-old killed on his birthday, Today’s left see landlords as Snidely Whiplash, tying Sweet Nell to the railroad tracks, and The main page of The Philadelphia Inquirer’s website had, at 7:07 PM EDT on Sunday, June 25th, an interesting juxtaposition
Gates Of Vienna: The Defender of Europe, Culture-Enricher Attacks Grandma and Granddaughter in Bordeaux, Sweden: “This is a War Zone”, and When the Suckling Babe is a Sign of Right-Wing Extremism
The Geller Report: New FBI Whistleblower Says Agents Who Questioned Overblown Response to Jan 6 Were THREATENED By Director, also, European Union Now Warning Pregnant Women NOT to Get COVID-19 Vaccine Due to Possibility of Infertility and Miscarriage
Hogewash: Flying By Mercury, The Security of Russian Nuclear Weapons, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and Ultraviolet Mars
Hollywood In Toto: Shape of Things Is Neil LaBute at His Most Confrontational, Gal Gadot Blasts Gender-Swapped Action Heroines, Meet Pop Culture’s Free Speech Heroes, and ‘Office’ Alum Rainn Wilson: God ‘Freaks People Out’ in Hollywood
The Lid: STUDY: Attractive Women More Likely to Be Conservatives, also, Ohio School Board Reports Moms as Terrorists to FBI for Concern Over School’s Woke Curriculum
Legal Insurrection: Audio Of Trump Conversation About Secret Iran Attack Plan Contradicts His Denial, Dept. of Transportation Giving $1.7 Billion to States to Buy Electric, Low-Emission Buses, Harvard Expert on Dishonesty is Accused of Dishonesty, Questioning the Narrative of a Certain, Disturbing News Story in Canada is Now Called Denialism, and U. Wyoming Sorority Fights Back Against Members Who Sued Over Trans Member
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Third Sunday after Trinity, and The Not Very Funny Woke Joke
Outkick: Pete Rose Says He Can Finally Wear A Cincinnati Reds Hat In Public ‘Without Fans Throwing Rocks’ At Him, Professional Basketball Player Dies Of Heart Attack, Previously Blamed COVID Vaccine For Myocarditis, Deion Sanders Shares Powerful Prayer Amid Health Issues: ‘Thank You’, Peyton Manning Always Wanted Sean Payton To Be The Denver Broncos Head Coach, Omaha Drama Again! LSU Wins Championship Series Opener With Another 11th Inning Homer, and Antonio Brown Bashes Tom Brady While Finally Giving Full Story On Bizarre Meltdown, Mid-Game Exit With Buccaneers
Power Line: Impeach Merrick Garland, Hunter Biden’s “fair” tax share, and Disney’s Downhill Slide
Shark Tank: Gimenez Says Biden “Asleep At The Wheel” Against Red China
Shot In The Dark: Seven Year Plan, The DFL Owns This, and Tolerance!
STUMP: Podcast: Lying about Lying – and faking data in Excel
This Ain’t Hell: Prigozhin’s Moscow march, the aftermath, Marines Need a Few Drone Pilots, Wild Night of Drinking and a Fake Toothache Turned Into the US Marine Corps Deadliest Sniper, and Russians using WMDs?
Transterrestrial Musings: Computer Weirdness, After College, How Pride Lost The Public, The New Russian Revolution, and A Catastrophic Implosion
Victory Girls: Riley Gaines, Standing Alone And Shunned By Feminists, Iowa’s Quad City Times Apologizes For Bigoted Vivek Ramaswamy Cartoon, and What Stopped Prigozhin From Going To Moscow?
Volokh Conspiracy: Uneducating Americans on Vaping, also, What Does U.S. v. Texas Tell Us About The DACA Litigation?
Watts Up With That: Coal To the Rescue in Britain as Solar Panels Also Work Too Poorly in The Summertime, Sweden Deals Body Blow to EU Climate Change Agenda, and NYC Pizzerias versus Climate Change Busybodies
The Federalist: Google Attacks Christians In The Workplace With Blasphemous Drag Event, Church Attendance Is Down As America’s Mental Health Crisis Continues To Run Amuck, The Corporate Media Can’t Come Back After Playing A Key Role In Running Cover-Up For Biden Family Corruption, Naked Men Freely Expose Themselves To Kids At Pride Because The Right Bought The Left’s ‘Tolerance’ Lie, and NLRB Adopts A Dirty Union Trick To Infiltrate The Government With Marxists
Mark Steyn: Things Fall Apart: Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation and the TV Documentary, Putin on the Fritz?, and Tal Bachman: Two Centuries of Rugby, Part VI

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