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In The Mailbox: 07.17.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I have VA appointments on Wednesday as well as an NSSAB meeting, so posting may be a little irregular for the rest of the week.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Calendar reform

357 Magnum: Pay No Attention To The Child Labor That Goes Into Your EV Battery
EBL: The Dogs of Chernobyl, also, Critical Drinker: Why Hollywood Will Collapse
Twitchy: Matt Walsh Reveals Brilliant Johnny The Walrus Troll, Schools See The Result Of Eliminating Advanced Math Classes For Equity, and John Kirby Claims Abortions Are “Foundational Sacred Obligation” Of The Military
Louder With Crowder: Kamala Harris demands the population be reduced in today’s episode of “Freudian Slip or Embarrassing Gaffe?”, Sports Illustrated goes nuts over Brittney Griner’s dunk, gets roasted, and Bystander helps put an end to a police chase… then just gets back in his truck and bounces
Vox Popoli: Preposterous!, Business When the Bubble Bursts, Material Greed vs Spiritual Wickedness, Tell Me You’re a Ticket-Taker, and Clown World Won’t Quit
Gab News: Nurturing A New Christendom

Adam Piggott: Better to be a racist than to have abos rule over you
American Conservative: What Do the French Riots Mean?, also, Joe Biden and the DNC: Some Kremlinology
American Greatness: ‘Not My Concern” Narrows the GOP Field, Disinformation: Doing Putin’s Job for Him, and It’s Time To Acknowledge America’s Education Crisis
American Power: In Rolling Hills Estates, Million Dollar Homes Slide Down the Canyon, The 2024 Election Is a Fight Over America’s Way of Life, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., In Hot Water After Comments Suggesting Chinese and Jews Were Spared Covid
American Thinker: Tucker Carlson Helps Cull the Republican Presidential Field, God’s Children Are Not for Sale: Why the Left Hates Sound of Freedom, 10 Paradigm Shifts that Shatter Establishment Illusions, and Defense Policy and the Social Issues: Who Started This Fight?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: The EU invites Cuba’s oppressive dictatorship to CELAC, continuing its bad policies, Shocking! Rationed sugar sold to Cubans is disgustingly awful, How Cubans in Cuba refer to July 11, two years after massive protests were crushed, and The Texas Political Report with George Rodriguez
Baldilocks: Asking For It
BattleSwarm: Nicholas Moran Rates Realism of Tank Scenes in Movies (Again), also, Why Homelessness in California is Worse Than In Other States
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches using its second Falcon 9 first stage on its sixteenth flight, Chandrayaan-3 completes second orbital maneuver, An apparent rocket section washes up on Australian coast, Rocket Lab launches seven satellites; recovers first stage from ocean, House committee imposes major cuts to Justice, FBI, Commerce Departments, and California Democrats retreat on their effort to defend child slavers
CDR Salamander: Summer Doldrums Melee On Midrats , also, Seaplanes Bring Out The Worst In The Potomac Flotilla
Chicago Boyz: The End of Science Education in the West?
Da Tech Guy: Republicans find their spinal cord when it comes to DoD abortion, A Sad Thought on a Good Story, Under the Fedora: Competence Rules, Russia Mistakes, Islam vs Alphabet in Michigan, Racism Shortage…Except in AI, and The Subsidies Don’t Cover Repair Bills
Don Surber: When Ray Charles Culturally Appropriated Eddy Arnold
First Street Journal: Saturday morning, Theodore Johnson says the quiet part out loud, and Another story you won’t find in The Philadelphia Inquirer
Gates Of Vienna: Nicolas Bay: “We Will Have to Choose: Either Your Sanctimony or Our Identity”, Don’t Romanticize Volodomyr Zelensky, Whale Tale, Taharrush in Heidelberg and Mallorca, and The EU Pays Protection Money to Tunisia
The Geller Report: Pray for America’s Children, Final Death Blow To Pence Presidential Campaign, and And BAM! It’s No Longer an Insurrection
Hogewash: Stressful Cities, LEDA 89996, Here’s Looking at Euclid, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, IC 4701, and Don’t Know Much Biology
Hollywood In Toto: Scorching Sound of Freedom Eyes $100 Million (and more), WaPo Blistered Over Woke ‘Fast Car’ Spin, and A.I. Movies Bring Industry’s Mortal Fear to Life
The Lid: RFK Jr. Makes Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theorist Comments At Political Dinner, also, Biden Gets Fish-Slapped By Twitter’s ‘Community Notes’
Legal Insurrection: Donor Pulling $400K Gift to Arizona State U. Citing ‘Left-Wing Hostility and Activism’, Pittsburgh Couple Indicted for Disrupting Michael Knowles Event May Have Ties to ‘Anarchist Extremists’, Rhode Island State Senator Who Allegedly Keyed Man’s Car Now Facing an Obstruction Charge, Rep. Katie Porter, Who Hates Big Banks, Silently Erased Her Job at Ocwen Financial Corporation, Activists at Harvard Disrupt Ice Cream Social to Demand Creation of Ethnic Studies Department, and Ex-Energy Official Sam Brinton was on Tax-Payer Funded Secret Trip at Time of Luggage Theft
Nebraska Energy Observer: Mental health day, also, Sixth Sunday after Trinity
Outkick: NFL RBs, OJ Simpson Sound Off On Lack of Respect For Position After Josh Jacobs, Saquon Barkley’s Failed Contract Talks, Stephen A. Smith, Dan Le Batard Feud Over Who Ruined ESPN, Sports Media, Brittany Mahomes Says She ‘Was Not Prepared’ For NFL Fame, Kate Upton Joins Threads, Drops Bikini Photo, Cincinnati Reds Manager David Bell Goes OFF On Umpire In Potential MLB ‘Ejection Of The Year’, and Former ESPN Legend Tim Brando Wonders What The Hell Is Happening At Ex-Employer
Power Line: Five Essential Truths About the Modern Left, Sunday morning coming down, and Biden then and now
Shark Tank: Is America Ready For A Trump/Donalds Ticket In 2024?
Shot In The Dark: A Nation Of Boogeymen, also, Weasel Words
This Ain’t Hell: Kerry in the News, Republicans fight woke initiatives through Defense bill; accused of ‘living in the 1950s’, Some Veterans quit Florida State Guard, the program had changed from what was advertised, City Council Fires HR Commissioners for Pride Flag Display, and A veteran, and a couple of National Guard members, were among the officers involved with a violent traffic stop
Transterrestrial Musings: The Internet, And Freedom, Commercial Space Legislation, Squatters, and Obama’s Russian Doctrine
Victory Girls: Rep. Summer Lee (D-PA) Bashes Alaskan King Crab For Military, Nancy Mace Makes Another Butthole Statement, and Trudeau Insults Muslim Parents Over LGBTQ Curriculum Objections
Volokh Conspiracy: New Statistical Evidence Supports the “Minneapolis Effect” as an Explanation for Increases in Homicides
Watts Up With That: Guardian: Climate Activists can Overcome Greed by Shouting Louder, Climate Activists are Targeting Billionaire Toys, Why Global Warming Lawsuits Deserve to Fail, Dishonest Climate Fear-mongering headline of the week goes to USA TODAY, and Politico: Chinese Emissions are Cancelling Biden’s Efforts to Save Us from Climate Change
The Federalist: Somebody Tell Planned Parenthood Summer Camp Is For Good Clean Fun, Not Sex Ed, It’s Joe Biden, Not Tommy Tuberville, Who Brought The ‘Culture War’ To The Military, Black Mirror Season Six Gets Sucked Into The Black Hole Of Modern Leftism, Ron DeSantis Heads To CNN To (Hopefully) Confront Jake Tapper, The Most Dishonest Man On Cable News, and The Lifestyle Of Climate Radicals Tells You All You Need To Know About Their Sincerity
Mark Steyn: No Joke, Punch Cards and Picket Lines: Jean Arthur in The Devil and Miss Jones, and Smile (Ton sourire est dans mon coeur)

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