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In The Mailbox: 07.31.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Hey, Loyal Commenter Blaine McCants has his debut book, The Hands That Rock The Triggers, coming out tomorrow. Looks interesting; I’ll have to grab a copy and drop a review.
Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: Civilization Was Nice While It Lasted, also, Self-Defense Is The Most Basic Human Right
EBL: Random Sunday Twitter/X Rule 5, USS Indianapolis Theme, and The Wave Swept Lighthouses of Brittany
Twitchy: Hunter Biden Lies To Judge About His Practicing Lawyer Status, Chuck Todd Just Can’t Deal With Republicans Playing By The Same Rules As Democrats, and Black Fraternity Relocating Convention Because Of DeSantis’ “Racist” Policies
Louder With Crowder: “It’s about people getting their s*** together”, Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) dies, issues an apology to fans for keeping his six-year cancer battle private, and Now leftists are giving Toby Keith the Jason Aldean treatment over “Beer For My Horses”
Vox Popoli: ESPN Goes Full Feminist, The Ticket’s Not Free, The Last Stage of the Current Phase, and The Atomic Bomb was Never Necessary
Gab News: Introducing Gab Clips – The TikTok Alternative

Adam Piggott: The Black Shroud of the Church
American Conservative: America’s Prigozhin, also, Disinformation and Censorship, 1984–2023
American Greatness: The Biden Presidency Is Unsustainable, also, Enough With Half Measures, Throw All U.S. Code at Trump
American Thinker: Liberalism Is a False Gospel and a Counterfeit Religion, In the Name of Climate Change: Travel Restrictions and the Great Reset, and DOJ’s Dirty Deeds
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Russia all set to begin modernization of Cuba’s railways, Leftist activist and pro-Castro Cuban-American Carlos Lazo breaks U.S. laws with ‘people-to-people’ indoctrination tours, Congress cuts off funding to Smithsonian’s ‘Latino’ museum for portraying Hispanics as victims of America, and The other president with a son problem
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for July 28, also, Houston’s Scandalous Forensic Backlog
Behind The Black: SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy successfully launches the heaviest geosynchronous communications satellite ever, ESA successfully completes controlled re-entry of its Aeolus satellite, India’s PSLV rocket places seven satellites into orbit, Monitoring the gullies on Mars for changes, India officials confirm Australian beach debris comes from an old PSLV rocket, and Scientists increasingly put politics over uncertainty in their research papers
Cafe Hayek: In Defense of My Defense of Parking Lots
CDR Salamander: What Does Taking The PRC Threat Seriously Look Like? 
Chicago Boyz: Rodeo Songs
Da Tech Guy: The #Unexpectedly Chronicles: You Never Hear This Discussed When Sportswriters Decry the Oakland A’s Pending Move, Navy looks to drain reserves to fill gaps, Ace Offers a Deal, and Disney has another flop on its hands
Dana Loesch: Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater
Don Surber: The Desperate Cry Of Global Boiling
First Street Journal: The problem is not mass incarceration; the problem is that not enough people are incarcerated, for not a long enough time, also, Will Governor Andy Beshear break the law to try to steal a Senate seat?
Gates Of Vienna: Jihad of the Womb in Germany, Mentally Ill Mujahid in Sarcelles, Culture-Enriching Gun Battles on the Reeperbahn, and See the Sights of Paris and Get Gang-Raped!
The Geller Report: Transgender Double-Murderer Who Killed His Two Babies, Will Get Taxpayer-Funded BREAST IMPLANTS, New York City Mayor to Implement New Restrictions on Take-Out Utensils, Condiments, Napkins to Combat Climate Change, Hunter Biden Judge Furious At First Son’s Lawyers For Their Latest Scumbaggery, and Devon Archer Testimony: Joe Biden ????, Was on Hunter’s Business Calls “20+ Times,” “In The Actual Business of Influence Peddling”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Plan(et) Nine From Outer Space, A Stock Trading Suggestion, Seeing Through a Dark Nebula, and The Orion Nebula
Hollywood In Toto: Haunted Mansion Makes Disney’s Bummer Summer Worse, Can Tina Fey Save ‘Saturday Night Live?’, and Bill Maher, Sharon Osbourne: Colleges Crank Out Marxists
The Lid: Unreal: Liberal MSNBC Hack Claims Liberals Don’t have ‘Propaganda’ Outlet Like Fox News
Legal Insurrection: Quelle Surprise – Joy Reid Makes Stupid Comment About Republicans and Slavery, Now Joe Biden Can’t Stop Talking About The Granddaughter He Ignored Until Three Days Ago, Battleground State Voters Now Trust Republicans More Than Democrats on Education, Illinois Sued Over Bill Targeting Pro-Life Counselors, Pregnancy Centers for Supposed ‘Deceptive Business Practices’, Media Hoax: No, a Nebraska Teen Is Not Going to Jail For Having an Abortion, and Biden Administration Targets Funding for School Archery and Hunting Programs
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, also, Eighth Sunday after Trinity
Outkick: Los Angeles Dodgers Host Faith Night After ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ Disaster, ESPN Fires Mark Jackson, MLB Sets 10-Year High In Saturday Attendance, Sign That Pitch Clock Is Enticing Fans To Get To The Park?, Katie Ledecky Belts National Anthem After Breaking Michael Phelps’ Record, Becoming Greatest Swimmer In World History, LeBron’s ‘I Promise’ School Posts Shockingly Poor Test Results, and Radio Host Don Geronimo Fired After Making ‘Sexist’ Remarks At Commanders Camp
Power Line: A Strange Hill To Die On, This is bigger than Hunter Biden – and even Joe Biden, and John Kerry to Humanity: Drop Dead
Shark Tank: Will Hurd Whines That DeSantis Is “Mean and Hateful”
Shot In The Dark: Behold The Flood, also, Lesson Learned? Deferred?
STUMP: Taxing Tuesday: Income Tax for Chicago?
This Ain’t Hell: Skilled labor demand going up, one segment averages six figures, Hazard Pay for US troops in Ukraine, Now this truly feels good, and Service Branches Rudderless Without Top Officers
Transterrestrial Musings: The Great Cloud Of Disrepute, Critical Theory, The Counter Offensive, Woodward And Bernstein, and Hot And Bothered About Heat Waves
Victory Girls: TikTok Soldier Disgraces the Uniform, Vivek Ramaswamy Deals With CNN And Oddly Placed Racism, and “Hypermasculine” Trump Cause Of Conservative Teen Boys
Volokh Conspiracy: Congress Can Regulate the Supreme Court—But There Are Limits to That Power, also, Oakland NAACP: “Failed Leadership, Including the Movement to Defund the Police…
Watts Up With That: Aussie NSW Farmers Call for a Ban on New Solar Projects, Race to salvage sinking cargo ship carrying 3,000 vehicles as it burns out of control in North Sea after fire ’caused by electric car’, Germans Will Need to Turn on Heat as Cold, Wet Weather Sets to Grip Country in Early August, Cobalt Carnage, Child Labor and Ecological Destruction, and Greece’s Fires: A Human Act, Not Climate Change Catastrophe
The Federalist: People Magazine Acknowledges Navy Biden After Getting The ‘OK’ Signal From Joe, Democrats Admit Biden Lied About Family Business Contacts, How Courts, Lawmakers, And The Next POTUS Could Rein In The Administrative State, ‘Facebook Files’ 2.0 Reveal White House Pressured Facebook To Censor ‘True’ Content, and Meet Trent Staggs, The Mayor Working To Primary Mitt Romney
Mark Steyn: Destroyer of Worlds: History and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, I Cover the Waterfront, and The Illegal Acts of Ofcom

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