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Anarcho-Tyranny in Seattle and L.A.

Posted on | August 11, 2023 | Comments Off on Anarcho-Tyranny in Seattle and L.A.

Stephen Green at Instapundit calls attention to a veteran Seattle police officer’s resignation letter:

“Their absurd policies have turned Seattle into a playground for anarchists and criminals, and they seem utterly unconcerned with the devastating consequences of their actions,” wrote Jessica Taylor, who joined the force in 1998 and resigned last week. “If you haven’t noticed, the criminals are running this city.”
Taylor refused to fill out a standard exit form and instead submitted the 15-page letter to chief of police Adrian Diaz, who she says “has brought this department and this city to its knees,” adding that the department “has transformed into a cesspool of corruption.”
Diaz and other city leaders prioritize “playing politics and pandering to radical ideologies rather than genuinely serving the city’s and its residents best interests,” Taylor said.
Taylor called Diaz a “vindictive, power-hungry individual,” telling him, “I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you.”
The letter comes amid rising crime in the city, Newsweek reported:

A 2021 year-end crime report from the SPD shows that violent crime in the city rose by 20 percent, one of the highest levels in over a decade. At the same time, robberies rose by 18 percent and aggravated assaults by 24 percent. In 2022, the overall crime rate in the city grew by 4 percent compared to the previous year, with a 24 percent rise in homicide, a 4 percent rise in rape, and a 5 percent rise in aggravated assault, according to the SPD.

Nothing is more fundamental to the purpose of government than protecting the lives and property of citizens, and yet Seattle and other Democrat-controlled cities seem incapable or unwilling to perform this essential duty. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles:

Former L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva sounded the alarm Wednesday on the threat posted by dwindling law enforcement numbers, adding that it’s “no mystery” why the city is struggling to attract people to the job.
“You have a horrendous political climate where every politician was jumping over themselves in the summer of 2020 to denounce law enforcement, create a very hostile work environment [and] no one wants a job anymore,” he told “America’s Newsroom.” “Then you have weak leadership in law enforcement that double down on that because they’re the first to throw their own employees under the bus. Then they wonder why they can attract people to the job.”
The LAPD has shed over 1,000 sworn officers since 2019, according to department data. Meanwhile, crime is on the rise and arrests are declining. . . .
“The political establishment in L.A. decided, from 2020 on, ‘Let’s destroy law enforcement. Let’s bash them and shrink them because of the defunding efforts,'” Villanueva said.

Even if the district attorney wanted to send criminals to prison (which he doesn’t, because RAAAAACISM), L.A. now has such a shortage of officers that it’s becoming more difficult to apprehend criminals. The result is what the late Sam Francis described as “anarcho-tyranny”:

Francis’s term “anarcho-tyranny” refers to armed dictatorship without rule of law, or a Hegelian synthesis when the state tyrannically or oppressively regulates citizens’ lives yet is unable or unwilling to enforce fundamental protective law. Commentators have invoked the term in reference to situations when governments focus on weapon confiscation instead of stopping looters.

Just keep voting for Democrats, and see what happens.



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