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A Smoking Gun, Next to a Bloody Corpse: Joe Biden Is Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Posted on | August 22, 2023 | Comments Off on A Smoking Gun, Next to a Bloody Corpse: Joe Biden Is Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

You know it’s bad for Joe Biden when (a) even Washington Post “fact-checkers” admit he’s lying and (b) CNN can’t ignore it anymore:

CNN host Jake Tapper admitted that former President Donald Trump “was right” during the 2020 presidential debates when he accused then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden of accepting large amounts of foreign money.

Now my buddy Matt Margolis at PJMedia is talking about the latest “smoking gun” confirming the quid pro quo of bribes from Burisma being the reason Joe Biden got a Ukraine prosecutor fired. Whenever I see that phrase now, I’m like “smoking gun”? How many more smoking guns do we need? We’ve already a giant pile of smoking guns, all of them covered with Joe Biden’s fingerprints. This is an open-and-shut case.

What Biden did — Joe Biden, not Hunter — was corrupt as hell, and every journalist in Washington knows he’s guilty. They’ve known it all along, but even now, with the evidence piled sky-high in broad daylight, they’re pretending that the story is about Republicans “pouncing” or “seizing,” i.e., their concern that Biden’s corruption could hurt Democrats.

The partisan double-standard in the media is the only thing keeping Biden in the White House at this point. Remember, Nancy Pelosi impeached Trump for making a telephone call asking Ukraine to investigate the Biden-Burisma connection — Trump’s impeachment was a cover-up of Biden’s corruption! Jake Tapper is not too stupid to understand this, which is obvious to anyone with two eyes and a functional brain. And yet, because he’s a partisan hack working for a dishonest network, Tapper has to pretend he doesn’t know it.

State Department Memos Disprove
the Cover Story Biden and the Democrats
Have Been Telling
About Ukraine’s Corruption

That’s Ace of Spades on the “smoking gun” story, but notice the word “disprove.” Everybody already knew Democrats were lying. Joe Biden openly bragged about getting the Ukraine prosecutor fired, and once we knew that Hunter had worked a deal with Burism, it was obvious why Joe intervened to protect Burisma. However, because Joe denied this — and made up a story bout the prosecutor being corrupt — the media played along, because Democrats always get the benefit of the doubt.


America’s most prestigious journalistic organizations — the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, etc. — are so in the tank for Democrats that they didn’t even try to find the truth about Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine, China and elsewhere. It wasn’t any of those big establishment outfits that found the “smoking gun,” it was John Solomon of Just the News, a mere website with a fraction of the news-gathering resources available to the New York Times or NBC News, etc.

Remember how those same media establishment outfits parroted the Biden campaign line that “The Laptop From Hell” was “Russian disinformation”? The media played an active role in the cover-up, and they’re still doing it! So for Jake Tapper to sit there and say, “Hey, you know something? Trump was right about Hunter Biden” just annoys the hell out of me, because JAKE ALWAYS KNEW TRUMP WAS RIGHT.

From the moment the New York Post broke the laptop story, there was never any reason to doubt its authenticity, and the only reason Tapper or anyone else in the media ever pretended otherwise is because they are “Democratic operatives with bylines.” They are fundamentally dishonest, producing partisan propaganda and pretending that it’s objective “news.”

And as for Joe Biden, he is GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!



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