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In The Mailbox: 08.22.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Back home on the mountain. Normal blogging will resume, with a double-scoop Rule 5 Sunday coming up this weekend. 

Silicon Valley delenda est.

How I started

EBL: Elon Musk should apologize to James Woods, Pope St. Pius X, Hurricane Hillary Dumps Heavy Rain On California and Nevada, How Would Walt Disney have responded to the new Snow White?, and Astrophysicist Brian May Loves Large Gravitational Bodies
Twitchy: Climate Scientist Explains How She’s Dealing With Extreme Climate Grief, “We Are DONE!”, and Gene Wu Stands Up For Fired Elementary School TeacherGroomer
Louder With Crowder: TikTok doesn’t want your kids to see this little man fixing cars and being productive
Vox Popoli: Smoking Their Own Supply, Cyberpunk: The Revival, The Opening of the African Front, Don’t Make it Harder, A Giant of the Internet is Gone, and Republicans for Human Sacrifice
Gab News: Charting A Course For A Christian Counteroffensive
Stoic Observations: Deadly Curiosity,

American Conservative: Biden’s ‘Equity’ at the Border, Nixon Now, and Fearful Worship of a Climate Idol
American Greatness: Report: Hunter Biden Secretly Traveled on Air Force Two to Foreign Countries at Least Eight Times While Joe was V.P., New Memos Debunk Democrats’ Biden-Ukraine Narrative, House Freedom Caucus Threatens Another Government Shutdown Over Border Crisis, and A Letter to Our Betters
American Thinker: The Decline and Fall of a Once Great Company, Barack Obama’s Gay Fantasies and the Gay Men in his Life, and Can Democrats Constitutionally End Trump’s Campaign?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, also, Animal’s Daily Urban Meltdown News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship’s sock puppet president to address the UN, Cuban government store distributing worm-infested rotten ham, Cuba reports 1.49 million tourists in 2023: 42% from Canada, 6% from USA, 5.8% from Russia, and The truth about communism
Baldilocks: Social Media Games Still Being Played, Memories Of The First Life (Part 3)
BattleSwarm: Another Day, Another Criminal Out On Bond Shooting Cops, LinkSwarm For August 18, and Just How Does An IRS Agent Get Killed At A Federal Shooting Range?
Behind The Black: Russian engineers pinpoint approximate crash site of Luna-25, Space Force awards multi-satellite contracts to Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, Proposed Las Vegas spaceport signs deal with launch startup, The very tip of a thousand-mile-long crack on Mars, Russia launches Progress freighter to ISS, and I will NOT wear a mask, part two
Cafe Hayek: A Powerful Weapon to Suppress China’s Military Might, also, Steven Koonin on Uncommon Knowledge
CDR Salamander: Keeping An Eye On The Long Game, Part XCVIII, Progress In WESTPAC, Just In Time
Chicago Boyz: The Unfortunate Balance, also, The Trans-National Pollution of Anti-Free-Speech Policies
Da Tech Guy: Five Under the Fedora Truths, The Easiest Way for Any Christian To Gain Admission to Hell Without Realizing It, Vivek Ramaswamy was absolutely correct when he spoke out against the tyranny of the minority, and Five Things to Consider if you want to run a Dynasty League
Dana Loesch: Sam Bankman-Fried Is Back In Jail, Part One – Will The Real Vivek Please Stand Up? and  Part Two – Will The Real Vivek Please Stand Up?
Don Surber: Listless? We Have A List, Ron, also, Ukraine Is Destroying Us
First Street Journal: Kendra Brooks fouls up, Killadelphia: We knew all along whom the Usual Suspects would blame!, and Kendra Brooks just can’t handle the truth!
Gates Of Vienna: The Claimed Muslim ‘Right to Rape’, Flemish Lives Matter, and “Twenty Years of Bad Policy”
The Geller Report:  WATCH: Joe Biden Falls Dead Asleep at Meeting With Devastated Victims of Maui Fires, also, “I Almost Lost My Cat”
Glenn Reynolds: Neurosis & The Curley Effect,
Hogewash: A Clue to the Origin of Magnetars, Living With What They Voted For, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and Near the Lunar South Pole
Hollywood In Toto: The X-Files: Fight the Future Captured Epic Series to Perfection, Offers Haven for Indie Comic Creators, Woke Mob Cancels Edinburgh Festival Fringe Comedy Event, and Carlos Mencia: ‘Your Feelings Are Not Protected in the Constitution’
The Lid: Raising Children To Kill—Then And Now, Whistleblower Puts DOJ On Blast After Biden Investigation Reporting, and It’s Up To Congress To Enforce The 14th Amendment
Legal Insurrection: Interactive Voyeurism, Feds Claim Key Mar-a-Lago Obstruction Witness Has Flipped On Trump, Biden Claims He Knows How Maui Fire Victims Feel by Talking About a Minor Fire at His House, Racially Discriminatory Youth Programs At Six Private NY Medical Schools Challenged by Equal Protection Project, U. Minnesota Offers Health Certificate Program for ‘Transgender and Gender-Diverse Children and Adolescents’, and Israel: Netanyahu Says Current Terror Wave Funded and Directed by Iran
Nebraska Energy Observer: Eleventh Sunday after Trinity, Vivek Ramaswamy; First Impression, and Because
Outkick: ‘College Football Is Ruined!’ Says CFB Legend Lou Holtz On OutKick Hot Mic, Now Yet Another MLB Team Is Threatening To Move Cities As White Sox Are Latest To Make Noise, Cris Collinsworth Says NBC Would Love To Have Every Dallas Cowboys Game On ‘Sunday Night Football’, Former Houston Basketball Player Dead At 23, Hailey Van Lith Officially Arrives At LSU After Giving Life To God During Baptism, Making Defenders Disappear In Quebec, and Nobody Has Looked Cooler Hitting An Inside The Park Homer Than Bryce Harper Against The Giants
Power Line: On Energy, Finally Some Good News, Biden afflicts the afflicted, and The Daily Chart: Supplying Racism
Shark Tank: Salazar Accuses Biden Of Allowing Cuba To Evade Sanctions
Shot In The Dark: Let Them Eat Paint, Settled Science, and Woke Defined
The Political Hat: Light Posting This Week
This Ain’t Hell: Veterans should keep military retirement pay and VA disability compensation, VA doctors prescribing marijuana?, The Bullying of America, Military Abortions? How many/who uses them, $ spent – no one knows, and Chicago community group requests that gangs refrain from shooting during the daytime
Transterrestrial Musings: The Empathy Of Joe BIden, Garland’s Theater Of The Absurd, and Merging Lanes
Victory Girls: Portland Schools: “Equitable Grading” Means No Failure Or Success, Republican Debate Drinking Game: The “Too Early For This” Edition, and Tucker and the Ukraine War Interview
Volokh Conspiracy: Excluding Farmer’s Market Vendor for Refusing to Host Same-Sex Weddings on Its Land Violates Free Exercise Clause
Watts Up With That: Bloomberg Finances and Coopts State Attorneys General, A Return to the Age of Sailing Ships: Nostalgia or Nonsense?, Bernie Sanders: Confronting Chinese Tyranny is Undermining Climate Cooperation, and California Tried but Failed to Have an Extreme Weather Disaster
The Federalist: How Racial And Sexual Ideology Rapidly Infiltrated Southern Methodist University, Hunter Biden Special Counsel Appointment Is A Blatant Act Of Corruption, Teach Your Daughter To Love Her Womanhood With These Body Literacy Resources, Thought Indicting Trump Was The Only Way The DOJ Interferes In Elections? Think Again, and Child Actors’ Shocking Confessions Should Be A Warning To Vlog-Obsessed Parents Profiting Off Their Kids
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet, Time for Love: Judy Garland, Vincente Minnelli and The Clock, Try to Remember, and The Voters vs the Party

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