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Is President Kamala Harris Inevitable?

Posted on | September 8, 2023 | Comments Off on Is President Kamala Harris Inevitable?

Readers may laugh at the idea that such an obvious incompetent as Kamala Harris could ever become President of the United States, but is she more laughable than the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Don Surber say Kamala could win “the same way that the dumb, old, plagiarizing, crooked, perverted Biden won: fixing the election.”

America currently seems to be well along the downhill trajectory that formed the comic narrative of Idiocracy (the plot of which was, properly understood, inspired by The Bell Curve, but that’s a whole ’nother subject). My point is that, once the descent into degeneracy begins, there’s no telling how far or how fast it will proceed. There was a time — indeed, as recently as 1988 — when a majority of Americans, including most Democrats, believed Joe Biden was too dishonest and/or too stupid ever to be elected president. Yet the media have successfully convinced most people that Biden got 81 million votes, and you’ll be denounced as an “election denier” if you express doubt about this claim.

Speaking of “fixing the election,” we now have some interesting information about how it was done. Stephen Green at Instapundit links a tweet from Rachel Alexander in which she says:

The testimony by the first witness Trump’s attorney John Eastman called to put on his side of the case in his disbarment trial has been nothing less than explosive. The trial ended for the day with more bombshells. He revealed that the Zuckbucks, $8.8 million from Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech & Civic Life (CTCL) provided to Wisconsin’s five large cities, violated the law. He said he doesn’t call them “grants,” he refers to it as “employment contracts,” since the CTCL employees actually go work with the clerks’ offices and get to see information about voters that the public can’t access as easily (the public has to pay $12,500 for voter roll info, only gets a snapshot of that instant, and usually has to wait 4-5 days for it, so there’s no way to determine whether someone was made active 2 weeks before the election then deactivated 2 weeks after the election). Also since if the clerks don’t comply with CTCL’s requirements, they have a huge penalty of giving money back. Those CTCL employees are able to determine if a voter was likely to vote for Trump or Biden. They were allowed to see voters who had requested ballots but hadn’t returned them, then go chase them down to get their ballots. The CTCL employees were “embedded” in the clerks’ offices and “running the elections.” Yet the Zuckerbergs had made statements they wanted to defeat Trump. He also said votes were “illegally cast” that were dropped off in the drop boxes, since the drop boxes violated the law by not being placed near the clerks’ offices – which the WI Supreme Court reaffimed; instead the clerks let CTCL dictate where they must be placed. The guy the Zuckerbergs hired to run this had written a book on how to defeat Trump, where he said the election would be won dueling it out block by block in these types of big cities.

No doubt Democrats intend to repeat this trick on a quadrennial basis so that no Republican can ever again be elected president. The White House will become like the mayorality of cities like San Francisco and Philadelphia, where winning the Democratic nomination is tantamount to election. The future is a dystopian science-fiction novel.



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