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In The Mailbox: 09.18.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Off to Las Vegas tomorrow for medical appointment and NSSAB meeting. Blogging may be sporadic. Meanwhile, if you can help out Doug Hagin of The DaleyGator, please do
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: The Implosion Of Hollywood & The Fight For The Culture
Director Blue: Book ReviewThe Democrat Party Hates America
EBL: Ken Paxton Acquitted: Bush Family Biggest Losers, September was not a good month for Libya and Morocco, One of our…F-35s…is missing, tonight, and National Cheeseburger Day
Twitchy: Lauren Boebert’s Back On The Market, Boys!, Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes, and Krassenstein Posts Video Promoting Sleepy Joe As “Man Of The People” & Steps On Gigantic Rake
Louder With Crowder: Woke pop tart Maren Morris QUITS country music, claims the genre’s current success is just “to own the libs”, Aaron Rodgers wrecks Keith Olbermann’s face, gives perfect five-word response to unhinged attacks, Homeless Camp In Denver Features Pop-Up Bar With Rentable Prostitution Tents, and Handcuffed football fan (in sick overalls) still manages to knock dude the f*** out with a single headbutt
Vox Popoli: China Governs Its Own People, Some Doubts About Natural Rights, The Cancellation of Russell Brand, Two Thoughts About Fame, and The US Will Lose the Next War
Stoic Observations: North Of Nebraska


Adam Piggott: My Farming Season
American Conservative: The Political Assassination of Donald Trump, Beating Brandon, Richard Nixon’s Last Crusade, If Artsakh Falls, and Biden Must Justify This War
American Greatness: FBI Received Information from Second Informant Against Biden, then Shut Him Down, How Biden Will Circle the Wagons, and Schumer Ditches Senate’s Dress Code to Accommodate Fetterman’s Hoodies
American Power: Top Democrats’ Bullishness on Biden 2024 Collides With Voters’ Worries
American Thinker: The Dems’ Big Lie, The Real Threat to Our Democracy, To Market, to Market, and Who is Seth Rich? Who Murdered Him? And What’s The Deep State Hiding?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Castro dictatorship tries to cover its tracks after they’re caught sending Cubans to Russia to fight in Ukraine, Cuban dictatorship sends slave teachers who can’t speak English to the Bahamas, A highly scandalized Vladimir Putin accuses Pinochet of poisoning Chilean communist poet Pablo Neruda……Le RRRRRRRONCA!, Soldiers from Cuba, Russia, China, Venezuela, and Nicaragua participate in Independence Day parade in Mexico, and Texas AG Ken Paxton should go after Biden, not fellow Republicans
BattleSwarm: Was the Yugo As Bad As Critics Said? Yes, BREAKING: Paxton Acquitted, and More Tech Companies Cancelling San Francisco Conferences
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches another 22 Starlink satellites, China launches military reconnaissance satellite, Russian investigators pin down cause of Luna-25 failure, India’s Aditya-L1 solar telescope initiates some science observations, and Federal government continues to block the return of Varda’s commercial capsule, carrying drugs to treat HIV
Cafe Hayek: James Buchanan Rightly Opposed UCLA’s Hiring of Angela Davis, Market Competition Is a Process of Creativity and Discovery, and More on Angela Davis
CDR Salamander: Future Casting, Predictions, & Some Context On The Age Of Transformation, also, The Indo-Pacific Quad In 2023
Chicago Boyz: Of Springs and Cables, also, Technology, Regulation, Capitalism, and Innovation
Da Tech Guy: AI will only take your job if you’re a crappy journalist, an Admiral or General, or a moron, Larry From Larry’s Music Loft, Five Quick One Liner Reminders Under the Fedora, and DaTechGuy’s (Nearly) Daily Pintastic NE posts: Homebrews and Circuit Meltdown brought to you by North Metro Tech Wakefield MA
Don Surber: The Elite 0.2%
First Street Journal: Democrats really, really hate our constitutional rights! (Part 2), also, The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend
Gates Of Vienna: Comms Failure, Lampedusa is Full Up, and Lampedusa Says: Basta!
The Geller Report: Trump Exposed the Rot and Fraud of the Elites, Biden Regime Instructs Their Media Lapdogs To Suppress Coverage of Charges Against Biden, Biden Wants to Shrink Marine Sanctuary That Protects Endangered Whales to Accommodate Wind Energy Factory Owned By Dem Donor, Texas Republican Attorney General Paxton Acquitted in Vicious Impeachment Ruse, and SHOCKING VIDEOS: Trains, Massive Transports of Thousands of Migrants Shipped to USA, “It’s a Pipeline. It’s All Coordinated. It’s All Controlled”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, NGC 3156, Don’t Know Much About History, and Messier 15
Hollywood In Toto: Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Victim’ Act, Maren Morris’ Self-Own Says Everything, and Russell Brand’s Career Is Officially Over (…but)
The Lid: This Extremely Important Indicator Is Absolutely Screaming That A Recession Is Coming, Did Country Bear Jamboree Invite A REAL Bear To Disney World?, and Hunter Biden Sues His Daddy’s IRS
Legal Insurrection: Florida State University Cancels ‘Race and Gender’ Course After Only Two Students Enroll, Conservatives Unload on Fetterman Over Senate Dress Code Requirement, “I Only Treat Real Women”, New Student Body President at Baylor University Shrinks Cabinet by 57%, Dove Soap Hires Toxic BLM Activist As ‘Fat Ambassador,’ Calls To ‘Bud Light’ Dove Intensify, and Vanderbilt Prof Thinks Fictional Works About Climate Change Are Too White
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity, and Monday
Outkick: Deion Sanders Made Over $1 Million Since Jay Norvell Called Him Out Over Sunglasses. Coach Prime Should Split The Profits, Tennessee Fan Rushes Florida Field To ‘Lift Fans Spirits’ During Deflating Loss, Gets Three-Year Ban From ‘The Swamp’, Colorado State DB Henry Blackburn, Who Delivered Controversial Hit To Travis Hunter, Reportedly Receiving Death Threats, Shaq Stars In Humorous Police Recruitment Video, Bills Honor Takeo Spikes Then Give Him The Worst Seat In The Stadium Forcing Him To Leave Win Over Raiders Early, and Florida/Tennessee Game Ends In Brawl After Cheap Shot
Power Line: Making the Case For Capital Punishment, Trump Failed the Covid Test, “My Right As a Candidate”, and The Daily Chart: Follow the COVID Money
Shark Tank: Waltz Calls On Biden To Clarify Ukraine Strategy
Shot In The Dark: True Misogyny, also, F5 Tornado Of Vapidity
The Political Hat: In Academia, It Isn’t Corruption If It Is For A Good Cause
This Ain’t Hell: The Pentagon orders more interviews related to the Kabul airport suicide attack, Kansas City resident startled by Army exercise near his neighborhood, Army re-ups exceeding expectations (so bonuses suspended), General Mark Milley says that the military is not woke, US military asks for help to find missing F-35 fighter jet after ‘mishap’ sees pilot eject, and Personality and Psychology Testing for Dummies
Transterrestrial Musings: Rent Control, Newton’s First Law, Water On The Moon, Six Thoughts On Elon Musk, and Trump’s Foolish Gamble
Victory Girls: If Trump Wants To Be “Liked” On Abortion, We Are In Big Trouble, J.D. Vance Has Questions About Ukrainian Trans Propagandist, and F-35 Crash In South Carolina Raises Real Issues About Our Military
Volokh Conspiracy: Why President Trump is an “Officer” who Can be Disqualified From Holding Public Office Under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment [Updated]
Watts Up With That: Labour In A Spin Over Green Steel Job Losses, Another Stupid Los Angeles Times Climate Alarmist Propaganda Claim, Clean Energy Dirty Tricks? A $500 Gift Card for Signing Over Your Property Rights, and ‘Biden’s EV mandates are a controlled demolition of the U.S. auto industry’
The Federalist: Democrats’ Double Standard On Judicial Impartiality Is Obvious From Wisconsin To Washington, Trump Is Right. Democrats Support No Limits On Abortion, Ken Paxton Acquitted On All Charges While Austin Swamp Creatures Shriek, Wisconsin Republicans Vote To Oust Top Election Official Following Messy And Chaotic 2020 Election, 5 Wrong Predictions Ruining Democrats’ Plan For 2024, and Leftists’ Open-Border And Defund-Police Policies Have Come Home To Roost
Mark Steyn: No Mercy: David Lean, the Law and Great Expectations, Spirits of the Age, and A Hundred Years of Hank

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