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In The Mailbox: 10.31.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

“Every time someone tells me to ‘educate myself’ I’m going to post this pic even harder.” – eigenrobot on X

EBL: Shadow of a Doubt, A Very Vintage Halloween , and Is Dracula Misunderstood?
Twitchy: “Somehow [Jews] Have It Coming To Them”, “Journalist” Assures Us Shandi Louk Was Not Beheaded And Was Kind Of Asking For It, and GOP Stripping Money The IRS Was Using To Build Its Own “Free” TurboTax For You
Louder With Crowder: Hamas Caucus member Cori Bush claims she had totally condemned Hamas, forgets Community Notes is always lurking on X, Netflix star calls out Mayim Bialik’s come to Jesus moment about the Left’s antisemitism, Enjoy watching someone get knocked out with a 2-liter bottle of soda in funniest shoplifting fail you’ll see this week, and “Yeah, but Charlottesville”: Special K refuses to denounce antisemitic pro-Hamas protests taking place in America
Vox Popoli: Red China Disappears Israel, also, The End of Free Social Media
Stoic Observations: The Trash Experience
Flappr: The Importance of Cigars

Adam Piggott: Not My People
American Conservative: Melting Down America
American Greatness: Immigration is Transforming the Country…For the Worse, Hawley Explodes When Mayorkas Refuses to Say If Hamas-Supporting DHS Employee Has Been Fired, and 29 Cities in Los Angeles County Sue County Over Zero Bail Policy
American Thinker: The Climate is Indeed Changing – Grab a Warm Jacket, also, A Watershed Moment for Jews
Animal Magnetism: Vacation Totty II
Babalu Blog: What passes for drinking water in communist Cuba, Reports from Cuba: Casablanca, Havana – Where Christ, Che Guevara, tourists, and beggar children gather, and Where is the outrage over communist Cuba’s 64-year history of holding prisoners of conscience?
BattleSwarm: Everyone: “I-35 Sucks.” TxDoT: “You Need To Add Four Lanes ASAP.” Austin City Council: “Nah! Let’s Delay Some More!”
Behind The Black: Red Chinese crew completes five-month mission on Tiangong-3 after return to Earth, Scientists detect salts and carbon-based molecules on Ganymede, Ingenuity completes 64th flight on Mars, Scour pits of volcanic Martian ash, and Israel’s Pearl Harbor
Cafe Hayek: A Silver Lining, also, Lockdowns Were Anything But “Prudent and Essential”
CDR Salamander: A Recruiting Spooktacula
Da Tech Guy: The mess in Pennsylvania’s election system, Stacy McCain Notes the Johnson vs Hamas Question, Robert Zimmerman Provides the Answer, and 100 Word Fan Fiction: Paper Birth
Don Surber: The Rise of MAGA Mike
First Street Journal: There are none so blind as those who will not see, also, The left sure like Christians, right up until they seem to be actual Christians!
Gates Of Vienna: Report From Sderot: Three Weeks, What the Friendly Muslims of Greenwich Are Saying, Refugees Unwelcome, What the Imam in the Street is Saying About Hamas, The Evangelical Church of Germany Calls For More Cultural Enrichment, and “We Will Destroy You All!”
The Geller Report: ‘Palestinian’ Woman Featured in VOGUE to Jews: ‘We Will Drink Your Blood And Eat Your Skull’
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Tonight’s Sky: November, 2023, and The Afterlife: Two Views
Hollywood In Toto: Killers of the Flower Moon Is Nothing Like We Expect, Bond Team in No Rush to Ruin Franchise, The Holdovers Captures Grown-Up Movie Making at Its Best, and Does Shot in the Arm Run Cover for Fauci, CDC?
The Lid: Republicans Rein In Biden’s Local Zoning Scheme, AFFH — For The Seventh Time
Legal Insurrection: EPA Announces ‘Completion of Major Cleanup Activities’ in East Palestine, OH, 8 Months After Toxic Train Derailment, Cornell Junior Arrested and Charged In Threats Against Jewish Students, Why Are Feminists Silent About the Hamas Attacks on Women? Mayorkas Admits 600,000 ‘Gotaways’ Illegally Crossed the Border in 2023, Code Pink Anti-Israel Protestors Interrupt Blinken’s Senate Aid Hearing, and Why Are We Paying For Hate on Campuses?
Nebraska Energy Observer: Halloween
Outkick: Mookie Betts Supports Trevor Bauer Returning to MLB: “I Think He’s An Awesome Guy”, Dabo Swinney Delivers Epic Teardown Of “SmartA– Kid” Who Questioned His Worth To Clemson, Takes Aim At Ungrateful Fans, LA Clippers Acquire Team Cancer James Harden And Sportsbooks Don’t Really Care, Happy Halloween Birthday, Nick Saban! Are You Going To Make A Curse And Blow Out LSU’s Candles Again? Deion Sanders Calls On NCAA, ‘Granddaddy’ To Handle Reimbursement Of Player’s Jewelry Stolen At UCLA; Bruins Also Possibly Robbed, and Paige Spiranac’s Halloween Costume Game Is Next-Level
Power Line: Eyeless in Gaza, Yusuf Islam – Imperialist, and Hospitals, Hamas style
Shark Tank: Rep. Jessica Baker Pushes For Stricter Florida Sex Trafficking Laws
Shot In The Dark: Purity Test, also, Welcome To The Party
The Political Hat: Happy Halloween! (2023)
This Ain’t Hell: No more bigotry
Victory Girls: Netanyahu: A Cease-Fire Is Surrender, We Won’t Surrender
Volokh Conspiracy: On the Pro-Genocide Rally at George Mason University
Watts Up With That: Modeling Gone Wild, also, Indonesia Shelves Decarbonization for Prosperity and Security
The Federalist: How Climate Alarmists’ Obsession With Overpopulation Wrecks Human Welfare, Wray, Mayorkas Squirm Over Censorship Allegations, Texas’ Failed Impeachment Of Ken Paxton Offers A Glimpse Into The GOP’s Intra-Party Feuds, American Troops Go Unpaid While The Pentagon Bankrolls Abortions And Ukraine’s Forever War, Pastor Twists The Bible To Promote Ohio’s Pro-Abortion Ballot Initiative In TV Ad, and In ‘Despicable’ Performance, Mayorkas Stonewalls Congress
Mark Steyn: Barbarian Invasions

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