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In The Mailbox: 11.20.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda est.
EBL: Ethnic Cleansing in the Middle East and North Africa, Libertarian Javier Milei Wins in Argentina, Promises to cut bloated Argentine bureaucracy and government , and Rosalynn Carter, RIP
Twitchy: Here’s a Feel-Good Video Of Israel Blowing Up A Building, Things Get Awkward For Rabbis Holding Ceasefire Rally With Rashida Tlaib, and IT’S HAPPENING – Elon Musk Files Suit Against Media Matters
Louder With Crowder: Suck It, Patriarchy – Woman Beats Two Men To Win Miss Universe Pageant, Of course, the director of Disney’s “The Marvels” is blaming her movie tanking on you being a sexist bigot, and Male captain of girls high school volleyball team reportedly booed after asking opponent: “Did my penis distract you?”
Vox Popoli: Pizzagate Was Always Real, Mailvox: Why GRRM Can’t Finish ASOIAF, Go Ahead, Make Your List, The Inflation is Real, and Orcposting+
Draw & Talk: You Have 42 Days Left! Do Something About It!
Gab: Embracing AI – A Revolutionary Tool For Kingdom Development

Adam Piggott: The “Judeo-Christian” Kill Shot
American Conservative: Armenia: The Forgotten Conflict, also, (Who Dies for) Peace in Ukraine?
American Greatness: Can We Save our Universities? Comer Accuses Biden White House of Obstructing Oversight Investigations, and Flirtation With Evil Will Not End Well for Leftists
American Thinker: Who is Pulling the Puppet Strings? Who Are the Real Climate Change Deniers? So — It Wasn’t the Sidewalk After All, Follow the Science — Except for Sex and Gender, and America on the Edge of the Cliff
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship shows support for Hamas terrorists, lights up Plaza of the Revolution with Palestinian flag, Reports from Cuba: Faced with alarming shortage of rice, Cuban authorities want to prepare idle land, Cuba’s Jewish community again rejects the Castro dictatorship’s anti-Israel stance, Rural retreat for Castro family and other Cuban elites exposed on social media, and As Nicaragua withdraws from OAS, State Dept. denounces dictatorship’s ‘egregious human rights abuses’
BattleSwarm: Texas House To School Choice: Drop Dead, Washington State vs. Gator’s Guns, and T-Rex Terror 1, Big Brother 0
Behind The Black: SpaceX successfully launches Superheavy and Starship, SaxaVord spaceport on Shetland Islands experiencing funding/regulatory problems, SpaceX launches 22 Starlink satellites, Webb: Needles scattered near the center of the Milky Way, Musk: Starship/Superheavy launchpad essentially undamaged after launch, and Jan 6th tapes prove Biden prosecutors knowingly falsified the charges that caused Matthew Perna to kill himself
Cafe Hayek: Expression Affects Third Parties
CDR Salamander: So, Red Sea Pirates It Is
Chicago Boyz: Worthwhile Reading & Viewing
Da Tech Guy:  The Seven Faces You will Encounter in Debate, online and off and how to deal with them, What happened to caring about babies? Five Fast Thoughts Under the Fedora, and Review: The Kinks the Journey Part 1 and 2
Don Surber: Don’t anoint Milei just yet
First Street Journal: Western civilization has been a great boon to the entire world, even if the “decolonizers” hate it!
Gates Of Vienna: The Leaning Tower of Jihad, “It Will Be a Massacre of Millions of People”, Pickpockettes on the Paris Metro, and Let the Migrants Stay — Kill the Geezers Instead!
The Geller Report: Newly Released January 6th Bombshell Footage: “We Need to Investigate the J6 Committee,” “Police Facilitated January 6th”, New J6 Footage Shows Capitol Police Incited Riot By Firing Munitions Into Peaceful Crowd, and THEY’RE ALL IN ON IT
Hogewash: An Edge of the Cygnus Loop, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Orion Spacecraft Looks Back At Home, and A Fond Memory
Hollywood In Toto: Andrew Klavan Battled Sensitivity Readers to Bring Death to Life, Fall of Minneapolis Exposes the Media, Democrats and the Truth, Marvels Plummets up to 80 Percent in Box Office Nightmare, and Morgan Wallen Rocks Billboard Awards, Media Hardest Hit
The Lid: Nov. 19, 1863: Lincoln Delivers Greatest Presidential Speech Ever At Gettysburg, PA, also, Why Hamas Can Rightly Be Compared To Nazis: The Similarities Are Undeniable
Legal Insurrection: Anti-Israel Protesters Conquer And Occupy U. Michigan Administration Building, Wake Forest U. Prof Resigns After Defending Hamas Attack on Music Festival in Israel, Poll Shows Chicago Democrats Have Soured on Woke Mayor Brandon Johnson Just Six Months In, Wellesley High School in Massachusetts Cancels ‘USA Day’ Fearing it’s too Politicized, FBI and CDC Slammed for “Dropping the Ball” on Illegal California Biolab Run by Chinese, Notre Dame Students Hold Prayer Vigil to Protest Campus Drag Show, and Elon Musk (X Corp fka Twitter) Sues Media Matters, Alleges MM “Systematically Manipulated the X User Experience to Defame X”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Thanksgiving Sunday, and Letters from the Front
Outkick: Here Comes Dolly! Peyton Manning Escorts Dolly Parton Onto The Field For ‘Rocky Top’ Performance At Tennessee-Georgia Game, Getting Juicier: Former LSU Stars Weigh In On Ongoing Angel Reese-Kim Mulkey Drama, Auburn Pays New Mexico State A Ridiculous Amount Of Money To Get Embarrassed At Home In Shocking Upset, Jerry Jones Announces Jimmy Johnson Will Enter Cowboys Ring Of Honor, Michigan Changes Tone Regarding Jim Harbaugh, Portending Lack Of Institutional Control Could Be Future Problem, Could The Dodgers Add Shohei Ohtani AND Mike Trout? and Dan Mullen Trolls Lincoln Riley As USC Gets Blown Out By UCLA
Power Line: Are EVs a Doomed Technology? Why There Can Never Be a Two-State Solution, American classic, and The last line of defense
Shark Tank: State Rep Fine Responds To Anti-Israel Sentiments On Local Media
Shot In The Dark: Don’t Cry For Milei Argentina, Righteous Battle,
This Ain’t Hell: Alexander Vindman’s brother to run for Congress, Army: About those COVID discharges, Goodbye Sara… we all loved you so, A tale of two successful…ships, sorta, and The U.S. Navy is requesting to increase its accidental whale collision limit
Transterrestrial Musings: On The Road Again
Victory Girls: Democrats Flip Out After January 6 Footage Is Released To Public, Mike Lee Calls For Investigation Into J6 Committee, and Cardi B Smokes NYC Mayor Eric Adams Over Budget Cuts
Volokh Conspiracy: Colorado Court Rules Trump Engaged in Insurrection, but Cannot Be Disqualified Under Section Three Because the President is not an “Officer of the United States”
Watts Up With That: WaPo Clauser Climate Crisis Damage Control: “There is a skeptical streak in the physics community…”, How Green Billionaires Groom the Public into Accepting Unworkable Net Zero Policies, Five Years Ago Today: California Governor: “In Less than Five Years, Even the Worst Skeptics Will Be Believers”, and A Look at California’s Landmark Climate Reporting Laws
The Federalist: Someone Please Rescue Miss USA From Her Lame Globalist Costume, Ranked-Choice Voting Advocates Are Forced To Lie About ‘Fairness’ To Get Voters On Board, We Are Just Scratching The Surface Of The Secrets Behind DEI, Pope Francis’ Removal Of Conservative Texas Bishop Exposes More Cracks In The Vatican’s New Agenda, Rage Over Charissa Thompson’s Fabrications Should Extend To All Corporate Media Liars, Thanks To Bidenflation, The Cost Of Your Family’s Thanksgiving Meal Is Still Outrageously High, and Conservative Guerrilla Marketing Like The ‘Big Based Book Sale’ Is How We Fight Leftist Gatekeepers
Mark Steyn: Rumours of War: Guadalcanal Diary and the Combat Movie, Roses of Picardy, If Ye Break Faith with Us who Die, and If at First You Don’t Succeed, Trial Trial Again

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