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Criminal Degeneracy in Action

Posted on | November 27, 2023 | 2 Comments

Say hello to David Matthew Fines of Fort Smith, Arkansas, and yeah, go ahead and mention the obvious — face tattoos.

Does anything good ever happen to anyone after they get tattoos on their face? I doubt it. As a symbolic expression of poor decision-making skills, it’s hard to beat face tattoos, and David Matthew Fines has a documented history of making poor decisions, e.g., this incident from May 2016:

A Fort Smith man who police say led a chase on a bicycle faces felonies in connection with an apartment break-in.
David Matthew Fines, 27, of Fort Smith was arrested on suspicion of felony residential burglary, on two felony warrants for failure to appear and on suspicion of fleeing apprehension, and on two misdemeanor warrants.
Shortly before 7:15 p.m. Monday, an officer patrolled the vicinity of North 12th Street, he saw Fines riding a bicycle, knew he had warrants out for him, and decided to conduct a traffic stop. When the officer tried to conduct the traffic stop, Fines fled on his bicycle, according to the Fort Smith Police Department.
A witness who saw the chase told police Fines went into [an] apartment in the 1200 block of North G Street. The apartment manager told the officer no one was supposed to be inside the rented apartment, according to the Police Department.
The door had been left unlocked, and when the officer went inside the apartment and found Fines. The tenant of the apartment arrived at the scene and told the officer Fines didn’t have permission to be inside of his residence, according to the an arrest report.
Fines remained in the Sebastian County Detention Center Friday without bond, deputies said.

I would argue it was a mistake ever to release this guy from custody. Sure, life in prison may seem harsh in such a case, but what evidence is there that this guy — who was already wanted on two felony warrants before he fled police and broke into somebody’s apartment — is capable of a law-abiding life? He seems to be a more-or-less constant menace to public safety, and did I mention that he’s got tattoos on his face?

Because I do a lot of blogging about crime and law enforcement, and because black criminals are statistically overrepresented in such cases, some might mistakenly accuse me of racism — “RAAAAACISM!” — for my interest in these issues. But lest the SPLC add another entry to my dossier, let me make the point that I hate white criminals, too. In fact, perhaps I hate white criminals more, especially degenerate trash like David Matthew Fines of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Not that I’m any kind of “woke,” you understand, but when you consider how often we’ve been lectured about “white privilege” and “systemic racism” in recent years, don’t you think it behooves white folks to be minding their manners and obeying the law? When the Commie mob is accusing us of these things, it seems to me, we ought to make an extra effort to prove ourselves worthy of any advantages we might actually have. Whatever it takes to deserve “white privilege,” I’m willing to do, but it seems to me that the bare minimum is not to be a despicable criminal like this Arkansas trash with tattoos on his face.

And you know what? I don’t think I’m alone in this opinion. How else to explain the wrathful reaction of Arkansas State Trooper Roam when he apprehended David Matthew Fines after a high-speed pursuit:


If you don’t want to watch the first four minutes of that frightening pursuit — Fines driving 120 mph in the opposite lane of traffic — you can skip ahead to the post-apprehension scene:

Fines: “I’m going through things, man.”
Trooper: “I don’t give a shit what you’re going through.”

And let all God’s children say, “Amen.”

Let us recall how often law enforcement gets accused of racism — “RAAAAACISM!” — when dealing with black suspects. Do you think that’s going to make them go easy on white criminals? Oh, hell, no. If Trooper Roam had just started blasting away with his pistol and filled David Matthew Fines full of bullet holes, this might not have been ruled a justifiable homicide, but nobody would have rioted. Ben Crump wouldn’t have showed up to hold a press conference. As far as most white folks are concerned, a white criminal deserves whatever ill fate may befall him: “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

Check the Sebastian County Jail file, and you’ll see that David Matthew Fines has kept pretty busy in his criminal career since his 2016 arrest. He was repeatedly charged with violating parole, failing to pay fines, absconding, etc., and there seems to be little likelihood he’ll start a law-abiding life at any future time. So why did a judge turn him loose on a mere $130 cash bond? Can someone in Arkansas investigate this judge and maybe start a petition to kick him off the bench? Did the judge even see that trooper’s dashcam video? I’d say that video constitutes an overwhelming argument in favor of denying bond on the grounds that David Matthew Fines is an eminent threat to public safety.

Sooner or later, a criminal like that is going to kill somebody, or else he’s going to die in the proverbial “hail of police gunfire” and no one will have occasion to mourn his death. Because . . . face tattoos.



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