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Mr. Hockey Stick Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Population Control Agenda

Posted on | December 4, 2023 | 1 Comment

Some readers may be unfamiliar with the story of Michael Mann and his infamous “hockey stick” graph, so I will summarize briefly: In 1999, Mann and two colleagues produced a paper on climate trends, showing a sharp upward spike in worldwide temperatures beginning around 1900. The shape of this graph resulted in the “hockey stick” nickname, and it was widely publicized as evidence that global warming was a crisis, a dire emergency requiring severe policy action to reduce the level of carbon emissions. Then in the 2009 “ClimateGate” scandal, the release of emails from England’s East Anglia University showed how the “consensus” about global warming had been manufactured, leading to accusations that Mann had engaged in research fraud. In 2012, Mark Steyn published a brief blog post at National Review referring to Mann as “the man behind the fraudulent climate-change ‘hockey-stick’ graph,” and quoting Rand Simberg of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, another Mann critic. This led to Mann filing a libel lawsuit against Steyn, Simberg, CEI and NR, which has still not been completely dismissed.

Science is not advanced by silencing criticism, and I would argue that Mann’s lawsuit is the best evidence that his research is not trustworthy. Certainly I am not alone among climate-change skeptics in seeing this kind of “science” as just another manifestation of the Paul Ehrlich “Population Bomb” hoax of the 1960s. Mann’s “science” is not about objective analysis of facts; it’s about justifying a totalitarian agenda.

And so the mask is now removed:

“It is obvious the planet can only support so many human beings. We can inflate the numbers through technology, but there are limits.”
Discussions about population are often avoided because, historically, they have sometimes “let us to problematic places where the blame seems to be placed preferentially on the developing world and on people of colour,” says Mann. “The racial overtones that have emerged in the past are problematic and troubling, and we need to flip the switch.
“It is possible to say a population is too large for the planet to support and still recognise the culpability does not apply equally across the board. In the developed world, our footprint is orders of magnitude bigger than in the developing world. More people means more carbon, more warming, and more climate change, but not all people are the same.”
Instead of focusing on population by itself, Mann advocates increasing support for the education of women, which can limit population growth and help address climate change.

(Hat-tip: Beege Welborn at Hot Air via Instapundit.)

Is it not obvious that, rather than “climate change” being a fact discovered by science, which then points to population control as the solution, that instead Mann and his colleagues went looking for some reason — a pretext — to justify the pre-existing desire for population control? Fears about “overpopulation” emerged as a logical conclusion of the acceptance of Darwinian theory among the intelligentsia circa 1900. If, after all, “progress” is dependent upon evolutionary fitness, and it can be observed that birth rates are generally highest among the poor, the ill-educated and socially backward segment of the populace, then . . . something must be done. Such were the concerns that led “philanthropists” to lavish millions of dollars to support advocacy for what we nowadays condemn as the eugenics movement

Historian Donald L. Critchlow chronicled this phenomenon in his excellent 2001 book, Intended Consequences: Birth Control, Abortion, and the Federal Goverment in Modern America. A comparative handful of wealthy men created the population control movement, long before any scientist expressed any concern about the impact of carbon emissions. “Climate change” is merely a pretext for advancing this agenda, which is why Mann is supported by the same kind of people who supported Margaret Sanger, Alfred Kinsey and Paul Ehrlich.



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