The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Mr. Hockey Stick Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Population Control Agenda

Some readers may be unfamiliar with the story of Michael Mann and his infamous “hockey stick” graph, so I will summarize briefly: In 1999, Mann and two colleagues produced a paper on climate trends, showing a sharp upward spike in worldwide temperatures beginning around 1900. The shape of this graph resulted in the “hockey stick” […]

A Simple Idea: ‘Four or More’

Yesterday, Ace of Spades jabbed Jonathan V. Last as one of “True Conservatives Conserving Conservatism at The Bulwark” — a jab richly deserved, but it filled me with a sense of sadness, because Last used to be so good, before he fell victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome. What To Expect When No One’s Expecting was, […]

Motherhood (and the Lack Thereof)

One of the phrases I hate is “working mothers,” which is often deployed in such a way as to stigmatize stay-at-home mothers. Ever since the rise of the feminist movement in the late 1960s, liberals have promoted the idea that women must have careers — not just jobs, but professional careers — in order to […]

The Liberal Extinction Project

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen: People worried about the climate crisis are deciding not to have children because of fears that their offspring would have to struggle through a climate apocalypse, according to the first academic study of the issue. The researchers surveyed 600 people aged 27 to 45 who were already factoring […]

DNA of the Doomed

Let’s think about the word misbegotten. Originally, it implied bastardy — “a misbegotten child” was illegitimate — but attained also a connotation of deformed or defective, and the word was generalized to apply to anything “having a disreputable or improper origin.” “Misbegotten” comes to mind whenever I think of Lena Dunham, the weirdly shaped potato-looking […]

It’s Very Simple

  Many of our country’s problems can be traced to a single factor: Two headlines splashed across adjoining pages of the Wall Street Journal this week underscored a desperate but largely uncommented-on challenge facing America. “Red Ink Seen for Social Security by 2020,” screamed one, as the program’s outlays will exceed income next year — and […]

Feminism and the Darwinian Dead End

“I don’t want a baby. . . . Nothing will make me want a baby. . . .This is why, if my birth control fails, I am totally having an abortion.” — Amanda Marcotte, March 14, 2014 “The United States is in the midst of what some worry is a baby crisis. The number of […]

NY Times: ‘Motherhood Is Hitler’

  The New York Times has a distinctly weird article, written by a British graduate student, smearing traditional stay-at-home mothers with the taint of “white supremacy.” The writer is able to find actual examples of neo-Nazi racialism in the online “tradwives” community, but it is always possible to find examples of anything on the Internet, […]

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