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Kansas City Fans Celebrate Super Bowl Victory With Parade and Mass Shooting

Posted on | February 15, 2024 | Comments Off on Kansas City Fans Celebrate Super Bowl Victory With Parade and Mass Shooting

When this story started breaking Wednesday afternoon, there was a lot of confusion and CNN (I watch, so you don’t have to) had on some “experts” who were talking about terrorism, blah blah blah, which I didn’t believe for one second. Pardon me if I’ve been paying enough attention to news about mass shootings to have some pre-conceived beliefs about the likely scenario when gunfire erupts someplace like downtown Kansas City.

Far be it from me to engage in wild speculation, or to rush out a story based on a bystander’s video I’d seen online, but my hunch was this was some kind of beef between teenage gangbangers, likely committed with stolen pistols featuring extended magazines and a “Glock switch” for automatic fire: “Pray and spray” mode, which explains the high ratio of wounded victims to fatalities. Your teenage gangbanger doesn’t spend any time at the target range, OK? He doesn’t aim his weapon, he just points it in the general direction of whoever he’s beefing with. And these “usual suspects” have no regard for bystanders:

The Kansas City Police revealed new updates on the shooting that left one dead and several injured during the Super Bowl victory parade.
Police Chief Stacey Graves said three suspects, including two juveniles, have been taken into custody relating to the shooting, and 22 people have been injured, according to The Associated Press (AP). A mother of two children, 44-year-old Lisa Lopez-Galvan, was reportedly killed in the shooting.
The victims injured in the attack ranged between the ages of 8 and 47 years old, and half are younger than 16, The AP reported. The University Health Truman Medical Center and Children’s Mercy Hospital confirmed they received victims from the shooting as emergency patients.
Graves said the shooting began as a “dispute between several people that ended in gunfire,” and confirmed the shooting was not linked to terrorism and the suspects have not yet been charged, according to CNN. . . .
“We are working to determine the involvement of others. And it should be noted we have recovered several firearms. This incident is still a very active investigation,” Graves said at a news conference, according to the outlet.

By now, liberals are already talking about new laws to reduce “gun violence,” as they call it, without acknowledging the likelihood that none of the perpetrators of this shooting were legally carrying. If they weren’t minors, they were convicted felons and, as I say, it’s a good bet that all of the firearms used were stolen. This is connected to the “criminal justice reform” attitude that mere property crimes shouldn’t be punished. Liberal prosecutors have started taking a turn-’em-loose attitude toward thieves and burglars, based on the misguided belief that sending people to prison for such property crimes is an example of “systemic racism” or whatever. But guess what thieves and burglars like to steal? Guns!

So next thing you know, every 15-year-old wannabe thug in the ’hood is packing a 9mm with a 33-round magazine and a “Glock switch,” and then you have atrocities like this one in Kansas City, which causes the liberals to demand new gun laws when they don’t want to enforce the gun laws we already have because that would mean “mass incarceration.”

If (and it’s a pretty big “if”) police are able to identify the shooters, don’t expect to see mug shots of the suspects on TV. That wouldn’t do much to advance the liberal narrative about “gun violence.” We’re supposed to think maybe it was NRA lifetime members wearing red MAGA caps who did the shooting, and don’t CNN to report anything to the contrary.

UPDATE: More details from a shooting victim:

A man who was struck by a bullet during the mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade on Wednesday has spoken out about the ordeal, explaining what he and his family saw prior to the gunman opening fire.
Jacob Gooch Sr. of nearby Leavenworth, Kansas corroborated testimony from others that the horrific act was sparked by a dispute . . .
In an interview with CBS Mornings, Gooch explained that while he did not see the shooter himself, he did hear a woman say “Don’t do it, not here, this is stupid” before gunshots rang out.
Gooch, who was shot in the ankle and has been in and out of hospital dealing with broken bones in his foot, said he and his family initially thought someone had set off fireworks, but soon realized that wasn’t the case.
He went on to note that his wife and daughter “saw the gun come out and start shooting.”
“Some lady was holding [the suspect] back and people had started backing up,” he added, “and then he pulled it out and just started shooting and spinning in a circle.”

Like I said, “Pray and spray.”


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