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In The Mailbox: 05.09.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

357 Magnum: Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight
Twitchy: Bulwark Host Thinks Anti-Trumpers Who’ve Had It With Biden Are “Children”, “Walkable City” Enthusiast Tries To Talk Up Urban Life, Picks Awful Photo To Make His Point, and Ben “Hamas” Rhodes Spreads Terrorist Propaganda With Zero Shame
Louder With Crowder: Anti-Trump actor Michael Rapaport finally gets pushed over the edge by “Cadaver Joe Biden,” rants about why Biden LOST his vote
Vox Popoli: Bad Literature as Predictive Model, Sweden Has a Gun Problem, and A HISTORY OF THE FREEDOM OF THOUGHT
L’Ombre de L’Olivier: Silly Season Arriving Early This Year Most Gun-Friendly States In 2024, Second Amendment Grades For Pennsylvania’s 2024 Candidates
Gab: Australia Big Mad At Gab For Refusing To Censor
Stoic Observations: Amateur Philanthropy, Diversity, & Inclusion

Adam Piggott: Our Sinking Boat, also, Israel Begins to Panic
American Conservative: Conservative Media Outlets Are Beating Back the State Department
American Greatness: Try a Little Honesty About Israel, also, FBI Admits to Bringing Props to Stage Crime Scene Photos at Mar-a-Lago
American Thinker: The Real Reason Pro-Hamas Protesters Wear Masks, also, Will the Supreme Court Let This Crisis Go to Waste?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, Animal’s Daily Cheating Cheaters Who Cheat News, Animal’s Hump Day News, and Animal Magnetism LIVE Ep. 6 – Spring Surprises
Babalu Blog: Cuban dissident sentenced to 3 years in prison for possession of slingshot rubber bands, Canadian government issues travel warning for tourists visiting communist Cuba, and Cuba has imported $20 million worth of vehicles from U.S. in the past 15 months
BattleSwarm: Kentucky Ballistics Tangles With .50 BMG Again, Sony Surrenders In Battle Of Helldivers 2, Given The Chance, Austin Voters Escape Austin, Profiles In Pettiness, and Is Austin’s Toy Train Finally Dead?
Behind The Black: A former SpaceX employee gives a fascinating account of what it is like to work there, Orbital tug startup Starfish Space wins $37.5 million contract from Space Force, SpaceX launches another 23 Starlink satellites, Webb data suggests a super-Earth might have an atmosphere, ULA signs contract to build a second transport ship for its Vulcan rocket, Proposed private GPS-type satellite constellation raises $19 million, and Biden abandons Israel to appease student rioters and help Hamas survive
Cafe Hayek: Rubio Is Ridiculous
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: From the Department of Painfully Inexact Translations, Teach the Children Well, Poor Mexico, and Evolutionary Stability is Real
Da Tech Guy: The Answer is: “When the First Thought That Comes to Mind When Seeing This Story is: ‘Kristi Get Your Gun.’”, Treat female murderers equally, Bonchie Nails It. Let them Reap, Merrick Garland is a coward, and The Future Belongs to Those Who Show Up, Catholic Edition
Don Surber: Never Trumper discovers Biden sucks
First Street Journal: The left are pro-choice on exactly one thing, The pro #Hamas protesters do everything except actually go to Gaza to help, We all have #FreedomOfSpeech, but that does not come with freedom from consequences, You in a heap o’ trouble, boy, and Another five bite the dust!
Gates Of Vienna: The ‘Holy’ Connection, Two Culture-Enrichers ’Fess Up, A Hardened Criminal From the AfD, The Day(s) That Turkish President Erdogan Humiliated America, and Fights, Blackmail, Burglaries, and Drug Trafficking — Really, It’s Not That Bad
The Geller Report: BETRAYAL: Biden Vows to Cut Off Weapons To Israel
Hollywood In Toto: The Life Aquatic Remains Wes Anderson’s Masterpiece, Nate Bargatze Shows Why Clean Comedy Is King, Bill Maher: I’m Retiring from Stand-Up Comedy, Late Night Shame: ‘SNL,’ Colbert Can’t Condemn College Antisemitism, and Can Classic Movies Save Hollywood’s Summer?
The Lid: Seattle Times Turns To Crystal Ball For Answers About Pacific NW Regions Electrical Reliability Problems, also, Study Finds that Electric Vehicles Far More Expensive than Boosters Claim
Legal Insurrection: New EEOC Guidelines Force Employers to Allow Men in Women’s Bathrooms, Prohibit “Misgendering”, Report: Biden Admin Issued Sanctions Waiver on Arms Sales to Arab States Day Before Withholding Weapons From Israel, Princeton Students on Hunger Strike for Palestine Complain School Officials Not Monitoring Their Health, Judge Merchan Denies Trump’s Motion for a Mistrial After Stormy Daniels’ Testimony, Survey Finds Employers Now More Wary of Hiring Ivy League Grads, and Netanyahu Signals Defiance of Biden Threats Over Rafah, as IDF Controls Eastern Sectors of City
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Rogate, Get Woke: Go Broke, This is what I feel, and The West is Better
Outkick: DeSean Jackson & LeSean McCoy Claim Former Eagles Coach Chip Kelly ‘Uncomfortable Working With Black Players’, Hugh Freeze Couldn’t Bring Himself To ‘Spend A Million Dollars’ On Transfer QB, But Never Say Never, Tickets To Caitlin Clark’s Regular Season WNBA Debut Are Incredibly Expensive, Ex-Celtic Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Gives Unhinged Response To 40-Month Prison Sentence Over Benefits Fraud Scheme, ESPN Runs Promo Calling WNBA ‘The Best League In The World,’ Downplays Caitlin Clark, The Fan Vote For the NHL’s Utah Team Is Here And Most Of The Names Are Atrocious, and Instagram Model’s Brazilian Butt Lift Nearly Cost Her One Of Her Cheeks
Power Line: The Biden betrayal, The Daily Chart: Big Mac Bidenflation, and Princeton Takes the Cake?
Shark Tank: Miami Commissioners Delay Racial Gerrymandering Settlement, May Cost Taxpayers More Money
Shot In The Dark: You’ve Got To Destroy Democracy In Order To Save It, Next Time Gov. Klink Yaps About The Economy, and Dance With The Nebbish That Brung You
STUMP: Drug Overdose Mortality – The Continuing Tragedy In America 1999-2022
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – Health Care For The Healthy & Death To The Sick: Killing Cancer Patients; Killing Kids; Killing Yourself As A Duty To Society
This Ain’t Hell: Army’s Best Warrior is a Navy Corpsman, Tuesday ‘Say it Ain’t So’ liars, American Soldier arrested in Russia, Canada update, and Aerial drones with machine guns used in combat
Transterrestrial Musings: American Jews, The Biggest Obstacle For Joe Biden, Trump Triumphing Over Evil, Suing Protesters, and On The Starship Delays
Victory Girls: Robert Malley, Biden’s Iran Envoy, Had Classified Docs On Personal Email And Phone, also, Illegal Immigrants Throw Tantrums, Send List Of Demands To Denver Mayor
Volokh Conspiracy: Is the Federal Property & Administrative Services Act Unconstitutional?
Watts Up With That: The Cost of EPA’s Senseless CO2 Capture, Wall Street Journal: Companies are Balking at the High Cost of Running Electric Trucks, and The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm Wrecked by a Storm Just Before Launch
The Federalist: Board Refuses To Have Fulton County Investigated For Double-Scanning 3,000 Ballots In 2020 Recount, Did Federal Agencies Plant Classified Documents To Frame Trump? Mike Johnson Gave Democrats Everything They Wanted And All He Got Was This Stupid ‘Churchill’ T-Shirt, American Families Can’t Get A Grip On Their Budgets Until Washington Fixes Its Own, Campus Terrorists Demand A Steady Supply Of Gluten-Free Meals, Republicans Introduce SAVE Act To Block Illegal Aliens From Voting In U.S. Elections, and Can Frat Bros Save The Republic? 
Mark Steyn: Mark Steyn on the Town, Time and Tide, Live Around the Planet: Wednesday May 8th, and A Simpler Time

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