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‘Underlying Psychological Co-Morbidities’

Posted on | June 8, 2024 | 5 Comments

School shooter Audrey ‘Aiden’ Hale

Thanks to The Tennessee Star, this week we learned a whole lot more about Audrey Hale, the deranged 28-year-old woman who wanted to be a man named “Aiden” and who killed six people at Covenant School in Nashville before being shot dead by police. Among the revelations this week, we learned that Hale had been a “patient of mental health professionals at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC)” since she was six years old! Heck of a job, “mental health professionals.”

At the time she perpetrated the Covenant School massacre, Hale was under treatment by both a psychiatrist and a therapist. The distinction is important — a psychiatrist is an M.D., who can write prescriptions, whereas a therapist is basically a counselor, someone with a degree in psychology, to whom the patient talks about their problems. So medication and conversation are, in such a case, handled by two separate “mental health professionals” who, we suppose, consult with each other.

The fact that Audrey/“Aiden” Hale was not healed by this treatment — to the contrary, she became a worst-case scenario of therapeutic effectiveness — is not unusual. Most people who are subjected to treatment by “mental health professionals” never really become healthy. With the assistance of anti-depressants or other medications, they may be able to get through life OK, but how can you say turning someone into a drug addict is “success”? Excuse me for speaking so bluntly, but if the goal is “mental health” and you require Prozac (Zoloft, Paxil, etc.) just to make it through the day? No, you haven’t achieved “mental health.”

Two packs of Marlboro a day — is that an effective mental health treatment? Well, I haven’t committed mass murder, so in terms of therapeutic effectiveness, maybe my track record isn’t too bad. Certainly, I would argue that my record is better than the “mental health professionals at Vanderbilt University Medical Center,” but I digress . . .

The Tennessee Star has obtained dozens of pages of Audrey Hale’s journals, which have been called (somewhat inaccurately) a “manifesto,” and have been cranking out a series of headlines like these:

Covenant Killer Audrey Hale
Used Federal Pell Grant Funds
to Buy Guns She Used in March 2023
Mass Shooting at Christian School

Covenant Killer Audrey Hale Claimed
to Call Suicide Prevention Helpline
Five Times, Denied Being ‘Bi-Polar’
in Journal Entry

Covenant Killer Audrey Hale
Declared Herself ‘Most Unhappy Boy Alive’
in Recovered Journal

Vanderbilt Search Warrant
Revealed Prescription List
for Covenant Killer Audrey Hale,
Confirms Fantasies About School Shooting

This steady drip, drip, drip of headlines ultimately makes the point, as Ed Driscoll says at Instapundit, “No wonder the FBI and Nashville authorities have been suppressing her manifesto” — it’s an absolute gold mine of insight into the craziness that inspired this homicidal lunatic, and the feds don’t want you to know about it. That’s confirmed by perhaps the most shocking story released this week:

FBI Memo on ‘Protection of Legacy Tokens’ Sent to Nashville Police in May 2023 Opposed Release of Covenant Killer Documents, Cited Destruction Precedent
The Tennessee Star has obtained the FBI memo sent to the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) on May 11, 2023 from a source familiar with the Covenant killer investigation.
The letterhead and heading used for the memo indicate it originated at the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group in Quantico, Virginia. The opening paragraphs reveal it was sent by the FBI’s Behavioral Threat Assessment Center (BTAC), the home of the FBI’s Behavorial Analysis Unit (BAU-1). The memo was not signed.
The memo does not specifically mention Audrey Elizabeth Hale, who fatally shot three 9-year-old students and three faculty members in the devastating March 27, 2023 attack at the Covenant School in Nashville.
It was, however, sent two days after Star News Digital Media, Inc., which owns The Tennessee Star, and the company’s CEO, Michael Patrick Leahy, filed a lawsuit against the FBI in federal court to compel the release of Hale’s written documents, including those sometimes called a manifesto, and one day after Star News Digital Media, Inc. and Leahy filed a lawsuit against Metro Nashville Davidson County Government in state court for the same purpose.
The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit has been involved in the MNPD’s investigation into the Covenant killings since the very first day, sources familiar with the investigation have told The Star. MNPD Public Affairs Director Don Aaron confirmed the FBI’s involvement in the investigation to The Star when asked about the FBI memo on Tuesday, though he did not specify the date at which that involvement began.
“As has been publicly acknowledged, the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit has assisted in this Homicide investigation,” Aaron told The Star.
“Any material related to that assistance that is part of the open case file is protected. As I referenced earlier today, our Homicide team is working to bring this matter to a conclusion,” Aaron added.
Addressed to Metro Police Chief John Drake, the memo “strongly discourages” MNPD from releasing “legacy tokens” left by a mass murderer.
The FBI memo explains those who commit mass shootings “often leave behind items to claim credit for the attack and / or articulate the motivation behind it.” The agency “refers to these items as legacy tokens.”
The term “legacy token” appears to be a creation of the FBI. A June 2018 FBI document studying pre-attack behaviors of active shooters defines “legacy tokens” as “a communication prepared by the offender to claim credit for the attack and articulate the motives underlying the shooting.” . . .

You can read the rest of that, but the upshot is, the FBI’s Behavioral Threat Assessment Center ordered a cover-up, deliberately seeking to suppress important information about this mass murderer.

That ought to make a lot of people angry. The basic argument for transparency about police proceedings is this — what the police do, they do on behalf of the public, under the authority of the government, at taxpayer expense. Because we are paying for the police, we have a right to know what they’re doing. There are, of course, many situations where maintaining the integrity of an investigation requires police to keep some information out of the public eye, so as not to hinder the apprehension and prosecution of criminals. We get that. But generally speaking, we want the names and mug shots of suspects arrested for crimes, and expect that such official court documents as arrest affidavits, applications for search warrants, etc., will be released to the public.

In the case of Audrey Hale, of course, the suspect is dead, and there is no argument to be made for protecting the integrity of the investigation of her crime, from the standpoint that it might prevent her from being convicted in court (which is the usual justification for investigative secrecy). Dead criminals don’t file appeals. However, given the fact that Hale was being treated by “mental health professionals,” there is some reason to think that the people treating Hale failed in their duty to report her as presenting a danger to public safety. It is being alleged that Hale told her therapists about her fantasies of shooting up a school, and the therapists neglected their legal obligation to report this credible threat. So there are some people who may be in legal jeopardy and, if Tennessee authorities are actively investigating that angle with an eye toward criminal prosecution, there arguably might be justification for keeping a lid on this stuff. BUT IT’S BEEN MORE THAN A YEAR ALREADY!

This slow-motion foot-dragging approach by Nashville police ought to be the subject of action by state authorities in Tennessee — the governor, the legislature, the state attorney general. Something has gone badly wrong in how authorities in Nashville are handling this case, and I think the FBI’s involvement is part of the problem. Merrick Garland and the powers that be at the Department of Justice have a political agenda, and I don’t think it’s a far-fetched “conspiracy theory” to suggest that the DOJ wants to keep the Covenant School massacre case from getting the kind of public attention it deserves. Here you have a transgender-identified lunatic murdering innocent people, including three children, at a Christian school, and hey, maybe that doesn’t look so good for the Democratic Party’s LGBTQIA+ agenda, ya think?

Of course, we knew the basic facts early. They hadn’t even started mopping up the blood at Covenant School when we learned that Audrey Hale was a “high-functioning” autistic who “relatively recently announced she was transgender.” And these two factors — autism and a transgender obsession — are related in ways that are more than coincidental. The American College of Pediatricians released a statement urging medical organizations to stop pushing transgender treatment “for children and adolescents who experience distress over their biological sex”:

Instead, these organizations should recommend comprehensive evaluations and therapies aimed at identifying and addressing underlying psychological co-morbidities and neurodiversity that often predispose to and accompany gender dysphoria.

Well-informed observers have known about this for years: A very high percentage of young people who declare a transgender identity also have a documented history of depression, anxiety, personality disorders, autism or some other psychiatric disturbance. You can’t cure psychosis with mastectomies and hormones. As I keep reminding readers — and “mental health professionals” — Crazy People Are Dangerous.


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