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In The Mailbox: 06.13.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

EBL: Dementia Joe Biden
Twitchy: Where The F Is He Going? The Left Can’t Meme – Lawyer Weighs Hunter Biden’s Gun Crimes Against Kyle Rittenhouse, and DOJ Memo Claims Merrick Garland Can’t Be Prosecuted For Contempt
Louder With Crowder: Disney makes lesbian space witches create Jedis, destroy Star Wars franchise in “The Acolyte”
Vox Popoli: Why Russia Took So Long, The End of Carrier Diplomacy, RIP The Logo, Seas of Blood, The Sad, Stupid Rise of the Sigma Male, and You Thought Disney Killed Star Wars
Gab: Is Free Speech Dead?
Upstream Reviews: The Walk Home & Other Tales of Suspense
Stoic Observations: In Opposition To Aggregation
Postcards From Barsoom: Memory Lane

Adam Piggott: Is your family really living a Christian life?
American Conservative: Despite Right’s Victory in Europe, The War Will Go On
American Greatness: The West Is Sick of the New Woke Jihadism, The Left Knows Leftism Doesn’t Work, Transgender Swimmer ‘Lia’ Thomas Barred from Olympics, and Did Dr. Anthony Fauci Commit Perjury During His House Testimony Last Monday?
American Thinker: Will NYC Die Of Stupidity?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Red Thursday News
Babalu Blog: After 2 months without running water, Cubans shut down a main road in protest, Cuba’s fake president conducts brainwashing session with young Americans led by rabid communist rabble rouser, and Cuba repression update: Increase in state violence & torture, and a total of 1,113 political prisoners
BattleSwarm: The Coming Collapse Of Venezuela
Behind The Black: NASA accidently airs simulated medical emergency on ISS, panicking the public, Review of 4th Superheavy/Starship flight; FAA clears SpaceX for next flight, Astronauts cancel ISS spacewalk due to “spacesuit discomfort issue”, FAA announces schedule for new EIS public meetings on SpaceX’s Starship/Superheavy operations at Cape Canaveral, and A new lawsuit filed against Elon Musk by former SpaceX employees
Cafe Hayek: Don’t Be Beguiled By Talk of “the Common Good”
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: Democrats Channeling Lincoln in a Ghastly Tom Hagen Math Way. It’s not Personal, it’s strictly electoral Business, also, Here’s what is what is wrong with the ideology of transgenderism
Dana Loesch: Biden At G7 – Guys, This Is Bad
Don Surber: Cruel summer for trannies
First Street Journal: Delusional! #Hamas are saying, in effect, that Israel has to give them something that they have not won on the battlefield to end the war!
Gates Of Vienna: Pakistani Culture-Enricher Rapes and Murders a Nonagenarian Grandma in Paris, When Killing is Not Killing, Ultra-Violence in Neubrandenburg, Are they Swedes, or “Swedes”? The Marrakesh Express Stops at the Canary Islands, and I’m Gonna Kill You, You WAYCIST!
The Geller Report: Another EPIC BIDEN FAIL: Saudi Arabia Ends 80-Year Petrodollar Deal with US, Dealing Massive Blow to US Global Economic Dominance
Hollywood In Toto: How Costner’s Wyatt Earp Set the Stage for Horizon, Why Hollywood Can’t Save Joe Biden This Time, and Inside Out 2 Leaves the Lectures Off Screen
The Lid: Border Patrol Union Officer Says Biden’s Policies Put Migrant Children at Risk
Legal Insurrection: Biden Watched His Dog Commander Attack Secret Service Agents Several Times, 67% Of Palestinians Support 10/7 Massacre – 71% Want Hamas To Rule Gaza, Sen. Vance & Other Republicans Introduce Bill To Eliminate DEI In Government, Pro-Hamas Online Mob Attacks Occasional Cortex For Condemning Antisemitic Agitators, Two Student Activists Arrested For Protesting UNC’s Cuts In DEI Programs, and St. Cloud State Axes 30% Of Degree Programs, Cuts Staff
Nebraska Energy Observer: When heroes…are found to be zeroes
Outkick: Reporters Try To Browbeat Caitlin Clark To Acknowledge White Privilege, Kylie Kelce Speaks Out On Harrison Butker ‘Homemakers’ Speech, Big 12 Conference Turning Into The ‘Allstate Conference’? Leaders Also Reportedly Looking Into Private Cash, Saints’ Spencer Rattler Moves Up To No. 2 QB After ‘Listening To His Feet’, Shams Charania-Adrian Wojnarowski-Pat McAfee Triangle Is Not Great For ESPN, Dan Patrick On Why Connor McDavid Needs To Seize His Moment And How There Won’t Be Anther Wayne Gretzky, and Danica Patrick Gets Soaked, Sex Aerobics Is The New Workout Craze & Riley Gaines In A Bikini Angers The Libs
Power Line: Contempt for Garland, Another Daily Chart: Spending On Schools Is Irrelevant, and Feeding our Fraud: Raids continue
Shark Tank: Donalds & Hunt Provide A Reason For Black Voters To Ditch Biden – “Because He’s Trash”
Shot In The Dark: Ugly, also, His Master’s Voice
STUMP: Geeking Out – Querying The Multiple Cause Of Death Database In CDC Wonder
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – Thrill Kill Euthanasia: Killing Outside The Law; Killing For Fun; Killing The Mentally Ill
This Ain’t Hell: The irony of lithium, also, Congressional stolen valor?
Victory Girls: Left-Feminist Professor Tells Half a Story
Volokh Conspiracy: Justice Thomas Takes Aim at Associational Standing
Watts Up With That: ‘Skeptical Science’ Gets Comeuppance on Social Media, A Socialist tract on fast decarbonization from the National Academies, and German Hydrogen Rollout Fails To Take Off
The Federalist: The Biggest ‘Revisionist History’ About J6 Comes From Democrats Like Nancy Pelosi, SCOTUS Delivers Blow To Federal Labor Agency In High-Profile Starbucks Case, How AI Chatbots Are Already Interfering In Elections, EPA Emission Rules Threaten To Shut Down Power Grid For Millions, Democrats Could Lose Seats In Congress After Biden DOJ Gambled On A Local Commissioner Seat, and Judge Rules Michigan Secretary Of State’s Lax Ballot Signature Guidance Is Unconstitutional
Mark Steyn: The People Have Spoken

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