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In The Mailbox: 06.19.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Cheap fakes, deep fakes, whatever

EBL: Willie Mays, RIP
Twitchy: Stop Oil Trust Fund Dweeb Reveals Himself, Mt. St. Helens Is “Recharging” & Throws Some Shade At Mt. Rainier As Possible Eruption Looms, and CBS News Explains Why “Wrong Version Of A Video” Was Removed From Biden “Cheap Fake” Hackery
Louder With Crowder: Dingbat Joy Behar claims Trump will have “The View” taken off the air, effectively endorses him for president
Vox Popoli: RIP Willie Mays, The Next Library Serial, and How Clown World Lost the Plot

Adam Piggott: The Misery of Team Building
American Conservative: Azov Leader Admits to Ukrainian Use of ‘Blocking Detachments’
American Greatness: What Trump and His People Need to Know About January 6, also, Resolution Declaring J6 Committee Illegitimate Awaits Action
American Thinker: No Different than the Democrats: A Review of The Empire of Eunuchs
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News, also, Animal Magnetism LIVE Ep. 12 – Politics and Vehicles
Babalu Blog: Cuban State Security arrests and beats two professors on their way to a peaceful protest in Havana, The hidden face of hunger in communist Cuba, and Uber shows up in Havana to transport Ukraine-bound mercenaries
BattleSwarm: Adobe Update: Uncle Fed Sues
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches 20 Starlink satellites, Scientists release first image from Hubble in one-gyro mode, Slovenia becomes 23rd member nation of the European Space Agency, Astronomers see a quiet galaxy become active for the first time, and Pro-Hamas lefty arrested for several arson attacks on UC-Berkeley campus
Cafe Hayek: Of Course U.S. Government-Imposed Tariffs Are Taxes on Americans, also, On Tariffs and Constant Returns to Scale
CDR Salamander: The National Guard Forgets Itself
Chicago Boyz: Abuse of Authority, continued
Da Tech Guy: Trump Takes a Page from the Tip O’Neil Playbook
Don Surber: That’s A Shame Month
First Street Journal: Philly advocates for prostitutes want the johns arrested, but not the hookers
Gates Of Vienna: A Multicultural Shangri-La, Presidential Senility – An Italian Perspective, Covid-19: All Lies. All Crime. — Chapter 6, Antifa vs. the AfD, Barbarians Inside the Gates of Metz, and Gaslighting the Grevesmühleners
The Geller Report: Netanyahu Asserts US is “Withholding Essential Weapons and Ammunitions to Israel” that Israel Paid For
Hollywood In Toto: Gaslighting 101: Kimmel Spins Biden’s Frozen Fundraising Moment, How Democrats and Hollywood Abandoned Working Class, ‘The View’s’ Anti-Trump Hysteria, Explained, and How Nicolas Cage Nearly Capsized His Career
The Lid: Woke Airline Pilot Union Says Stop Saying ‘Cockpit’ and ‘Manpower’ Because They’re Not ‘Inclusive’ Enough
Legal Insurrection: DEA Uncovers Drug Money Laundering Scheme Between Chinese Organized Crime, Sinaloa Cartel, “the only real tolerated form of antisemitism is anti-Zionism”, Cal State LA President: Students Who Took Over Building No Longer Welcome on Campus, Zero Progress Made On Biden’s $42.5 Billion Rural High Speed Internet Project, Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to Teach Public Policy at U. Michigan This Fall, and  Chemicals From East Palestine Train Derailment Reached 16 States
Nebraska Energy Observer: The Way We Were and Will Be Again
Outkick: Tennessee Will Play For National Championship At College World Series, Still Getting Pounded: Mystics Player Hacks Caitlin Clark, Fever Star Cries ‘Foul’, Rising WNBA Star Cameron Brink Out For Year With ACL Injury, On The Night Willie Mays Passed Away, It Was Fitting That Baseball Was Being Played At Rickwood Field, Bill Belichick Scored His 24-Year-Old Girlfriend With The Ultimate Pickup Line, and Orioles’ Gunnar Henderson Nailed By Pitch As Yankees Seek Revenge For Aaron Judge Injury
Power Line: From the quiver to the glee, Willie Mays, RIP, and A Cultural Stereotype Comes to Life
Protein Wisdom Reborn:
Shark Tank: Gaetz & Massie Introduce Bill Removing Tips From Taxable Income
Shot In The Dark: Seed Corn, If You Build It They Will Come, and  Pre-Emptive
This Ain’t Hell: Yet another Biden non-biologist, Army Vet Willy Mays dead at 93, and Natl Guard Chief says NG troops defending border is a waste of time
Transterrestrial Musings: J. D. Vance, A Question From Bill Maher, Joe Biden, We’re All Soviets Now, Antony Blinken, and The Fauci Covid Conspiracy
Victory Girls: Just Stop Oil Desecrates Stonehenge
Volokh Conspiracy: “Indian National” Extradited “in Connection with Foiled Plot to Assassinate U.S. Citizen” for Citizen’s Sikh Separatist Advocacy
Watts Up With That: Con Edison Launches Campaign To Deflect Blame For The Coming Energy Disaster, Senate Passes Major Pro-Nuclear Bill, Sends To Biden’s Desk, and Climate Activists Are Wrong About Which Energy Source Reduces Air Pollution
The Federalist: Google’s Censorship Machine Targets PragerU — Again, Scientist Who Pushed To Discredit Lab Leak Theory Received Millions In NIH Grants, Democrat Fixer Marc Elias’ Firm Steps In To Stop ‘Disastrous Election System’ Fix, Biden’s Meddling DOJ Targets Alabama’s Ban On Ballot Trafficking, Dallas School District Wants Parents Sent To The Principal’s Office When Their Kids Are Naughty, Bizarre NYT Op-Ed Says It ‘May Not Be Enough’ For Supreme Court To Decide Cases, Dems Claim They Aren’t Importing An Electorate, But These 5 Examples Indicate Otherwise, and San Francisco’s London Breed Thinks The Mayor’s Top Job Is Naming Drag Queens
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet – Nine Lives, also, Pride Before the Fall

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