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In The Mailbox: 06.21.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

357 Magnum: The Weaponization Of The DOJ Continues Under Biden
EBL: Summer Time, Donald Sutherland RIP, and Jocelyn Nungaray RIP – 12 Year Old Girl from Texas Raped and Murdered by Illegals From Venezuela
Twitchy: The Award For Best Comedic Response To Protest Punks Goes To Jake Tapper’s Kids, Sean Davis Has A Compelling Argument To Support The Notion of A SCOTUS Leak, and James Woods Puts The Administration On Blast For Its New Comms Director
Louder With Crowder: Kevin Costner finally makes official what “Yellowstone” fans were dreading to hear, also, DEI college course encourages students to live like bugs in order to understand marginalized groups
Vox Popoli: Mad, Bad, and Dead, also, Expect Surprises
According To Hoyt: Two Sides Of A Lie, Before You Run, and The Noble Bubbleheads
Monster Hunter Nation: Catalyst – the end of Steve Diamond’s Jack Bishop trilogy

American Conservative: Poll Shows Farage Set to Win Seat in Landslide, also, Washington Post Newsroom Revolt Dissuades Named Editor from Taking Job
American Greatness: Study Shows Nearly Half of Electric Vehicle Owners Want to Return to Normal Cars, How California’s Paradise Become our Purgatory, and Peace Through Strength: The Stark Contrast Between Trump and Biden
American Thinker: ‘No Tax On Tips’ Reveals the Chasm Between Left and Right
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Government Waste Friday, also, Animal Magnetism LIVE Ep. 12 – Grandma’s Irises
Babalu Blog: Cuban professor describes her violent detention: ‘Cuba is a police state’, Political humor under a regime with no sense of humor, and Without fuel or electricity, Cubans turn to cooking with wood inside and outside their homes
Baldilocks: The Grudges
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for June 21
Behind The Black: Japan’s space agency reveals it was hacked in 2023, New debris from another Dragon service module discovered in North Carolina, SpaceX announces a mini-version of Starlink designed for backpackers, Spanish high altitude balloon company releases artwork of its proposed passenger capsule, Family whose home was damaged by NASA battery ejected from ISS files claim, and Emerson College in Boston leads the way in supporting Hamas and losing enrollment
Cafe Hayek: If Weather Is Climate
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Grand Canyon, also, It Was Funnier In a Movie
Da Tech Guy: By This Time Next Week the Issue of Joe Biden Will be Decided
Dana Loesch: SCOTUS Upholds Ban On Firearms Subject To Domestic Violence Protection Orders
Don Surber: Garter Snake Mitt speaks
Gates Of Vienna: Summertime Sexual Emergencies in Austria
The Geller Report: BIDEN FAIL: China and the Philippines Inch Closer to Conflict in the South China Sea
Hollywood In Toto: Why Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Barbarella’ Could Rock Hollywood
The Lid: Illinois Bleeding Tax Payers Dry with $100K+ Salaries, Education Waste, and More
Legal Insurrection: Manhattan DA Drops Most Charges Against People Who Took Over Columbia U. Building and Allegedly Held Custodians Hostage, Biden Freeze Videos: Democrats Fear the Public Will Believe Their Own Eyes, Not Media Lies, Democrat Congressional Staffer Goes Viral After Thanking Biden for ‘Canceling’ His Student Debt, ‘I Would Do it Again’: Utah Troon Admits Murdering His Parents, Illegal Aliens Arrested for Rapes, Murders of Maryland Mom, NYC and Houston Teens Shouldn’t Have Been in the U.S., and Oakland Leaders, Voters Demand Answers After FBI Raids Mayor Thao’s House
Nebraska Energy Observer: Scattershot Friday
Outkick: Move Over Caitlin Clark, The College World Series Is The Hottest Ticket This Summer As Vols And Aggies Battle, Roger Goodell Says NFL Will Continue To Push LGBTQ Outreach Because ‘Diversity Makes Us Better’, Arizona Coyotes May Not Be Able To Build A New Stadium In Phoenix, Texas A&M Baseball Can Win 1st National Championship In Major Sport Since 1939 In Football, Jaylen Brown Takes Shot At Stephen A. Smith With Parade Outfit, and Heidi Klum Does A Topless Wing Eating Contest, NFL Reporter Melanie Collins Ready For Summer & Chipotle Brawl
Power Line: Is anti-Zionism anti-Semitism? Ten German Bombers, Why Netanyahu called out Biden, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: DeSantis Announces Massive GDP Growth In Florida – Double National Rate
Shot In The Dark: It’s Transit Memorial Day, also, Filed Under “Things That Don’t Happen In Texas, Wyoming, Or The Dakotas”
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday: A Murder Case
This Ain’t Hell: Valor Friday, Illinois law maker wants to criminalize flying the American flag upside down, School apologizes for calling ISIS a terrorist group, and You damn conservatives!
Transterrestrial Musings: Totalitarianism, California’s Paradise, Nifty Fifty, The Trouble WIth (Many) Teachers, The Pro-Hamas Universities, and The Stanford Internet Observatory
Victory Girls: Democrats Want Palestinian Refugees In The United States
Volokh Conspiracy: The Sixteenth Amendment did not “Overrule” Pollock
Watts Up With That: BBC Pushes U.S. Heatwave Story but Buries ‘Junuary’ Winter Storm Story, Highway Funds Illegally used for Floating Wind Factories, and Larry Fink at WEF destroys net zero due to AI power demands
The Federalist: It’s Past Time For American Jews To Abandon The Democrat Party, DHS Group Called Being ‘Religious’ An ‘Indicator’ Of Domestic Terrorism, True Tolerance Demands An End To The Persecution Of Jack Phillips, Supreme Court’s Immigration Rebuke Suggests Biden’s Border Order Is Unconstitutional, It Could Soon Be Illegal For California Teachers To Tell Parents About Kids’ Trans Confusion, Biden’s Push For Ukraine To Join NATO Is More About Dollars Than ‘Democracy’, and Yes, Democrats Have Made Milwaukee A ‘Horrible’ City

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