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In The Mailbox: 06.28.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Anime Girl Propaganda is having a sale this weekend before the proprietor goes off to Basic Training.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

More good news from the Supremes.

357 Magnum: What Happens When You Defund The Police?, First He Was Shot Then He Was Arrested, What’s Going On Here?  – A Post-Debate Musical Interlude
EBL: Kinky Friedman RIP, So what do the Democrats do now? Supreme Court Rejects Chevron and Administrative Agency Deference, and Martin Mull RIP
Twitchy: SCOTUS Rules On Whether Governments Can Remove Homeless Encampments, Time Magazine Releases Brutal Joe Biden Cover In Wake Of Debate Disaster, and Even The NYT Thinks Biden Needs To Drop Out
Louder With Crowder: TikToker flabbergasted by massive grocery price hike over two years, but he doesn’t quite get it, Steven Crowder Dominates Presidential Debate Coverage; Crashes Rumble With #1 Live Stream Worldwide, and Trump just dropped his most BRUTAL ad – it’s nothing but Biden debate “highlights”
Vox Popoli: It’s Not Just Books, Elegy for European Civilization, AI Fears the SSH, A Mystery for the Ages, The Knives are Out, The Russian Historiography of WW2, and The Streets of Midnight
According To Hoyt: Winning The Dragon – A Blast From the Past from September 2022, Doom Doom Doom!, and Quality of Life
Monster Hunter Nation: Inclusivity and Respect in the CRIT Awards
Upstream Reviews: The Supply Closet Of Eternal Terror
L’Ombre de L’Olivier: Elder Abuse

Adam Piggott: Assange Freed
American Conservative: Biden Forgets Troops Have Died Under His Watch During Debate, SCOTUS Rules on J6 Case, and Biden’s Debate Catastrophe May Be His Last
American Greatness: Joe Biden’s Catastrophic Debate Performance Sends Dems into Panic Mode, Supreme Court Rules That Biden DOJ Misused Obstruction Law in January 6 Cases, and Tractor Supply Drops DEI, Apologizes Following Customer Feedback
American Thinker: Who Added an Algorithm to New York State’s Voter Registration Roll, and Why?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News, Animal’s Red Thursday News, and Rule Five Terms You Shouldn’t Use Friday
Babalu Blog: Healthcare services at a hospital in Santiago de Cuba on the verge of collapse, WEF leaves communist Cuba off its list of the best countries for tourism, While Cubans suffer from floods, authorities speak of ‘revolutionary surveillance’, and Lots of leftist ‘amor’ for Claudia
BattleSwarm: Biden Recession Hits Hooters, Ukraine Hits Russian Space Tracking Center, Judicial Officers Behaving Badly, and LinkSwarm For June 28
Behind The Black: Amazon delays offering Kuiper broadband service to ’25, China: Chang’e-6 collected more than four pounds of material from Moon, Russian inspector satellite now approaching its eleventh communications satellite, European weather satellite company cancels launch contract with Ariane-6, switches to SpaceX, New update on SpaceX’s preparations for future Starship/Superheavy test launches, and Sixteen Nobel economists once again prove that our “expert” class is expert at nothing
Cafe Hayek: On Noncompete Clauses, Some of What Market Skeptics Likely Think, and More On Noncompete Clauses
CDR Salamander: Business Executives Not Understanding Naval Power, also, Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Turks and Chinese, Help us Make the Ammunition, also, Dollars and Eyeballs
Da Tech Guy: Always Look on the Bright Side of the Ukraine War, One Debate Two Presidents No Mysteries (Well Maybe one), The cowardly Supreme Court took a giant proverbial dump on the First Amendment, and Six Debate Thoughts Under the Fedora
Dana Loesch: HOO BOY That Debate, also, Big Wins In SCOTUS
Don Surber: Journalists are panicking, also, Americans 6 Deep State 3
First Street Journal: The problem isn’t mass incarceration, also, With Joe Biden sinking into senility, who’s running the country?
Gates Of Vienna: Plot Against Dissident Iranian Journalist in the Netherlands Foiled, “The Chamber is Already Full of Devils”, “Islam is the Future for the West”, Covid-19: All Lies. All Crime. — Chapter 7, Enricher vs. Enricher in Solingen, and The Testimony of the Phones
The Geller Report: Paris Hotel Boots Jewish Family Over Israeli Passports, also, Supreme Court Hands Huge Defeat To Jan. 6 Prosecutors And Jack Smith, “Improperly Charged Hundreds of Jan. 6 Protesters”
Hollywood In Toto: Hollywood Post-Debate: Rage, Confusion and Deep Denial, Kevin Costner Swings for the Fences with Horizon, and Anarchy U Shows America’s Decline in Real Time
The Lid: Big Pharma Funding the Left’s Radical LGBTQ Agenda, also, Bidenomics Causes Independence Day BBQ Costs to Soar
Legal Insurrection: ‘Biden is Toast’: Democrats in Panic, Party Leaders Want New Candidate, NY Times Editorial Board Calls On Joe Biden To Abandon Reelection Campaign, New DEI Course Requirement at U. Arizona Slammed as ‘Academically Unserious’, Iowa Supreme Court Lifts Temporary Injunction on 6-Week Abortion Ban, SCOTUS Rules Anti-Camping Ordinances Applied to Homeless Are Constitutional, and Massachusetts Court Gives Haitian Illegal Alien Accused of Child Rape $500 Bond
Nebraska Energy Observer: Megyn, VDH, Turley, and more, Beautifully, and Debate Night
Outkick: Nike Is Having A Horrific Day On The Stock Market, Caitlin Clark Is An Excellent Trash Talker, According to Rival WNBA Coach, Bryson DeChambeau Offers to Host Trump, Biden Golf Match, ESPN Roasted For Kissing Up To Bronny James After Lakers’ Nepo Pick, Dodgers Bat Boy Saves Shohei Ohtani With Crazy Catch, MLB Stopped Hitters From Seeing Strike Zone On iPads To Protect Umpires, and Model Bri Teresi Teaches Biden How To Putt, ESPN Accused Of ‘Sexualizing’ Fan & Paulina Gretzky Goes Cowgirl
Power Line: Thoughts from the ammo line, The Three Happiest Words in the English Language Today, Dems Sticking With Biden For Now, and Should Electric Vehicles Be Illegal?
Shark Tank:  Lawsuits Still A Florida Problem?
Shot In The Dark: Abolish The Electoral College? Dissolve The Republic, Squad – Scratch One, First Off The Boat, Focus, and That Spark Of Remorse
STUMP: International Lightning Safety Day 2024 – Lightning Death Toll Already At Three 
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – In Submission To Mother Earth: Praising Gaia In Medical School; Praising Gaia In Law School; Praising Gaia In The Netherlands, also, Firing Line Friday: What’s on Malcolm Muggeridge’s Mind?
This Ain’t Hell: DHS calls out potential terrorists, CNN Faces Defamation Lawsuit Over Afghan Evac, Valor Friday, Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance, and Thanks!
Transterrestrial Musings: The Photo-Negative Ideology Of Wokeness, Light Blogging, In Which I’m Quoted, and Space Mining
Victory Girls: Jamaal Bowman Is A Big Loser, United Crew Deplanes Mom Over “Transgender” Slur, and The Replacements
Volokh Conspiracy: The Supreme Court’s Decision Overruling Chevron is Important—But Less so than You Might Think
Watts Up With That: Maldives Are Not Being Submerged After All – NYT , Joe Biden’s Energy Policies Are Based on Fantasies and Fairy Tales, and The true cost of Labour’s net zero plans is slowly being revealed – and the sums are staggering
The Federalist: America Is In Shambles Because Of Democrat Policies, Not Just Joe Biden, ‘We Are Men And Women’: Texas Supreme Court Upholds State Protections Against Child Transing, Lawsuit Alleges Nevada’s Most Populous County Keeps Hundreds Of Commercial Addresses On Voter Rolls, Media Finally Admit Biden Poses Grave Danger To Country After Years Of Defensive Coverage, How James Clapper Rigged The 2016 And 2020 Debates Against Trump, Tractor Supply’s DEI Reversal Shows The Power Of Citizen Activism, Supreme Court Strikes Blow To Administrative State, Overturns Chevron Doctrine, and Is Christian Nonprofit Voter Outreach The Answer To Beating Democrats’ Election Machine?
Mark Steyn: Farewell to a Friend, Live Around the Planet – White Hat Welcome, A Judges’ Republic, Tournante After Tournante in the Widening Gyre, and Tumbling, Kicking, and Screaming

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