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In The Mailbox: 07.08.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Doug Hagin of the Daley Gator could use your help dealing with some crushing medical expenses.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

2292: Grandpa BUFF does a flyby in honor of the recently decommissioned USS Enterprise

357 Magnum: Tolerance – Except For Ideas We Don’t Like!
EBL: Trump Appeal To Black Voters, The War of the Sicilian Vespers, and Le Pen Party Blocked by Macron and Leftists
Twitchy: Patriot Front Jumps Out Of Their U-Haul In Nashville, The Union Of People Who Work For The NEA Are Striking – Against The NEA, and Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy Says Jill Biden Attended White House Meetings
Louder With Crowder: Trump caught on hidden (and hilarious) video sharing his true thoughts about Biden, Kamala
Vox Popoli: Four Episodes of Mr. Tubcuddle, Scientologist, DOA in Wales, Vote for Peace, Why BRICS Can’t Replace the G7, and Freakshow Cubed
Based Book Sale: Summer Based Book Sale Roundup
Upstream Reviews: Storm Between The Stars
L’Ombre de L’Olivier: Nailing My Colours To The Mast
Stoic Observations: Eastern Self In The Western World
Gab: Playing The Long Game

American Conservative: SCOTUS Delivers Setbacks to Anti-Trump Lawfare
American Greatness: Bidengate and the Doom Loop, also, Black Talk Radio hosts Admit Biden Campaign Provided Them With Questions to Ask During Interviews
American Thinker: The Left Is Coming Undone, Joe, Take the Damn Cognitive Test, and Donald Trump, Gunslinger
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Children at a pediatric hospital in Cuba being fed slop, Chinese capital bypasses Cuba and flows to Mexico, Meanwhile, back in the motherland . . . bulls and Zen enlightenment for Cubans, and Two more Cuban mercenaries killed in Ukraine war, both elite soldiers sent by Cuban armed forces
BattleSwarm: Happy July 4th! LinkSwarm for July 5, Demolition Ranch Tests YouTube’s New Automatic Weapons Policies, Austin Security Guard Slammed For Doing His Job Finds New Gig, and The Case Of The Fake Filipino
Behind The Black: SpaceX releases new video of the fourth Starship/Superheavy test flight in June, Can you spot the supernova? SpaceX launches Turkey’s first homebuilt geosynchronous communications satellite, $243.6 million plea deal allows Boeing to avoid a criminal trial, New print edition of Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8, and Study: Mortality rates higher for those who got the COVID jab
Cafe Hayek: Industrial Output Per Capita
CDR Salamander: Ready For a Lean Six Sigma Flashback?
Chicago Boyz: Odes to Liberty, Transmitting the Passwords – or Not, and What Happened to Serious Economic Policy Debates?
Da Tech Guy: CNN Airbrushes Scott Jennings Comments From Their Debate Panel & I Surprise Myself, July Indulgence Calendar, Biden’s Dementia & Other Matters Under The Fedora, A Melancholy Fourth, The Declaration of Independence From Coolidge to Biden, and Which is more tyrannical the British Government of 1776 or the Federal Government of today?
Dana Loesch: “Ho, Ho, Ho! Happy Independence Day!”, also, Last Week In Legal – SCOTUS Ruling Affects Everything Edition
Don Surber: Who’s more unfit, FJB or the press?
First Street Journal: Antisemitism at Columbia University, Blaming other people for your failures, Philadelphia’s war on the city’s poor, The part the media didn’t mention, and A hospital, supposedly an institution of science, wants trained health care professionals to be ‘educated’ that girls can be boys and boys can be girls?
Gates Of Vienna: Covid-19: All Lies. All Crime. — Chapter 9, Our Democracy™: Alternatives to the Ballot Box, Iron Bars Become Active in Porto, and Honor Killing in Joure
The Geller Report: NY Times Reporter Says ‘I Wish Somebody Would Kill Trump’, also, ‘No Future for Jews’: Pro-Hamas Far Left Shocking Win in France Election, Violent Riots Ensue Celebrating Le Pen’s Loss
Hollywood In Toto: Adventures of Baron Munchausen Debunks Oldest Hollywood Saw, Rob Reiner Does 180 on President Biden – It’s Time to Step Down, Sorry / Not Sorry is the Louis C.K. Documentary We Need. Mostly, and The Left Eats Its Own: Hollywood Edition
The Lid: New York Liberals Turn Backs on Independence Day, Have Pro-Palestine Parade and Burn U.S. Flags Instead, also, Elon Musk Warns of Losing America if Democrat ‘Traitors’ Allow Non-Citizens to Vote
Legal Insurrection: Report: Biden Event Staffers Detail Every Move for Him, Including Path to Podium, Key Squad Members Still Ridin’ With Biden, Northwestern College Outside of Chicago Closes Suddenly After 122 Years, Does Gavin Newsom Have A Problem With Joe Biden Pointedly Choosing A Black Woman As His VP? University of Manitoba ‘Decolonizes’ Art Collection Due to ‘Problematic’ Paintings and Sculptures, and Newsom & Democrats Pull Weak Anti-Crime Measure From California’s November Ballot
Michelle Catalano: The joy is back
Nebraska Energy Observer: Monday
Outkick: Is John Cena on the Mount Rushmore of Professional Wrestling? Hunter Who Shot Charging Bear With Pistol Shares Epic Details, Fever Coach Says Caitlin Clark Is Up There With WNBA Legend Diana Taurasi, Even As A Rookie, ESPN’s Failed Investments Into Woke Sportscasters Leaves The Network No Choice But To Pay Stephen A., Elly De La Cruz Is Trying To Learn Japanese So He Can Talk To Shohei Ohtani At The ASG, and Danica Patrick Talks Penis Size, Emily Mayfield Hits The Lake & Peyton Manning’s Wife Stuns The Internet
Power Line: Absence of Justice, A word from Governor Isuzu, Left Cues up the F-Bomb, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Gaetz Launches Bipartisan El Salvador Caucus
Shot In The Dark: Just As In 2016, As Clearly As He Can, While We’re Spitballing Here, and Sanitized
STUMP: The Week In Meep
The Political Hat: When in the Course of Human Events…
This Ain’t Hell: Valor Friday, Veteran told he’s not American, loses driver’s license, Navy Chief Petty Officer gets shot as his alarm clock goes off, Trump calls for tribunals, Pride of Iran’s Navy in the news/ News from Mars, President Jill Speaks to Vets, and Trump-proofing NATO
Transterrestrial Musings: Just In Time For The Election, also, Sabine Hossenfelder
Victory Girls: Biden Phones It In, And Tells Dems By Letter To Shut Up
Volokh Conspiracy: The Supreme Court’s Trump Exceptionalism, also, Justice Thomas Explains Why The President, Vice President, Speaker and Senate President Pro Tempore Cannot Be “Officers of the United States”
Watts Up With That: Energy, Business Groups Ask Supreme Court To Stop California From Forcing EVs On the Rest of America, also, Cause or Effect?
The Federalist: Meet The Shadowy Left-Wing Nonprofit Harvesting Voter Data To Juice Democrat Turnout, French Election Upset Should Remind Republicans They Can’t Afford To Be Complacent, Court Rules Doctors Threatened For Questioning The Covid Regime Can Sue Tyrannical Credentialing Boards, Dems Are Consolidating Absolute Power In The Name Of ‘Democracy’, Joe Biden Is Not A Decent Man, Biden Admin Plans To Kill Hundreds Of Thousands Of Owls In The Name Of ‘Conservation’, and Biden’s Debilitation Has Upset The Media-Democrat Partnership, But Not For Much Longer
Mark Steyn: Law and a Shared Society, Live Around the Planet – Lincoln Projecting, The Eight-Hundred-Pound Megillah, What the “Conservatives” Have Wrought, and The Other Half Lives: Judy Holliday in The Marrying Kind

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