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In The Mailbox: 07.09.24

Posted on | July 10, 2024 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Doug sent me the wrong link for his current fundraiser. This is the correct link.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Grandpa BUFF knows the gate. Grandpa BUFF is the gate. Grandpa BUFF is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one to Grandpa BUFF.

357 Magnum: It’s Not About Safety – It’s About Control Of The Law-Abiding
EBL: Katie Britt responds to a climate troll, American Fascism, Human Near Extinction Event 900,000 Years Ago, and Darth Brandon Is Staying In The Race
Twitchy: Jon Stewart’s Pretty Decent Rant on Biden’s Mental Wellness, Democrat Neurologist Says Biden Has Parkinson’s, Calls Out The Coverup…On NBC? and Biden’s Intern Asks X To Google “Project 2025” And It Doesn’t Go Well
Louder With Crowder: Lefty rag goes full-fuehrer with this lazy, anti-Trump fascistic fan fiction, also, Jill Biden, Joe’s caregiver, lashes out at a once adoring press
Vox Popoli: Wallowing in Pseudo-Madness, China Puts Troops on the Ground, Farage is Not the Answer, Girls With Guns, Letter to an Archbishop, and Mailvox: Poland Makes a Move
Upstream Reviews: Monster Hunter International

Adam Piggott: Let’s Play Pretend
American Conservative: French Elections Could Have Been Worse
American Greatness: Worst of All Worlds…For Democrats, also, Biden Department of Interior Shuts Down Oil, Gas, and Mining Activity in Millions of Acres in Alaska
American Thinker: The Illusion of Hood Life
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Hanging In There News
Babalu Blog: Population of Cuba decreases by 18% in one year, Coach of the Cuban girls national softball team defects in Miami, and Shocking! 24% of Americans think Biden is fit enough to handle threat such as the Cuban missile crisis
BattleSwarm: Beryl Leaves Over 1.7 Million Without Power, also, Spectrum Internet Down Across Texas
Behind The Black: Watch the first launch of Europe’s Ariane-6 rocket, Webb: Hot Jupiter exoplanet has atmosphere with the smell of rotten eggs, Japan dithers about capitalism in space, A jumble of blocks in the middle of a Martian flood lava plain, Europe at last launches Ariane-6, and Columbia University continues to willingly condone anti-semitism among its bloated faculty and staff
Cafe Hayek: Beijing’s Economic Interventions Aren’t Helping China’s Economy, Economic Ignorance Runneth Deep, and Oren Cass Continues to Misconstrue Adam Smith
CDR Salamander: China, Ukraine, & GWOT – The Warping Power Of Dissolution Begat By Lies
Chicago Boyz: Who Are The Commissioners? (rereun, with updates)
Da Tech Guy: Has it Really only Been a week? and other matters Under the Fedora, The DaTechGuy Peace Plan for Ukraine: Sell Russia the Donbas region, A Reminder to Americans, Chicagoan speaking about July 4 weekend: “It’s assassination day…”, and The Patriot Front Give Away, Not a Beer Belly In Sight!
Dana Loesch: The Democrats’ Biden Situation Keeps Getting Worse
Don Surber: NYC discovers trash bins
First Street Journal: A good news update: three #Antisemitic Columbia University deans permanently removed from their jobs
Gates Of Vienna: Our Democracy™: In Counting There is Strength
The Geller Report: Elon Musk Calls To Bring Back Paper Ballots, also, Democrats Fight Bill Requiring Proof of U.S. Citizenship to Vote
Glenn Reynolds: Fly The Plane
Hollywood In Toto: Colbert Says Biden a ‘Great President’ Without a Brain, also, Michael Moore: ‘Trump Was Right’ About This One Thing
The Lid: Calif. Democrats Oppose Bill Making Child Prostitution a Felony Because Gays would be Most Charged for the Crime
Legal Insurrection: Town Admits First Amendment Violation After Firing Librarian Who Endorsed Conservative Candidates Opposed to ‘Inappropriate’ Children’s Books, Iran Helping Promote and Fund Anti-Israel Student Demonstrations, According to U.S. Director of National Intelligence, Colleges Try to Increase Enrollment by Admitting Students Who Didn’t Apply, Pro-Gun Control Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s Bodyguard Shoots Man Trying to Steal Car, ‘Felt Like a Funeral’: House Democratic Caucus Meeting Ends Without a Consensus on Biden, and Biased Media Trashes Former Sen. Inhofe When Reporting His Death
Nebraska Energy Observer: Neo reminded me
Outkick: Deep Dive Into Angel Reese Stats Paints Grim Picture Of Sky Rookie’s Skills, The Pittsburgh Pirates Are In Playoff Contention, And Their Owner Doesn’t Seem To Care, The Dodgers Are Running On Fumes, Yankees-Red Sox Ratings Show Value Of Big Name MLB Matchups, Nike Layoffs Continue Massive Downward Trend For Company, and Bebe Rexha & Miranda Lambert Put Fans On Notice, HOA President Ruins A Kid’s Day & Baking Banana Bread In Cars
Power Line: The Muslim Vote Rocks UK Politics, Our Lazy, Degenerate Media, Chapter 12,186, and Trump’s VP: Who Will It Be?
Shark Tank: Steube Discusses Biden’s Campaign As Democrats Scramble After Debate
Shot In The Dark: Glitterati Among The Snowdrifts, also, Comment Neither Needed Nor Provided
STUMP: 2023 Top Causes of Death In The US By age Group (Preliminary)
The Political Hat: Frustration & Violence
This Ain’t Hell: No longer posting content to Facebook
Transterrestrial Musings: “A Good Man”, Wild Wild Space, Now They’re Coming For Our Food, and Biden Has A Weak hand
Victory Girls: Lucien Greaves’ Satanic Temple A “Poison Pill” In Florida Schools
Volokh Conspiracy: The Supreme Court Refuses To Extend Robinson v. California, A Non-Originalist Decision
Watts Up With That: Discovery of 2-million-year-old DNA in Greenland reveals new details about ancient life, also, The WHOI Lye Dumping Experiment: A Reckless Attempt at Climate Mitigation
The Federalist: Sotomayor’s Bodyguard Saved By Second Amendment Self-Defense Right That Justice Rejected, The Case For Congress Subpoenaing Biden’s Medical Records, Dem Donor Who Funded Election Disinfo, Lawfare Is Backing Suit To Silence Election Journalism, Biden’s Idea Of ‘Secure Elections’ Is Letting People Who Might Not Be Citizens Keep Voting, Pigpen Project Puts Boots On The Ground To Expose Nevada’s Dirty Voter Rolls, and What’s Next For The U.K. After Labour Hands Tories Worst Defeat In Nearly 200 Years?
Mark Steyn: Favorite Fourths, Pearls of Ceylon (and Chicago), When Your Lover Has Gone, Always the “Far Right” Bridesmaid, and Who’s in Charge Here?

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