The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Did SiteMeter Commit Suicide?
UPDATE: It’s Working Again, But Unfortunately, My Traffic Sucks

As of right now, it’s dead. Donald Douglas at American Power and Doug Ross at Director Blue both report that the best, easiest-to-use traffic analytics site failed to renew its domain registration, an error that would require a special kind of stupidity. Let’s all say a prayer that they can get it fixed, because without SiteMeter, I […]

What’s Bigger Than the Cato Institute, Americans for Tax Reform and AEI? — at least according to The Top 150 Conservative Websites list compiled by Doug Ross, based on Alexa rankings. We’re at No. 68, ahead of the Web sites of those three think tanks, and closing in on such traffic monsters as (#64), (#60) and (#58). I’m also pleased to see that the […]

CAIR Loves ‘Em Some LGF: ‘Glad to See That Chaz Is Now Marketing the Caliphate’

Doug Ross: “It’s come to this: CAIR now tweeting links to LGF.” “Breivik was deeply involved in the ‘counter-jihad’ blogosphere and UK far right groups . . . Breivik boasted online of his discussions with the English Defence League (the anti-Muslim group praised and supported by US bloggers Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller), and with […]

Sully: Israelis ‘Got Their US Media Mouthpieces’ to Criticize Obama’s Speech

“So it’s pretty obvious that it was the Israelis who immediately got their US media mouthpieces to spin the speech as some sort of attack.” — Andrew Sullivan, May 20 Doug Ross called attention to this rather disturbing accusation: U.S. criticism of President Obama’s speech was not really of domestic origin, Sully says, but rather was […]

Your Irregular Rick Moran Update

You may have asked yourself, “What’s Rick Moran been up to lately?” Or perhaps you’re now asking yourself, “Who the heck is Rick Moran?” Circa 2009, Smitty would occasionally kick Rick around a bit just for fun, but that was then and this is now, and Smitty’s found more lively amusement in Afghanistan lately. So […]