The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

That Popular #OccupyResoluteDesk

by Smitty Via The Hill, North Dakota Governor Dalrymple sends his love, emphasis mine: “The second reason we are on the wrong track is that the Federal government is killing energy development with overly burdensome regulations. The best example of this is the Keystone XL pipeline which the Obama Administration will not allow to be […]

Blogger Reaches 1 Million Hits; Celebrates by Linking Entire Freaking Blogosphere

Sam Foster at Left Coast Rebel did a crapload of linking here, and points out that it was Keith Olbermann’s split with MSNBC that put them across the million-hit threshold. So when Keith Olbermann gets elected to the Senate, he should remember to thank Left Coast Rebel. I was talking to my buddy Chris Cassone today and when he mentioned […]

If You Ever Feel Discouraged . . .

. . . think about Ann Marie Buerkle’s victory in NY-25. She is now six weeks away from being a member of Congress, but what about six weeks ago? It was Sunday, Oct. 17, and Pete Da Tech Guy and I were driving on our way to cover the Buerkle campaign, when I got a call from […]

Ann Marie Buerkle Win in NY-25 Would Give GOP Biggest Majority Since 1949

As noted in my last update about Renee Ellmers’ victory in NC-2, Republicans are now at 240 House seats and they haven’t had 241 seats since 1949. And Sam Foster at Left Coast Rebel reports that Ann Marie Buerkle is 411 votes ahead of Dan Maffei in NY-25 after the count of absentee ballots from […]

Tim Daniel Makes The Daily Caller Without JournoList Membership

by Smitty Tim Daniel, a.k.a. the Left Coast Rebel, has a solid piece in The Daily Caller, rounding up some of the wretched excess that is plaguing a local government near you. With no evidence of any kind, I sort of wonder how many of these outsized salary payments are, at least partially, going places […]

Fact Checking Left Coast Rebel

by Smitty LCR and I are both Rush fans. I realize they are insufficiently bluesy for RSM (whatever!) but they express more raw talent on one track than the bulk of contemporary bands do on whole releases. As a result of the Rush fandom, I have to offer a poke at LCR for what amounts […]

An Impromptu Interview With LCR

by Smitty Left Coast Rebel caught me on Google Chat, pursuant to the Ellie Light case. I did precious little, but forward LCR to somebody whom you irritate at your peril. LCR and I rambled a bit, and he’s tidied the output into a post. Meanwhile, I have to get the FMJRA done before RSM […]