The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Darleen Click Nails It

by Smitty Click the image to go to Protein Wisdom for the full-sized view: What a creepshow is this administration/media. Does the slash still indicate separation? Not appearing in this cartoon: Jaime Zapata.

If Whores Are ‘Sex Workers’. . .

by Smitty . . .and Barack Obama’s policies screw us relentlessly, then: can he claim 0% unemployment? Just a random thought triggered by this. Terms like ‘expert’, ‘industry’, ‘job’, and ‘worker’ really are watered down these days. Just ask Jeff Goldstein.

Rock and Roll, and Other Subjects About Which Dan Collins Knows Nothing

Granted, this could be a very long post, but I just happened to notice Dan blathering on about some artsy New Wave poseurs and felt a need to point out the Neutral Objective Fact that no genuinely great rock and roll music was recorded after Sept. 25, 1980, the day John Bonham died. How awesome was Led Zeppelin? For the […]

‘Grats To Jeff Goldstein On Fatherhood

by Smitty Jeff Goldstein, easily among the most deep and original thinkers in the blogs, has become a father for the second time. They say if you hit his tip jar in the first 24 hours, you increase your chance. Of what, precisely, remains uncertain. Meanwhile, the World’s Youngest Blogger, a fan of rapid head […]

Jeff Goldstein Isn’t Ready to Don His Saffron Robe and Chant, ‘Hare Mitt-nu’

“Mother, do not wonder that my loyalty is growing weak. . . . I am sick and tired of the disaster and the fools that bring disaster upon us.” — letter from a soldier in the 79th New York Infantry, 1863 Seedubya today was cracking cynical jests on Twitter, whence I derived the headline joke. Speaking […]

Derbyshire, Goldstein and Lowry

The Bonfire of the Derbyshire has burnt itself out, although some latecomers are still poking around in the ashes. Liberals have reassured themselves of their moral superiority. Rich Lowry has reassured himself of his own editorial adequacy. And all is right with the world. Except of course, it’s not really. The wheels keep turning, and […]

I Never Heard of a ‘Fair Fight’

Have you ever been sucker-punched or kicked in the head? I have. These are not experiences I would recommend to anyone, although such experiences can be quite valuable life lessons. When you’re in a fight that begins when somebody punches you without warning and if, during the course of such a fight your assailant then […]

Darleen Click Hasn’t Lost Her Touch

by Smitty After the edgy cartoon with BHO and the Statue of Liberty a couple years back, it doesn’t seem that she’s done much. That is, until Good Democrat Bitches, which she uses both in literal and metaphorical ways. National Offend a Feminist Week is something we usually do in May, but you can consider […]

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