The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Andrew Sullivan’s Psychiatric Evaluation

Ann Althouse calls attention to the latest scientific research by that eminent British physician, Dr. Andrew Sullivan, OB-GYN: “I regard this development as one of the more insidious and anti-constitutional acts of racist vandalism against the American republic in my adult lifetime. Those who keep talking as if there are two sides to this, when […]

Obama Makes Token Gesture, Because He’s Losing the Shutdown P.R. War

He’s trying to look reasonable: President Barack Obama invited congressional leaders from both parties to the White House on Wednesday to discuss the partial government shutdown and looming debt-limit crisis, a White House official said. There has been a tremendous backfire from Tuesday’s attempt — ordered by Obama administration officials for propaganda purposes — to […]

It’s a Good Thing @GabrielMalor Isn’t Trying to Win Any Popularity Contests

The morning Open Thread at AOSHQ gives their resident Eeyore a chance to voice his dissent from the GOP shutdown strategy: So the score is: conservatives didn’t manage to stop Obamacare. Conservatives are oddly celebrating a shutdown they claimed they did not want. The GOP is getting blamed. Oh, and how are voters looking at […]

Fear and Loathing in Moocher Nation

“Swing voters.” “Independent voters.” “Low-information voters.” President Obama’s re-election campaign engaged in a sophisticated microtargeting effort that, among other things, aimed TV ads at viewers of late-night comedy, ESPN and the TV Land network. In other words, the president’s campaign deliberately sought potential voters who were apathetic, disengaged from politics and current affairs, whose lack […]

‘Essential’ or ‘Non-Essential’?

Harry Reid says “no compromise” and, as of this hour, TV talking heads are acting as if a government shutdown is all but certain tonight, which would mean the temporary furlough of “non-essential” government employees, which naturally inspires a few questions: Are the Justice Department officials involved in the Fast and Furious scandal "essential" or […]

Harry Reid Refuses to Compromise

Explain to me again how this is the GOP’s fault? Congress took another step toward a government shutdown Monday as the Senate voted 54-46 to strip language from a House funding bill that delayed ObamaCare by a year. . . . Democrats also eliminated language allowing employers to opt out of providing insurance coverage of […]

Shutdown Monday: Blame Harry Reid

The New York Times: The Senate is expected to reject decisively a House bill that would delay the full effect of President Obama‚Äôs health care law as a condition for keeping the government running past Monday, as Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, expressed confidence that he had public opinion on his side. Why […]

The Real Crisis the Media Ignores

Headlines about the danger of a “government shutdown” are misleading, and this is not an accident. Democrats are playing politics, and their media allies are talking about a “crisis” for which they blame Republicans. The noise is intended to distract from what this is really about: It’s not about Ted Cruz and it’s not about […]

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