The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Build The Party, Trust The People,
Save The Country’–McCotter At SRLC

by Smitty Thaddeus McCotter is heroic. He starts off with an “simple country lawyer” reference, going back to Anatomy of a Murder, and continues through a rousing speech with punchline sufficiently arid for Steven Wright. Thaddeus McCotter: because not all rhetoric has to be served in ALL CAPS with a shot of adrenaline. Update: Moelanche!

Just Another Random, Coincidental Beat-Down on Two Republicans in New Orleans

Allahpundit notes that New Orleans police have denied telling blogger Pat Dollard that they suspect a political motive in the brutal April 9 beating of Alexandra “Allee” Bautsch and her boyfriend, Joseph Brown, after they left a fundraiser for Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal. Michelle Malkin says: It doesn’t help to insist on making this […]

My Emergency Evacuation: Good-Bye to the Big Easy; Hello, Sweet Home Alabama

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — I’m blogging from the studios of WTKI 1490 AM, where today I was a guest on the Film Ladd radio show, a fantastic multimedia experience — radio, chatroom, live video camera. The host, Ladd Ehlinger, is a brilliant independent film director and all-around virtuoso. Ladd called me Sunday morning while I was on […]

Breitbart Party Voodoo

“Best photo ever!” Lyndsey Fifield exclaimed after seeing this photo of a conversation at Friday’s New Orleans blogger bash off Chartres Street near the levee: Lyndsey reacts to Breitbart’s remark — a Tulane alumnus, Breitbart was confirming that New Orleans voodoo is a reality — as Dave Weigel of the Washington Post and political operative Zach […]

His Fedora Still Travels

NEW ORLEANS — As Smitty noted yesterday, Da Tech Guy continues his standing offer to travel anywhere to cover a story for $1,000 a week plus expenses. He was kind enough to extend the loan of his casual fedora — my favorite from the Scott Brown campaign we covered together — which has made several guest […]

New Orleans: Random Man on the Street, and More News You Can Abuse

NEW ORLEANS — When everybody’s going for the Big Story in the pack-journalism scrum — Romney wins SRLC straw poll! Ron Paul says wacky stuff! — my counter-intuitive instinct is to look for offbeat angles that nobody else reports. What an amazing coincidence, huh? And ladies, there’s good news: So even though conservative heart-throbs like Marco Rubio, Scott Brown and […]

Two Shot Dead in New Orleans; UPDATE: Seven Wounded; Who Will Sully Blame?

NEW ORLEANS — “Honey, I’ve got good news,” I told my wife in a phone conversation a few minutes ago. “I’m still alive.” The news wasn’t so good for two people four blocks away from where I was having dinner Saturday night: The New Orleans Police Department is investigating a 9:15 p.m. shooting in the […]

Stacy McCain Is A Herman Cain Fanatic

by Smitty I was talking to Stacy on my way home, and he was quite enthusiastic about a Herman Cain speech down at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. In particular, Stacy said, a passage on the Constitution was extremely well received. OK, I didn’t know who the gentleman was, either, but I do like what […]

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