The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Number 10 for the Win

Is Mac Jones ready for the NFL? Oh, hell, yes. Everybody was impressed with Mac’s first appearance Thursday night as the New England Patriots opened their preseason at home against the Washington Football Team (pronouns: they/them). My brother Kirby is convinced that Mac is going to be an NFL star, but years of covering politics […]

‘There’s Always a Reason’

Among the cardinal principles of military science is unity of command — the man in charge is the man in charge, and bad things happen when command is divided. If we think about the Civil War, for example, the Union effort struggled until Lincoln put U.S. Grant in charge. Before the spring campaign of 1864 […]

Cancel Mob Comes for QB Mac Jones

When he was 13 years old in 2012, Mac Jones wore a “Nobama” costume for Halloween. This was just days before the 2012 election, and Jones was a ninth-grader at the prestigious Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida. In other words, this was a swing state in an election year, where everybody in Florida was being […]

More Proof America Is Racist?

Professional sports teams derive most of their revenue from TV contracts. If fewer people are watching sports on TV, that’s less revenue for the teams, and ultimately the players will be paid less. Because 69% of NFL players are black, guess who will suffer the most? The ratings for Super Bowl 55 are in, and […]

Sports News From Wokeville, USA

What do NFL players think their anti-white message will produce? Because to accuse someone of thinking in stereotypes is a deliberate insult. What such an accusation really means is, “You are ignorant. You are morally and intellectually inferior, and therefore in need of tutelage.” NFL players are saying this to their own audience. They are […]

Can I Get a ‘Roll Tide,’ Please?

It’s only their 18th National Championship: Alabama defeated Ohio State, 52-24, for its third national championship in the College Football Playoff era. In a season significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, the Crimson Tide were able to come away with the first championship of 2021 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla and finish […]

‘The Merciless Indian Savages’

Because tomorrow is the Fourth of July — $17.76, baby! — now seems like a good time to recall the words of our Declaration of Independence. Because our public schools are a cesspool of organized ignorance, a few poetic phrases from the preamble expressing lofty sentiments — “all men are created equal,” etc. — are […]

Chiefs Come Back to Win Super Bowl; Halftime Show Unexpectedly Goes NC-17

  Does America want to see a middle-aged Puerto Rican woman shake her rump and climb a stripper pole? Like it or not, that’s what millions of Americans watched in the Super Bowl halftime show. Jennifer Lopez, age 50, starred in the show, and Todd Starnes was not amused: “Mommy, what’s a stripper pole?” I […]

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