The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

NY-25 Flashback: Dan Maffei Still Trying to Comprehend His Own Defeat

Perhaps you can imagine the big grin with which I’m writing this, as I think back on that day last October when Da Tech Guy and I arrived in New York’s 25th District and the front-page headline was: “Dan Maffei leads Anne Marie Buerkle by 12 points in new poll.” That would be former Democratic […]

Syracuse Post-Standard Portrays Buerkle as Supporting ‘Massive Budget Cuts’

Freshman Republican Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle is the most vicious, reckless, wild-eyed budget-slasher in American history, according to the largest newspaper in her district. The editors of the Syracuse paper — evidently picking up the “slash-and-burn” theme used by the New York Times — obviously think their readers are idiots who can’t do math. If […]

Democrats Believe Secret to Winning Back Congress Is … Pro-Abortion Voters?

Dave Weigel at Slate has the lowdown on their strategy: The man in charge of taking back the House for Democrats is talking about rape. When the Republicans took Congress, says Rep. Steve Israel, a New York Democrat, they didn’t focus on creating jobs. “They focused on redefining rape.” He’s referring to the No Taxpayer […]

Buerkle in the Crosshairs

Ann Marie Buerkle is one of 19 GOP House members targeted by a new Democrat attack ad. Wait a minute: Didn’t we just get lectured that it was inflammatory and irresponsible to use violence-inspiring terms like “target” about members of Congress? Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters: I guess it’s okay to do this 23 days after […]

Media Shocked — Shocked! — To Discover That Ann Marie Buerkle Is Pro-Life

Da Tech Guy and The Lonely Conservative call attention to the latest “news” from those pillars of journalistic objectivity at the Syracuse Post-Standard: After steering clear of abortion politics during her campaign last year, U.S. Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle is now seizing chances in her first month in office to change federal laws as “an […]

Ann Marie Buerkle Sworn In
UPDATE: Alas, Poor Marco Rubio!
UPDATE: Catching Up With Griffith
UPDATE: Interview With Renee Ellmers

Wednesday’s trip to Capitol Hill was amazing. I spent most of the afternoon with Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, her staff, supporters and family, including a trip to the basement of the Capitol for her ceremonial swearing-in photo with Speaker John Boehner. The lady in the middle holding the Bible is Congresswoman Buerkle’s 89-year-old mother. I’ll […]

Speaker John Boehner’s Swearing-In: Less Glamorous, More Choked Up and Crying

The Washington Post: Austerity is the theme of Republican John A. Boehner’s installation as House speaker this week, placing the start of this new Congress in stark contrast to the more lavish festivities that marked Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s swearing-in four years ago. On Wednesday, following a bipartisan prayer service at St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Boehner […]

Guess Who’s Having a Party?

Ann Marie Buerkle, that’s who. You will recall that, when Pete Da Tech Guy and I visited NY-25 in mid-October, a new poll showed the Republican challenger trailing Democratic incumbent Rep. Dan Maffei by 13 points. I ended my Oct. 18 American Spectator column with a quote from Buerkle’s speech to her supporters in the village of Clyde, N.Y., telling them what […]

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