The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Attention, Bandwagon Jumpers: All Aboard the Fatty McAwesome Express!

The biggest news today? The Florida poll showing Rick Perry in a distant fourth place (!) behind Newt Gingrich (!!), while Herman Cain has surged to within 4 points of Mitt Romney in the Sunshine Evil State. And in the unscientific (but not insignificant) Hot Air Straw Poll, it’s Herman Cain 39%, Sarah Palin 32%, […]

Like Chris Crocker and Britney

T.C. Lynch says, “Leave Fatty McAwesome alone!” You know a Republican is weak when even Conor Friedersdorf can hurt him. Myself, I agree with 34% of American racists, as opposed to the 39% of anti-American racists who support Obama. Let’s face it: We’re all racists now.

Dear Bill Kristol …

PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT CHRIS CHRISTIE! Seriously, you’re starting to piss me off here, with your . . . idiotic assertion that the 37 percent of Florida straw-poll delegates who voted for Herman Cain were voting for “none of the above.” Did you notice that little . . . pause, Bill? Kind of a hint, […]

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