The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘When I Was Younger, So Much Younger Than Today . . .’

On this date in 1965, the second Beatles movie, Help! premiered in London: Of course, I found out about this on Twitter.  Something else I saw on Twitter was this article by my young friend Chris Moody: With the turn of a phrase, Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann seemed to sum up last weekend’s RightOnline conference, an […]

Don’t Pay the Ransom, I Escaped!

LAS VEGAS — Excuse the long blog silence, but I spent most of the Right Online conference shadowing the Christine O’Donnell campaign team. They’re trying to raise awareness among conservative activists of the crucial opportunity in the Delaware GOP Senate primary, which I wrote about last week at The American Spectator, and Friday here on the blog. Anway, […]

Right Online VIDEO: Evan Sayet

I ran into Evan Sayet here at Right Online and he dropped by my posh suite here at the fabulous Venetian Resort Hotel. Evan asked if he could log on and check his e-mail: Celebrities using my computer — how cool is that? It’s like getting re-Tweeted by Alyssa Milano or something. Anway, Evan then generously agreed to a […]

Right Online VIDEO: Matt Lewis Talks Twitter, Blogging and E-Mail

During his Friday talk at Right Online, Matt Lewis offered some very helpful advice to activists about how to build online strength with Twitter contacts (hint: re-Tweets and hashtags) and talked about the importance of developing a good e-mail list. Matt’s a really awesome guy, who had me on his podcast twice this past week to discuss the […]

Right Online: Seen and Heard

Just a few photos from the Right Online conference at the fabulous Venetian Resort Hotel. Matt Lewis of Politics Daily gives a seminar on blogging, Twitter and other forms of online communication. With Andrea Shea King of The Radio Patriot and Barbara Espinosa of American Freedom. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey said Allahpundit couldn’t make it […]

Christine O’Donnell Campaign Catches Fire, National Media Taking Notice

LAS VEGAS — In the three days ago since I reported on Christine O’Donnell’s grassroots conservative Senate challenge to Delaware RINO Mike Castle, more national media have been paying attention. Today, Kyle Peterson of the Daily Caller reports: Christine O’Donnell is going on the offensive in her bid for the Delaware Senate seat vacated by Vice […]

‘Now Imagine If Hunter S. Thompson Was On Twitter . . .’

@rsmccain — Robert Stacy McCain has aptly been described as “the conservative Hunter S. Thompson.” Now imagine if Hunter Thompson was on Twitter! — Matt Lewis, “The Top 25 Conservatives on Twitter” About time I got this kind of recognition, considering that we’re now just three weeks away from the 2010 Right Online Conference in […]

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