The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Self-Proclaimed Pagan Rob Taylor Lectures Conservatives on Morality?

In January, I took note of Rob Taylor’s post calling for conservatives to “outreach” to the . . . er, Pagan community: “As a Pagan I can tell you that I, like many others, strongly support economic freedom, limited government, a strong nationals defense and law and order. Many Pagans are also pro-life, anti-drug and pro-traditional […]

‘Stacy’s Insult Against Governor Palin’?

Well, it’s come to this. Not content to accuse me of arguing by means of ”oversimplified fiddle faddle,” now Little Miss Attila comes into the comments and accuses one of my defenders of “trying to slide away from Stacy’s insult against Governor Palin — and me — by simply throwing away the word that is […]

The Feminist Omerta

Permit me to offer a simple analogy: Feminism is to women as Mafia is to Sicilians. Students of organized crime know that what we call “mafia” was, during its heyday, actually known to its members as La Cosa Nostra — roughly translated, “this thing of ours.” That wild thought occurred to me as I contemplated […]

‘Cult of Degenerates’

“Though his little LGF like cult of degenerates, ‘Men’s’ movement sissies and neo-nazis, (sorry, I mean ‘neo-Confederates’) probably don’t because like any gathering of losers who invest their lives in some guy they take his word as gospel. And Stacy McCain is, among other things, a liar.” — Rob Taylor, “Stacy McCain Knows I Didn’t […]

You May Have Noticed . . .

. . . I didn’t do a post about Elizabeth Edwards dying of cancer last week. Or maybe you didn’t notice. Famous people die every day, and I seldom comment for good or ill. Donald Douglas commented on Elizabeth Edwards’s death — and generated 133 comments, including a lot of the “hurry up and die […]

Alaina Podmorow Is To Laura Sjoberg As Joe The Plumber Is To Obama

by Smitty American Power takes National Offend A Feminist Week quite seriously, relating an incident wherein he quoted Alaina Podmorow, a 13 year old Afghan girl actually supporting the cause of oppressed young women. Laura Sjoberg, like any ivory tower authoritarian or Barack Obama, is having none of this. This is not to take anything […]

Wow. New York Times Article About Charles Johnson Is Reasonably Accurate

Unlike the fawning Los Angeles Times column that spoiled my breakfast in Burbank a couple of weeks ago, Jonathan Dee’s article takes time to examine the pivotal episode in the Little Green Footballs meltdown, the 2007 Brussels conference: It seems borderline ridiculous that the political character of an extremist Belgian party, which in the last parliamentary election captured […]

Band at JSU Banned at LGF:
Time for a Neo-Confederate Music Fest!

Fight on, fight on for ole Jax State We’re proud that we’re from Alabama . . . The lyrics of the fight song at my alma mater, Jacksonville (Ala.) State University, would almost certainly result in immediate banishment from Little Green Footballs. “Proud that we’re from Alabama“? It would be worse than down-dinging a comment […]

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