The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Democrats Desperate in Virginia

You can tell by the TV ads that are running in the D.C. metro market that the Terry McAuliffe campaign is in deep trouble. The essence of the Democrat’s pitch, in the off-year gubernatorial campaign, is that Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin is a puppet of Donald Trump. Let’s be clear about just who Glenn Youngkin […]

‘Containergeddon’: California Emissions Law Caused the Supply Chain Crisis

What’s causing the supply-chain crisis? One word: California. Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has a long article explaining this: California passed an emissions law that required trucks to meet standards that the majority of trucks in America can’t meet. Basically, about half the truckers in America are banned from operating in California. Because California ports — […]

Terry Wary
Sig is Scary
Next Month’s Vote
Might Not Carry

by Smitty Only Pat Herrity stood firm. The rest of the Fairfax County Board of Brandons and Karens voted to assume the position, and request that the box be stuffed next month for the gubernatorial election. And if anyone is equipped, it’s Greasy Terry: The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is asking Gov. Ralph Northam […]

Alabama … LOST?

After last night’s heartbreaking loss at Texas A&M, I texted my sons, “Y’all boys have been spoiled by Saban.” Over the past 13 seasons, dating back to 2008, Alabama has lost only 17 games, while recording two undefeated seasons (2009 and 2020) and winning six national championships. Under Saban, the Crimson Tide has won so […]

Milwaukee Teen Killed by Racist System and High-Speed Head-On Collision, But …

. . . well, yeah, mainly it was the collision: Dashcam video shows the crash that killed a 16-year-old and injured five other teens. It started with a police pursuit on Milwaukee’s northwest side, lasting around 6 minutes. On June 15, when the crash happened, Milwaukee police said the pursuit ended before the deadly crash. […]

Crazy People Are Dangerous

Say hello to Alexandra Souverneva, a 30-year-old California woman whom the Monterey Herald describes as a “scientist,” because she has a bachelor’s degree from California Institute of Technology and later enrolled in a Ph.D. program. However, Souverneva describes herself as a “shaman,” which is relevant to the criminal charges against her: A California “shaman” charged […]

The Power of Political Tribalism

Ed McGinty is in the news again. The 72-year-old Democrat has made himself obnoxious to his neighbors in The Villages of Florida by riding around in his golf cart plastered with anti-Trump signs. Last week, McGinty was arrested and charged with stalking after he accosted a woman at the neighborhood swimming pool who was wearing […]

Manhunt for Florida Cop-Killer

Patrick Rene McDowell is like a “rabid animal,” according to the Florida sheriff whose deputy was fatally shot by the suspect Friday. The manhunt for McDowell is now in its third day. “This guy is dangerous,” Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said Saturday. “If you’re in a home and he breaks into your home and […]

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