The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Levi Johnston’s Blues’

Weigel has the lyrics and says, “Johnston keeps getting the fame clock set back to 14:59, doesn’t he?” Levi is the world’s most infamous deadbeat dad. He never bought even a single box of Pampers for that baby, and has generally behaved like a buffoon. The only way Levi Johnston will ever get into show business […]

Michele Bachmann Endorses Joe Miller

by Smitty (h/t Libertarian Republican) This blog hopes that by 2014 Minnesota has found a suitable replacement for Michele Bachman, so that she can do her Nancy Sinatra impression using Al Franken as a mat. Wouldn’t that be the campaign ad of justice? Michele in boots working out to Nancy, standing on a life size […]

The Great RINO Rip-Off: Murkowski Uses GOP Money to Hire Democrat Staffers

Many who have criticized the stance of Dan Riehl, Marc Levin and myself against Mike Castle in Delaware have accused us of being “purists” or striking what they call a “True Conservative” posture. We are, our critics imply, attempting to position ourselves as Commissars of Conservative Correctness and boss other people around. Messrs. Riehl and Levin can […]

SATURDAY: Help Celebrate National ‘Denounce Lisa Murkowski Day’

Let’s face it: Lisa the Loser’s pathetic write-in campaign is such a disgusting RINO backstabber move that even Charlie Crist would be ashamed to try anything so transparently desperate. To call Murkowski foul scum would be an insult to scum. The editors of National Review have taken Senate Republicans to task for failing to strip […]

Spelling ‘Bite Me’ Is Fun and Easy!

Not since Americans were intoduced to the term “Scozzafava” (a synonym for two-faced backstabber) has any new hipster phrase caught on as quickly as “Murkowski,” meaning selfish bitch. Earlier this week, Mel Bryant at Conservatives for Palin pointed out that even Lisa the Loser’s own staff can’t remember how to spell her name, as seen in […]

Knock Knock.
Who’s There?
Levi Who?

Levi Johnston is a total loser who’s never gonna have another chance at anybody half as fine as Bristol Palin! They’re reporting that Mama Grizzly will be in the studio when Bristol makes her debut performance on “Dancing With the Stars.” Having had the opportunity to hang out with Todd Palin, I know that he’s tough enough […]

‘Lisa the Loser’? No, Murkowski Wants to Be Known as ‘Lisa the Laughingstock’

The great thing about a write-in campaign is, Alaska’s voters will get to supply the punchline. Murkowski is not merely out of touch with the voters; she obviously has begun to lose touch with reality. Begging your K Street lobbyist pals to help you out? Yeah. That’s gonna be real popular with folks in Alaska, I bet.  […]

Dear God, Please, No!

Lisa Murkowski is as consumed with pathological narcissism as her worst enemies said? She’s listening to demented Palin-haters like Andrew Halcro and John Bitney? Ace is mocking the rumor/not-a-rumor, but trying to run as a write-in when your name is “Murkowski” is an epic case of mind-boggling stupid: U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has decided to run as a write-in […]

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