The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Worst. Headline. Evah.

Some things make you want to gouge your eyes out: Murkowski now has apparently insurmountable lead of 10,000+ votes When I saw that at Hot Air Headlines, I knew that it was time to confront this ugly reality head-on.  That dreadful excuse for a human being has been re-elected, and we must ask ourselves, “Why?” […]

Behind-the-Scenes Video: Fox News Colleagues Mocking Sarah Palin

Fox News pays Sarah Palin as a contributor to their network. And apparently to be “fair and balanced,” they also pay Judith Miller and Liz Trotta to make fun of Sarah Palin: Read the story at The American Spectator. UPDATE: Here’s what was said: LIZ TROTTA: “Alessandra Stanley [of the New York Times] had the best line [in her […]

Murkowski Note: Working The Referees Has Side Effects, In This Case, 125 Candidates For Senator

by Smitty Conservatives4Palin has the play-by-play. They also point to the Alaska elections site, which, filtering the chaff, lists 125 valid competitors for The Seat Her Daddy Gave Her To Keep, if I filtered the noise correctly. Still more background at the Anchorage Daily News. Perhaps Lisa, Arlen Specter, and Charlie Crist can come together […]

Palin Backers Suspect Huckabee Loyalists on Joe Miller Staff Behind E-Mail Leak

“This is the worst sort of betrayal I’ve ever seen,” one source close to Sarah Palin said in describing the leak of an e-mail that Todd Palin sent to Joe Miller, the Alaska GOP Senate candidate. The source noted that some of Miller’s campaign staff have connections to 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, and suggested that […]

Hey, Look at Bristol Now!

Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars: Via Cubachi, who also links Rachelle Friberg’s interview with Bristol, who broke my heart: I don’t read blogs . . . She really knows how to hurt a guy, huh? Here I fly all the way to Alaska and drive to Wasilla to hang out with the First Dude, […]

John and Lisa, Sittin’ in a Tree . . .

. . . K-I-S-S-I-N-G! That’s a link to a June 2009 article pointing out that the downfall of Nevada’s John Ensign resulted in the ascent of South Dakota Sen. John Thune and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowksi in the GOP hierarchy. A little birdie — my, how these birdies love to sing! — points out that […]

There’s Crazy, and Then There’s Crazy

How crazy was it that I got to hang out with Todd Palin and got Tweeted by Alyssa Milano in the same month? But I am, after all, a professional journalist and these gonzo adventures are just part of what I do for a living. (Hey, have you hit the tip jar yet?) On the […]

GOP SCANDAL: Which Senators Are Protecting Backstabber Lisa Murkowski?

When she lost the GOP primary in August, she refused to concede, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee flew its top lawyer to Anchorage to advise her. When the absentee ballots were finally counted, Murkowski conceded the Republican nomination — but secretly continued her desperate intrigues to retain her Senate seat. In a shameful course […]

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