The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Jennifer Stefano Summit Will Convene Thursday in Washington, D.C.

Breeding victory: Jennifer Stefano, pregnant in 2010 It’s officially called the “Defending the American Dream” Summit, but I’ve decided to re-name the three-day event that begins Thursday because Jennifer Stefano, who leads the Pennsylvania chapter of Americans for Prosperity (along with her friend Katy Abram) is just so awesome. Here is Stefano on Sean Hannity’s show last week […]

Did University of Colorado ‘Student Mental Health Service’ Director Blow It?

It would probably be libelous to call somebody a “pill-peddling quack,” so you should try to avoid doing that: Attorneys for 24-year-old James Holmes disclosed he was a “psychiatric patient” of Dr. Lynne Fenton in a court motion Friday, as they sought to discover the source of leaks to media outlets that he sent the psychiatrist […]

British ‘Page Three’ Model Shocked to Find Herself in Colorado Killer’s Picture

Before he went on the murder rampage that killed 12 people at a showing of the new Batman movie — and after he’d dyed his hair bright red like a comic-book villain — James Holmes posed for a self-portrait in front of a poster of British pinup girl Keeley Hazell. “It’s chilling and has shocked […]

Colorado Massacre Caused by Heated Rhetoric and Kinky Sex Freak With 6,000 Rounds of Ammunition …

. . . but mainly it was the guy with 6,000 rounds of ammunition: The gunman who blasted his way through a packed movie house early on Friday, killing 12 people and injuring 58 others, had apparently been planning his attack for weeks. “In the last 60 days he purchased four guns at local metro […]

The Daily Disgrace

The front-page headline in this morning’s New York Times: GUNMAN KILLS 12 AT COLORADO THEATER; SCORES ARE WOUNDED, REVIVING DEBATE The headline is different in the online version of the story, but the “debate” the editors have in mind is referenced in the fifth paragraph, which declares that “once again . . . the nation […]

‘Higher Education Bubble’? Colorado Shooter Is Medical School Dropout

Larry McShane of the New York Daily News reports: The suspected Colorado movie mass murderer was a loner and a medical school dropout who described himself last year as “quiet and easy-going” on a rental application. James Holmes, 24, withdrew abruptly last month from the University of Colorado Medical School, spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery said Friday. […]

MULTIPLEX MASSACRE: 13 Dead After Shooting at Colorado ‘Batman’ Opening; UPDATE: Suspect Identified by Police as 24-Year-Old James Holmes; UPDATE: ABC News Interviews Suspect’s Mother? UPDATE: Despicable — Stephanopoulos Implicates Tea Party in Tragedy

At least 14 people are dead in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado, after a gunman opened fire inside a movie theater. UPDATE: Ten people were shot dead inside the theater, which was crowded with patrons watching the opening of the new “Batman” movie; while four more victims died at local hospitals or en route […]

Santorum Surge Returns: Wins Missouri, Minnesota; UPDATE: Wins Colorado UPDATE: NY Times ‘Unexpectedly!’

They’re still counting votes in Colorado at this hour — 1 a.m. Eastern, 11 p.m. Mountain — and Rick Santorum is barely leading Mitt Romney with about half of the caucus vote counted there. Santorum won both the Missouri primary and the Minnesota caucuses, and you have to wonder if Newt Gingrich’s angry rant Saturday […]

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